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T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED lamps are widely used for office lighting and can replace fluorescent lamps in parabolic and indirect lamps. They are best suited to air-conditioned spaces with a standard ceiling height, including storage areas, production floors and mechanical garages. LED tubes effectively replace fluorescent tubes. They also offer better color reproduction, require less maintenance and burn less frequently with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

When exchanging fluorescent tubes for LEDs, pay little attention to the energy equivalent. Instead, look at the amount of lumens generated by the LED tube and consider the height of your lamp. For offices, commercial spaces, hospitality and applications with similar ceiling heights, 4 foot tubes of 1800 lumens or less are the most popular. You don't want to overload a room and make customers or employees feel in an interrogation room. For higher ceilings with light strips or tall lamps, LED tube lamps over 2000 lumens provide the brightest output.

Traditionally, LED direct-wire tube lamps connected at one end and only required the use of disassembled headstones. However, we now have two-sided LED tubes. These tubular lamps are connected at both ends to avoid the use of bridge supports or bridge lamps. If you are not sure which installation method is right for you, we also offer a third option. Hybrid LED tubes can use both installation methods so that they can be connected directly to the fluorescent lamp and work with a compatible ballast during the initial installation. Once the reactor has expired, you can safely ignore it without the need for a new lamp. Plug-n-play hybrid replacement tubes compatible with reactors sold on have a reactor compatibility PDF or linked data sheet on the page to help you find the right fluorescent replacement tubes. Because fluorescent ballasts consume very little energy, LED direct-wire tubes offer more energy savings than LED tubes compatible with ballast during the life of the lamp. LED tubes are a great way to fit fluorescent lights without having to replace the entire housing.


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