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How to manage one LED lights manufacturer

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How to manage one LED lights manufacturer


How to improve the level of LED Lights factory management is a problem facing every factory manager. China Professional Manager Magazine recently conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Mike Lam, the founder of E-Top (HK) Technology Limited. Mike believes that upgrading the factory management system is a long-term project, not a short-term measure.


How to manage one led lights manufacturer 


First of all, the level of factory management depends on the awareness of the owner. Therefore, the so-called improvement measures should not only remain in his mouth, but also need to propose a series of feasible plans and follow up with the implementation, and even continue to summarize and optimize. The core management of the factory lies in how to do a good job in product quality. The life of an enterprise also comes from quality. The quality of Led lights comes from the rigorous degree of production in the workshop, not the frequency of QC sampling. After we understand the above point of view, we link the performance of production managers to customer complaints. Many LED lighting manufacturers link production management personnel to production capacity. But I think this also needs to be linked to quality and safety. If a company with very large production capacity but the quality is messed up, can such a company be called a successful company? We need output, but also quality. Therefore, the prerequisite for improving the management level is to be linked to the income of the managers.


Second, continue to optimize production equipment. As a LED Lighting manufacturing company, production equipment is one of the key factors. No matter which grade of equipment is purchased, if the daily maintenance is neglected, this equipment will age seriously. It is conceivable that the product stability produced by this equipment is certainly not high. Therefore, the key to regular maintenance of equipment is self-evident.


Third, the introduction of management systems such as ERP. We have been using ERP system software since 2013. Frankly speaking, in the early days of use, we encountered many problems and even wanted to cancel this project. E-Top HK  started to produce lamps in 2006. All operating records are completed through excel forms. Loss of production process, late follow-up of the quality supply chain, etc. can not be supported by data and find a solution. The introduction of ERP is bound to change the work habits of many people. It will also increase the workload. So many people raised objections. Later, the E-Top board of directors met and decided to continue. If anyone is unable to adapt to the new working model, then we will also reassess his ability. In this way, after half a year, E-Top China factory launched the ERP system. Now all our management data can be exported from the system.


Finally, we believe that to manage a LED lighting factory, the most important thing is to manage your consciousness of continuous improvement. Continuously absorb new management information from the outside world, and work out a set of management methods that suits them based on the actual situation of their respective enterprises. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. E-Top is a professional LED commercial lighting production factory. Hotels, commercial complexes and home design are our largest customer groups. E-Top HK looks forward to cooperating with everyone to create products with market economic value.


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