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LED Portable UVC Lamp UVC cleaning rod is one more new item produced by E-Top HK team. Ultraviolet is the use of appropriate wavelengths of ultraviolet, so that it loses replication and self replication, so as to achieve the complete disappearance.

Q: Can ultraviolet light really make bacteria disappear?

A: Ultraviolet lamp has a long history of application in medicine, but not all ultraviolet rays can be used. Only deep ultraviolet such as wavelength 200-280nm,can be used for ultraviolet cleaning. It just needs different time and intensity of light.

Q: Will there be pollution and residue of cleaning?

A: E-Top HK UV Lamp is the most environmentally friendly method, no residue. The principle is directly destroy the genetic material of microorganisms through ultraviolet irradiation.

Q: How long does it take to kill UV once?

A: UV cleaning time is related to UV intensity. Usually UW / cm2

Q: Is ultraviolet lamp harmful to skin? Can ultraviolet light leak?

A: UV is harmful to human body and skin, which is sunburn. However, the deep UV penetration is not strong enough. So a piece of ordinary glass can block it. Our aluminum foil cartons are 100% UV resistant.

Q: It is 100% clean?

A: It can achieve 100% cleaning as long as the time to achieve.


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