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The correct use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps

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The correct use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps

ultraviolet disinfection lamps portable ultraviolet sterilizer portable UVC disinfection lamp How to use the ultraviolet disinfection lamps

It is known that ultraviolet is one kind of low-energy electromagnetic radiation with poor penetration. Ultraviolet rays can be divided into three groups: long wave band (320-400nm), medium wave band (275-320 nm), and short wave band (180-275 nm). The bactericidal power among the 240-280 nm wavelength ultraviolet rays is strong. So we mention that 253.7nm is generally used as the representative of the sterilizing ultraviolet wavelength.

How to use the ultraviolet disinfection lamps

1. Disinfection of the surface of the article: portable ultraviolet sterilizer or portable UVC disinfection lamp can be used for short-range mobile irradiation, or ultraviolet lamp suspended close-up irradiation can be used. Small items can be irradiated and disinfected in the ultraviolet disinfection box.

2. How to disinfect the indoor air

A. Indirect irradiation method: The first choice is a high-intensity ultraviolet air sterilizer, which not only has reliable disinfection effect, but also can be used when people are moving indoors. Generally, it can be disinfected within 30 minutes after starting the disinfection.

B. Direct irradiation method: In the absence of people indoors, direct irradiation with UV lamps suspended or mobile can be adopted. When using indoor suspended ultraviolet disinfection, the number of indoor ultraviolet disinfection lamps installed is no less than 1.5W per cubic meter, and the irradiation time is no less than 30 minutes.

Attentions when using ultraviolet lamps for disinfection

1. The surface of the lamp tube should be wiped with a 75% alcohol cotton ball frequently (once every 2 weeks) to remove the dust and grease on it to reduce the impact of UV penetration.

2. Ultraviolet rays are invisible to the naked eye. The blue light radiated by the lamp does not represent the intensity of ultraviolet rays. The irradiance value of the lamp should be checked regularly. The ultraviolet illuminance meter within the validity period or a special indicator card for measuring the intensity of ultraviolet rays can be used to judge the ultraviolet rays. Whether the lamp has reached the expiration date. If the irradiation intensity is lower than 70μW/cm2, it should be replaced in time.

3. The room should be kept clean and dry during disinfection to reduce dust and water mist in the air.

4. The suitable temperature range for ultraviolet disinfection is 20℃-40℃. The disinfection will be affected at a too high or too low temperature. The disinfection time can be extended appropriately. For example the irradiation time can be extended appropriately when the relative humidity is greater than 80%.

5. Only the side directly irradiated by ultraviolet rays can achieve the purpose of disinfection.

6. Can not look directly at the ultraviolet light source. Personal protection and protective glasses should be strengthened when working under ultraviolet rays.

Third, where to buy a suitable UV disinfection lamp

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a professional lighting manufacturer. E-Top has produced a large number of disinfection lamps and sold them all over the world during the epidemic. E-Top produces the best quality disinfection lamps at a very competitive price adhering to a social responsibility. The company and the disinfection lamps have won unanimous praise from all customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact E-Top who has distribution channels in more than 10 countries around the world to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers as soon as possible.


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