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These fluorescent lamps are available in straight, zircon or U-shaped tubes and produce light in the same way. The fluorescent tubes are filled with a mercury vapor gas. Electric current flows through the lamp to generate gas and produce ultraviolet (UV) light invisible to the eyes. Ultraviolet light shines the lining inside the tube and emits visible light.

Linear fluorescent lamps

Linear fluorescent tubes are suitable for fluorescent lamps in a variety of locations, including home, office, warehouse and school. They are available in sizes from T2 to T12. These tubes are available in different lengths and color temperatures, but also with high performance and very high performance. If you don't know which fluorescent lamp is currently in your lamp, measure the diameter. The most popular tubes, T8 fluorescent lamps, have a diameter of 1 inch. T12 fluorescent lamps have a diameter of 1.5 inches, while T5 fluorescent lamps have a diameter of 0.625 inches. The powers are identified by the letter "F" for fluorescent, followed by watts. For example, a T8 fluorescent lamp labeled F32T8 consumes 32 watts.

Circular fluorescent lamps

Do you have a compact device in your home or business that uses Circline lamps? Take a look at these Circline fluorescent tubes which are available in single and double tubes. These lamps have an outside diameter of 6 to 16 inches. When replacing a Circline fluorescent tube, check if a specific lamp is required for your device. Otherwise, choose a Zirkline with the same pin base (2 or 4 pins) and the same type of lamp, since these lamps are not interchangeable.

U-shaped fluorescent tubes

U-shaped fluorescent lamps are linear combinations formed in a U shape. These lamps have a foot spacing of 6 inches or 1525 inches and are designed for 2x2 lamps. U-Bend fluorescent lamps are suitable for use in a variety of high and low applications, such as offices, stores and waiting rooms.

Unbreakable linear U-shaped fluorescent tubes

Protect workplaces against broken glass with unbreakable U-shaped fluorescent tubes. These lamps are treated with special coatings which retain the fragments inside the lamp, in case the fluorescent lamp falls or falls on it, reducing the risk of glass breakage. Choose from the T5, T8, T12 or U-Bend options.

Fluorescent tubes of the device.

Use fluorescent tubes for devices intended for applications requiring fluorescent tubes of unusual performance or length. These lamps can be used in vending machines, jukeboxes, pinball machines and other applications. If you use food preparation areas in restaurant kitchens or nearby catering trucks, the fluorescent lighting must be NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) classified.

Fluorescent protective tube

Provide additional protection to your fluorescent tubes or change the color of the light with the protection of fluorescent tubes. Available in a variety of colors, these protective covers slide easily over linear fluorescent lamps to protect them from moisture, dust and accidental breakage. If T8 fluorescent lamps are dimmable, choose a tube protector for dimmable bulbs. Look for UV protection tubes in clean rooms and photo labs.

Removing the fluorescent tube

Due to the mercury in fluorescent lighting, these lamps must be disposed of properly. Incorrect deletion, for example Throwing old lamps in the trash can for example release mercury into the environment. Check with local stores and disposal centers to find out if they accept fluorescent lighting. Some states require that fluorescent lights be recycled. To recycle fluorescent tubes, you can either bring the lamps to your local recycling center or send them to a recycling center using a linear fluorescent recycling kit.


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