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The LED street light is one of the integrated lights using the light emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light sourcing. They should be the built-in lamps, because in most cases, light and lights are not separate parts. During manufacturing, the LED lighting assembly is sealed on a card, then mounted on the LED card with a heat sink to become an integrated light.

Different projects have been developed to integrate different types of LEDs in a luminaire. Some powerful LEDs or many low power LEDs can be used. The shape of the E-Top LED floor lamp depends on several factors, including the configuration of the LEDs, the heat sink used with the LEDs and the preference for an aesthetic design.

Heat sinks for LED street lights are similar in design to heat sinks used to cool other electronic devices, such as computers. Heat sinks generally have as many slots as possible to facilitate the circulation of hot air away from the HK E-Top LEDs. The heat exchange zone directly affects the service life of the E-Top LED street lighting.

The life of an LED street light is determined by the light output compared to the original design specifications. Once the brightness is reduced by 30%, an LED lamp post is considered to be the end of life.

Most LED street lights have a lens on the LED panel that emits light in a rectangular pattern. This is an advantage over conventional floor lamps, which usually have a reflector on the back of a high pressure sodium lamp. In this case, a large part of the light intensity is lost and light pollution appears in the air and the environment.


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