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More details about LED Ultraviolet Light (UVC) Disinfection

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More details about LED Ultraviolet Light (UVC) Disinfection


In addition to face masks, 75% alcohol, and goggles, LED UVC disinfection lamps are also an effective epidemic prevention material in the fight against COVID-19. Experiments show that the COVID-19 is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. It is known that ultraviolet disinfection is one of the ancient and effective methods.

The principle of ultraviolet disinfection is to use high-energy ultraviolet light to break the double helix of DNA to inactivate bacteria and viruses. Of course ultraviolet rays need to meet the wavelength, irradiation dose and time of the ultraviolet light source to achieve effective sterilization. Deep ultraviolet light must be below 280nm in the UVC band. At the same time, different bacteria and viruses must meet a certain exposure dose and time, otherwise they cannot be inactivated.

According to the wavelength division, the ultraviolet band can be divided into different bands: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC is the area with the shortest wavelength and the highest energy. It is the true that the most effective UVC is the band called deep ultraviolet for sterilization and disinfection. Compared with chemical sterilization and disinfection, ultraviolet rays have the advantage of high sterilization efficiency. The inactivation is generally completed within a few seconds and does not produce other chemical pollutants.

Ultraviolet rays can also inactivate microorganisms. Families can purify water by installing an ultraviolet water purification system, and an air purifier equipped with ultraviolet lamps (LED UVC Disinfection Lamp) can harmlessly treat bacteria floating in the air. Sewage treatment plants, food plants, breweries, beverage plants, etc. also use ultraviolet light for sterilization.

Please try not to use ozone lamps in crowded places and indoors. Consumers should pay more attentions to the relationship between UVC intensity and space when purchasing LED UVC disinfection lamps. Under normal circumstances, a 1.5W ultraviolet germicidal lamp is required for each cubic meter of space, and users can choose products with corresponding power levels according to the actual situation at home.

UVC disinfection lamps are usually used in places prone to bacterial growth, such as kitchens, bathrooms and other dark and humid places, and can also be used in spaces with high environmental quality requirements, such as medical places such as wards and operating rooms. Now ultraviolet germicidal lamps are also widely used in some electrical products, such as air purifiers, fresh air fans, clothing care machines and other indoor purification devices and clothing care disinfection devices.

What needs to be reminded is that LED UVC lamps have a certain life span, so please pay attention to timely replacement of the lamps when using. Generally speaking, the life of the ultraviolet lamp tube is not less than 12,000h, the average life is 16,000h, and high-performance products can reach more than 30,000 hours. E-Top HK team recommends that consumers replace it every 1-2 years and wipe the outer surface of the lamp with alcohol every two weeks to ensure the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. Due to the damaging effect of ultraviolet rays on biological cells, it is careful not to directly irradiate human skin when using ultraviolet germicidal lamps, stopping from look at the lamp tube with your eyes directly.

At 2020, E-Top HK launched two new LED UVC disinfection lamps, both of which were highly recognized by consumers. The portable UVC disinfection lamp is easy to carry. This disinfection lamp is a guarantee of health and safety for business trip and travel. It takes only one minute to disinfect the hotel sheets. It takes only one minute to disinfect hotel towels. It takes only one minute to disinfect the hotel toilet. Another upright UVC disinfection lamp can be used in homes and offices. One hour of disinfection can play a good role in sterilization and disinfection.

If you want to know more about LED disinfection lamps, please feel free to contact us.


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