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The LED Light Socket, LED Light Bulb Socket, LED Lamp Holder or LED Lamp Socket is one of the devices to support mechanically and connect electrical workable to the LED lamp which can be replaced safely and conveniently by the socket. Different standards for lamp holders from early de facto standards to later standards created by different lamp bodies. Most of the later standards has a coding system.

At present, the most common sockets are Edison screws. It can be used in North America and continental Europe. For example, LED Fluorescent lamps typically require a two-pin, unthreaded socket.

  • LED-Bulb-ACC-01
  • E-Top Lighting
  • LED-Bulb-ACC-01
Quick Details
  • Place of Origin: E-Top HK Factory

  • Brand Name: OEM / ODM

  • Material: Ceramic

  • Certification: RoHS CE

  • Style: Screw

  • Product Name: e40 to e27 converter

  • Application:  e40 converter

  • Usage: e27 lamp holer converter

  • Base: E27 E40

    • Type: Ceramic Electrical Screw Lampholder

    • Name: e27 to e40 lamp adapter lamp holder

    • Keywords: e40 to e27 converter

    • other name:

    • e40 e27 adapter
    • Lampbase:

    • e40 adapter

    LED Light Bulb socket from E40 to E27 converter E27 to E40 lamp adapter lamp holder


    E14 to E27Metal1000PCSE27 TO E14 adapter
    E40 to E27metal1000PCSE40 to E27 adapter

    Base Type


    E14 to E27 Adapter

    metapl plating

    GU10 to E14 Adapter

    metapl plating

    E17 to E26 Adapter

    metapl plating

    E27 to G9 Adapter

    metapl plating

    E27 to GU10 Adapter

    metapl plating

    E27 to 2×E27 Adapter

    metapl plating

    GU10 to E27 Adapter

    metapl plating

    E14 to GU10 Adapter

    metapl plating

    E27 to MR16 Adapter

    metapl plating

    E12 to E27Adapter

    metapl plating

    E27 to E14 Adapter

    metapl plating


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