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Vintage LED lamps

Give your home or business a vintage touch with these vintage LED lamps. E-Top HK LED lamps correspond to the appearance of vintage lamps and generate the same warm light with energy efficiency. These vintage replicas have a transparent glass surface to accentuate the filaments. However, amber or mat surfaces are also available. Since these lamps generally emit less light than standard LED lamps, they are only used for decorative purposes and are more suitable for lamps such as wall lights and trailers. Check out this blog post to see if the old lamps are right for you - are the Edison lamps bright enough?

Ancient forms of onion

These LED lamps are available in different shapes and they all have their own characteristics and applications:

Edison lamps are the most popular form and reproduction of Thomas Edison's first lamp. They usually have a medium base (E26) and are ideal for many decorative lamps, including lamps, pendants and sconces.

Victorian lamps have a standard A-shaped lamp that can be used in pendants, sconces and lamps.

Vintage chandeliers are small conical lamps that can be used for wall lights, chandeliers and small decorative lamps. They are available in medium (E26) and chandeliers (E12).

The antique lamps are available in medium and chandelier sizes and vary in diameter depending on the number after the "G" in the name. For example, a G25 measures approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. They are ideal for luminaires where the lamp is clearly visible, such as open and suspended luminaires.

Old tube lamps are similar to conventional radio vacuum tubes and are available in different sizes. Smaller lamps of about 3.5 inches are suitable for ceiling fans, wall lights and the like, while longer lamps with a length of about 11 inches are more suitable for trailers suspended from higher ceilings and steampunk lighting. (When used in ceiling fans, use a table or floor lamp as the main light source.)

Vintage S14 lamps are a great choice for light chains on the patio. They are available with vertical or horizontal filaments.

The antique silver headlights are mainly used on trailers and have a chrome surface on the top half of the lamp which reflects light upwards on the pendant, reducing direct glare.

Large old bulbs are about 7 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter. Their unique shape makes them ideal for trailers and other lamps where the lamp is clearly visible.






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