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High Bay lighting and Low Bay lighting

High and low LED linear lamps are available in different light distributions, including medium beam lighting and wide light designs. Linear high-rise LED lamps with narrow and medium light distribution have a type 1 or type 5 light distribution. This type of distribution is ideal for corridors or upper ceilings. Placing tall linear lights parallel to hallways is about 50% more efficient than vertical alignment and helps reduce eye strain. This design is also easier to use with motion detectors. High distribution and high distribution linear LED lamps provide wider light distribution and are better suited for aperture designs to provide uniform lighting for buildings and commercial spaces. Somewhere in the middle are linear LED lamps with a high bay with an average light distribution. The light distribution is round and non-linear, but the beam is more concentrated and emits very little light outside of an area from 0 to 270 degrees.

High and low round bays

The tall round LED junction / suspension alternators offer up to 100,000 hours of life, with 18,000 to 24,000 starting lumens. Warehouses that are adjustable at great heights are not affected by frequent on-off cycles and are not lifeless when used with motion detectors. Stores, warehouses, gymnasiums, industrial areas and commercial buildings are generally used. 80 CRI is a higher color rendering compared to conventional lighting. Buy 4000K of natural white and color temperatures equivalent to 5000K of sunshine.

Mounting height for high and low LED linear axes

The mounting height indicates the height of the light source from the floor, therefore the distance from the floor to the luminaire rather than from the floor to the ceiling. Some high bay LED linear lamps are designed for current mounting and require a minimum ceiling hanging distance, while high bay linear lamps can be surface mounted. Surface mounted linear LED lamps of great height may require a minimum distance between the ceiling and the luminaire for ventilation.

LED replacement for high and low bays

When choosing a linear LED axis, compare the lumen output of your current device with the linear axis you envision. It is a better indication of the high bay LED light that is right for you, rather than just the energy equivalent. Also check the color temperature before making a decision. A lower Kelvin number means the light is warmer and closer to incandescent bulbs. It is not the best option for commercial spaces. A higher Kelvin number means that the light is cooler and closer to blue. Color temperatures of 4000 Kelvin and above are best suited for commercial applications, as this type of light increases productivity and reduces eye strain. Some high bay LED linear lamps can be reduced by up to 10% in combination with a compatible 0-10 volt dimmer. Please refer to the description and specifications of the product or contact us for help in choosing the high-rise lamps suitable for your application.


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