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The 25th Guzhen International Lighting Fair GILF

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The 25th Guzhen International Lighting Fair GILF

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On October 26, 2020, the 25th Guzhen International Lighting Fair GILF ended in Guzhen Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. This LED Lighting Fair is one of the restart business solutions for many LED lighting companies after the COVID-19. That is why almost companies pay special attention to it. Absolutely it is one great successful exhibition. The indoor decorative lamps, indoor commercial lighting and outdoor decorative lights are the main products on display in this exhibition. The COB light strips, DIY touchable wall lights and UVC disinfection lamps exhibited by E-Top HK have been recognized by almost visitors.

The traditional LED light strips have been unable to satisfy customers who pursue high-quality LED Lights products in recent years. The obvious dark area at the connection of the LED chips cannot satisfy the guests. The new COB LED light strips fill this gap well. One meter of light strip can hold up to 512 LED Chips, and it is not easy to see the obvious dark area of the LED light. On the other hand, with the maturity of COB LED strip technology, the previously high cost has been effectively in control. We do believe that E-Top's LED COB light strip can make most customers feel comfortable.

It is known that the DIY Decorative Touch Control Sensitive Modular Light developed by E-Top HK at 2020 has been unanimously recognized by customers around the world. This is a Modern Nordic style wall lamp. It can be used for both lighting and decoration. The most important thing is that it can be spliced by itself. You can create your own comfortable space at a very reasonable price.

The key word at 2020 is the COVID-19 outbreak. More and more people are raising health and safety to a new high level. If we have a portable smart UVC disinfection lamp, it can bring more security to our home and travel. It only takes 1 minute to disinfect, we can have a safe pillow. In only 1 minute, we can have a safe quilt. In only 1 minute, we can have a safe desk and chair. In only 1 minute, we can have a safe Toilet. it only takes 1 minute and we can have safe clothes. In just one minute, we can have health. This new type of UVC portable intelligent disinfection lamp also adds a child safety lock and a reverse safety switch. In this complicated epidemic period, E-Top HK Team once again contributed its meager efforts to everyone.

Although the exhibition is over, E-Top is grateful to every visitor and wishes every new and old customer to be healthy and healthy during the epidemic. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team.


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