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T5 LED bulbs

These lamps operate with preheated programmed start reactors before applying the start voltage to extend the life of the lamp. These T5 lamps are ideal for areas where the light turns on and off often. Combine these T5 lamps with presence detectors to further extend the life of the lamp. T5 lamps are available in high efficiency and high power options. High-efficiency lamps operate at lower watts and produce a standard light output. The powerful lamps provide more light than the powerful versions and consume more energy. Please note that T5 lamps cannot be used to replace T8 lamps and vice versa. The T5 are shorter and have a different spacing between the pins which require sockets specially designed for T5 lamps.

To determine which T5 lamps you currently have, refer to the order code on the lamp. This code begins with the letter "F" for fluorescent lamps and a number indicating the wattage. This is followed by the letter "T" for the tube and the number 5, which represents the diameter of 0.65 inches. Sometimes it is followed by "HO" to indicate that the lamp has a high wattage. For example, an F54T5HO lamp consumes 54 watts and guarantees a high light output.

Use of T5 lamps

T5 lamps are often used in tall rooms, under lighting in cupboards, cupboards and other similar applications. Take into account the color temperature (Kelvin) of the light to make sure you choose the right lamp for your area. Lamps in the 3000 Kelvin to 3500 Kelvin range provide warmer light comparable to halogen lamps. The 4000 Kelvin to 5000 Kelvin range creates cooler light that has been shown to improve visibility. Choose a 4000 Kelvin light to reduce eye strain in the classroom and office. Look for a 5000 Kelvin lamp to increase the total concentration of the bearings. T5 lamps in the 6500 Kelvin range generate full spectrum light. These lamps are suitable for rooms that do not receive much natural light.

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