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The Hotel Guestroom Lighting Design Training - Commercial Led Lighting

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The Hotel Guestroom Lighting Design Training

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has participated in the hotel guestroom lighting design training course organized by China Lighting Association recently. The training content is divided into two parts: hotel hospitality lighting color temperature selection and hotel lighting fixture selection. E-Top HK who is one of the global professional hotel lighting suppliers, dispatched a learning team of 8 people including the sales department. Absolutely the professional skills of the entire LED Lights company have been improved through this training.

hotel guestroom lighting design training

Color temperature is one unit of measurement that indicates the color components contained in light. Theoretically speaking, the black body temperature refers to the color of the absolute black body after being heated from absolute zero (-273°C). After the black body is heated, it gradually turns from black to red, turns yellow, turns white, and finally emits blue light. When heated to a certain temperature, the spectral component of the light emitted by the black body is called the color temperature at this temperature, and the unit of measurement is "K"

When living in a hotel, everyone will notice the problem of lighting, especially in some high-end hotels, the lighting is often relatively mild and the color temperature is relatively low. In the hotel, the color temperature design can be within 2700-3500, which can bring the softest feeling, and will not appear too dim, it is a very comfortable light.

Hotel lighting design scheme Hotels also need to emphasize their own temperament and create their own atmosphere. Especially in the dining space, the light color even affects people's likes and dislikes of the dishes. A warm white light source from one led lighting fixture should generally be used, with a color temperature of about 3000K. The basis is that no matter what type of hotel, it should be their common desire to create a cordial, warm and friendly atmosphere, and the lighting environment provided by the 3000K color temperature light source can strengthen this characteristic of the hotel. Based on the research of human vision on the temperature perception and spatial perception of colors, the hue is biased to orange and the color is biased to blue and purple. When contrasted at the same time, orange and yellow make people feel warm and close to us; based on memory, in the above When the colors are continuously compared, the result is the same. This kind of perception is closely related to the kind, warm, and friendly psychological evaluations and emotional activities in terms of the deep arousal of the psychological level.

On the other hand, in the selection of lamps, the hotel considers the strong light of commercial led lighting, so it generally uses frosted lampshade. Of course, hiding the light strip on the ceiling can also reduce the discomfort of the light on the eyes.

The decoration of a hotel adds a different charm to the hotel itself, and gives customers different feelings. The lighting also plays an important role in the design. Especially for hotel guest room lamps, the decoration style and grade distribution will make customers feel a lot. The shape of hotel room lamps has a great influence on the guest room environment. Of course, the style of lamp design is also an important means to beautify the rooms.

Before choosing lamps, we must first understand the classification of hotel room lamps. There are two main categories of hotel room lamps: one is decorative lamps (wall lamps, floor lamps, desk reading lamps, bedside reading lamps, bedside table lamps, chandeliers, mirror lamps...), and the other is architectural lamps.

Among them, architectural lamps are nothing more than two types: LED down lights (including anti-fog down lights for toilets) and light strips for hidden light troughs. (Of course there may be night lights installed at the foot of the wall.

Our requirements for down lights and spotlights are as follows.

1. Anti-glare lamps: the wall is on but the lights are off

a. Spotlights that meet the requirements of the cut-off angle (more than 30 degrees, and more than 45 degrees is better)

b. Deep hidden spotlight

c. Comes with various anti-glare ring lamps (including cut light)

d. Specially processed optical reflector 0-30° vertical adjustable swing angle + horizontal full-angle adjustable, which increases the function of spotlights and allows the ceiling light to achieve regularity.

2. Relatively accurate beam angle

As far as hotel guest room space is concerned, the beam angle is one of the effective ways to build a sense of light hierarchy.

The beam angle is narrow, medium-to-narrow, medium, medium-to-wide, and wide. Traditional halogen light sources or lamps have angles of 10°, 24°, 36°, 45°, and 60°. In the era of LED lamps, the beam angles of different brands are different. For the use of LED lamps in hotel rooms, we recommend using medium-to-narrow (15-18°), medium-beam 22-25°), and medium-to-wide (28-30°). Different angles are used in different areas. Generally speaking, narrow beam: beam angle <20°; medium beam: beam angle 20~40°, wide beam: beam angle >40°. For example, the following are common MR16 lamp cups with beam angles of 10°, 24°, and 38°.

3. Requirements for light spot

Hotel room space, whether it is facade or plane, clean and tidy is a must. Any chaotic light or shadow is undesirable, and it does not help to create a sense of light level and express the illuminated object.

Therefore, a good light spot should have the following characteristics:

Avoid tire marks at the edge of the light spot; no yellow spots at the center or edge; light pattern should be neat and beautiful; natural transition from the center position to the edge of the light spot.

There are also many modern hotel rooms, in order to obtain a sense of warm and quiet space, a large number of LED lights with diffuse reflection lighting as the basic lighting of the room, and reduce the use of spotlights or down lights.

In this way, the quality and working methods of LED strips are very important. Therefore, the requirements for LED strips are getting higher and higher. If you use silicone waterproof light strips, there will be color drift (it will be higher than bare board light strips). When using light strips with the same color temperature, the light color formed by different color finishes will be different.

Through this study, we can serve our hotel customers more professionally. The market is constantly being segmented. If we cannot reflect our professionalism in the segmented market, we will not be able to gain the trust of customers. How to design, produce, sell and serve a lamp that meets the needs of end users is the driving force of E-Top HK's continuous progress. Under the pressure of the recent epidemic's huge impact on the industry, E-Top HK insisted on going to the end customers, understanding the problem and formulating solutions. We have reason to believe that through the unremitting efforts of all E-Top HK people, we are sure to usher in a new spring in the industry.


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