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LED lamps for the home

Lower Kelvin color temperatures provide warmer yellow light, while higher Kelvin color temperatures provide cooler blue light. The LED lamps of around 2700 Kelvin correspond better to what you are used to seeing with incandescent lamps. 3000 Kelvin lamps look like halogen lamps. If you prefer to use the cool white light of bright metal halide lamps, look for an LED lamp with a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin. LEDs 5000 Kelvin and above have a bright white light, almost in broad daylight. This color temperature is generally reserved for more commercial settings. Find out how a kitchen's appearance changes when you adjust the color temperature in our interactive lighting guide.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited also offers colorful lamps for parties and events, silver-scale lamps that reduce glare and more diffuse light, three-way lamps, LED AI lamps with CRI high (color rendering index), Twisted lamps and GU24 base block A21 or high performance lamps for applications requiring more than 2000 lumens.

Dimmable LED lamps

If you're looking for an A19 E-Top LED with dimming options, you've come to the right place. All our dimmable LEDs have the "dimmable" option. Contact E-Top HK customer service. Be sure to consult the "Dimmer Compatibility" PDF to make sure the lamp works with the dimmer. Using a lamp with a dimmer whose compatibility has not been tested may or may not result in total dimming of the lights. The use of an incompatible dimmer generally causes vibrating lights and shortens the life of the lamp.

For an extra dimension of your lighting control, the A19 warm dimming LED lamps change the color of the light as they decrease. At full brightness, for example, a warm, dark LED of 2700 Kelvin will emit a bright but bright yellow light of 800 Lumen. When the light is attenuated, the residual light output (i.e., light) is reduced and the residual light is heated to an amber other than 2200 Kelvin.


Glühbirnen für zu Hause LED

The lower Kelvin-Farb temperatures are indicated for the warmer, lighter, cooler and warmer Kelvin-Farb locations for the cooler and lower temperatures, the light Geben clouds. 2,700 Kelvin LED lamps are available, but Glühlampen's headquarters were not present. 3000 Kelvin lamps available in Aussehen halogen lamps. Mothers Day Promotion Promote clear and transparent halogen vapor lamps, such as the Farbtemperatur von 4000 Kelvin LED lamp with LED lamp. 5000 Kelvin LED with high resolution light and fast lighting. Diese Farbtemperatur ist häufig für kommerziellere Einstellungen reserviert. Sehen Sie, at Beleuchtunghandbuch, an interactive group, who said that Sie was adapting Farbtemperatur.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited provides flexible party and decoration lamps, glass lamps, which can mix lamps and light lamps, 3-way lamps, A19 LED lamps with CRI (Farbwiedergabeindex) lamps and lamps with GU24 twist and blocking base for A21-Hochleistungslampen for Anwendungen mit mehr as 2000 Lumen.

LED Glühbirnen dimmable

If you are looking for the A19 E-Top LED, please use Dimmfunktionen, because here it is direct. All unsuitable darkening bars have the "Darkening bar" option. Register for the HK Kundendienst E-Top. Find out more in the PDF "Dimmer-Kompatibilität", an instruction manual, in which Lampe mit Ihrem Dimmer works. The Verwendung einer Glühbirne mit einem Dimmer, the Kompatibilität nicht try wurd, the kann dazu führen and the Lichter nicht vollständig oder throughout the nicht. Die Verwendung eines inkompatiblen Dimmers verursacht normalweise Brummen / Brummen and verkürzt die Lebensdauer der Glühbirne.

For a new sister Dimensionierung Ihrer Lichtsteuerung, warmly dimmed A19-LED lamps which dimmed Lightfarbtemperatur, like her. Be the first to know about the LEDs 2700-Kelvin-Warm-Dim-LED and the colors and light sources aus 800-Lumen-Licht. Wenn das Licht dimmt wird, erwärmt sich das bleaching Licht auf eine deutlich bernsteinfarbene 2200-Kelvin-Farbe, when Lichtleistung (m. H. Lumen) replaces wird.


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