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LED neon lighting compared to traditional neon glass

The main difference between traditional neon and glass neon lighting is in the installation. The glass neon requires masterful installation and maintenance and virtually anyone can install neon cables. After installation, the neon lamp lasts up to three times longer than the neon glass and you do not have to worry about electromagnetic interference (EMI) when you install the neon lamp. If the glass tube breaks with a neon sign, the mercury in the tube requires special attention and the entire label needs to be replaced. When part of the LED light wire is turned off, it can be interrupted by an invisible connection set and a new part can be connected.


Do you know how to Install the Neon LED Lights?

The installation of neon light chains is very similar to a standard lamp or LED lighting device. Before installing the neon lamp, measure and trim the lamp to the desired length. Note that the maximum stroke of a 120 V neon bulb is 150 feet. If your application lasts longer, you will need additional power supplies. These neon cables can be cut at 18-inch intervals using a PVC pipe cutter or sharp scissors. This invalidates the UL. Cover the end of the light cable that is not connected to the power supply with a cap. Connect the power cable to the colored lights by tightening the threaded sleeve. If you are installing two parallel lengths of a neon burner, make sure there is at least one inch between them to prevent the burner from overheating. To connect a set of lights to a curved line or other shapes, secure them by attaching them to a flat surface. Use direct plastic or aluminum conductors for direct applications. Neon LED light should not be lowered, suspended vertically or supported. Wrap the lights aside. Do not tilt it up or down as this may damage the LED lights.


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