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LED Neon Lights Strips Launched at Shanghai LED Lighting Exhibition in 2020

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Like most LED lighting companies around the world, the business of E-Top HK Technology Limited has also been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. However, E-Top HK LED Lighting Team has enough confidence to work together with other LED lights companies to get out of the predicament. The marketing team of E-Top HK Technology Limited participated in the 2020 LED lighting exhibition in Shanghai 10 days ago. They found that more and more LED neon Lights strips were launch in the market. These LED neon Lights can be used to decorate the atmosphere of indoor lighting, can be used to decorate outdoor lighting landscapes, and can also be used in various signs applications. The most important thing is that these LED neon Lights Strips are very cost-effective.

Flexible LED Neon Rope LightFlexible LED Neon Rope Light GreenFlexible LED Neon Rope Light RedFlexible LED Neon Rope Light BlueFlexible LED Neon Rope Light Warm White

As one factory specializing in the production of commercial LED lighting products, E-Top HK Technology Limited has invested in the research and development of LED neon lights ten years ago instead of the traditional neon lights. During the past ten years, E-Top HK LED Lights R&D Team continuously optimized the production process to meet the different needs of different customers.

Flexible LED Neon Rope Light

To choose a suitable LED neon strips, the most important thing is to pay attention to whether its outer jacket is hollow or solid. Generally speaking, the solid outer jacket of neon lighting strips is made of silicone and the hollow material is made of PE or PVC. At you know, the silicone material is stable and not easy to change color in sunshine , while PE or PVC material is easy to oxidize and turn yellow in sunlight. Obviously, the quality of silicone material will be higher than other materials. That is silicone material is more suitable for outdoor use. Secondly, we choose different shapes according to different scenarios. The jackets of different shapes will affect the light-emitting angle. The traditional beam angle is between 30 degree and 180 degree. But the LED Neon Lights Strips in silicon material produced by E-Top HK Technology Limited can meet the 360 degree luminous requirements.

Flexible LED Neon Rope Light manufacturer

If you have any questions about LED neon strips, please feel free to contact E-Top HK Team for more details.


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