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LED String Lights Novely Lemon Christmas Decorative Festival Holiday Lights Party Garden Home Lights Decoration Gift

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LED String Lights Novely Lemon Christmas Decorative Festival Holiday Lights Party Garden Home Lights Decoration Gift
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Style:LED Novelty Lemon String Lights Decorative Festival Lights

Place of Origin:China

Brand Name:E-Top Lighting


Product Name:LED Decorative Lemon String Lights

LED color:Warm White

LED Quantity:10/20/40/50 LEDs per meter




The History of Christmas Festive Lights with Electric Lights

It is known that Christmas festive light is one kind of the most famous Christmas decorations. Edward H. Johnson made the first Christmas lights at home in New York City In 1882 when is 3 years after Edison invented the first sensible bulb lamp. The tree is manually mounted and illuminated with 80 red, white and blue balls. When the tree rotates slowly, the lights flash.

Christmas lights were first sold in 1890, but most people could not afford them because they were so expensive. These are symbols of the reputation of the rich, and many rent a Christmas Festive Light instead of buying it. In 1903, 24 Christmas headlights were sold for $ 12.00. This is too high for the average family that a person’s average weekly income is about $ 9. Not only the lighting fee but also the wiring should be required. If the house does not start up, a generator is needed as well.

Outdoor Christmas lights are only available to ordinary families in their thirties. At that time, homes, shops, and Christmas trees were not only decorated with lights, but government buildings were also decorated with strong lights. General Electric began sponsoring the community Christmas lighting competition in the 1920s, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the houses were lit from the outside. There are different types of lighting in many places today.


Varieties of Christmas Lights


Mini LED String Lights are the most popular due to their versatility. These Christmas lights are great to be designed because of LED technology and a variety of colors. All string lights are very reliable and can be turned on even if the bulb fails. The string light has an additional led with LED tester and "PODS" to repair LED lamps.

Outdoor Christmas lights are usually C7 or C9 series lamps. Both sizes are perfect for you who want classic Christmas lights. The difference between these types of Christmas outdoor lighting is primarily due to the size of the lamp. The number after "C" indicates the diameter of the lamp, which is 1/8 of an inch. For example, the diameter of a C7 bulb is 7/8 "or .875". Therefore, the higher the number, the larger the lamp. These multi-colored luminaires can be used for LEDs or bulbs. If E-Top’s clients want to customize the color of their Christmas lighting design, they can buy C7 / C9 bulbs bases and bulbs separately.

Use lights to decorate coats, wreaths, or accessories in the middle without worrying about nearby outlets or battery-powered Christmas lights to extend the power cord. From Invisi Lite backlight strips and headlights to LED spheres and mini lights, you'll find the perfect battery-powered Christmas lights for this holiday season.

Trees, telephone poles, shrubs, and trees that cover the lamps are not a problem. The wooden wall lamp is long and narrow. Specially designed for trunks and columns. The sleeping light is short and wide, suitable for shrubs and plantations.

Remember the green of the holidays. Trees, crowns and crowns are available along with candles and candles. You can carry different Christmas trees in the living room and hallway, from realistic pines, pines, and pines to shiny trees in different colors. Crowns are typical festive decorations in residential and commercial buildings. Choose between different sizes, styles and colors. For dresses and railings, you can see Christmas wreaths of different lengths, light bulbs and colors to customize your Christmas party.


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