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Embrace New Opportunities In The LED Lighting Industry

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Embrace New Opportunities In The LED Lighting Industry


In 2020, the COVID-19 is raging around the world. Most industries including the LED lighting industry, have suffered unprecedented impact since Feb 2002. The epidemic prevention and control measures inevitably affect the flow of people and activities also, then affect logistics, manufacturing, especially labor-intensive industries, suffer a second impact due to the supply of raw materials and labor shortages.

Because of the epidemic, it has also accelerated the automated and flexible production schedule of the LED Lights industry, reduced inventory, reduced the dependence on labor, and better met the floating demand of the market. As a global LED commercial lighting Lights manufacturer, E-Top HK is also actively seeking more online marketing models. In recent years, on line live marketing has been staged rapidly in the LED Lighting industry, and forms such as live investment promotion, live sales, and on-line meetings have become more and more popular, which has further matured the live broadcast economy of the LED lighting market in order to better seize the market. E-Top HK has been working with both online and offline distributors to seize the opportunity, actively expands the exploration of online LED Lights brand marketing, and launches various forms of live broadcast activities to promote the development of terminal marketing. Here comes a new opportunity.

Secondly, after the COVID-19, people all over the world are paying more attention to health. According to the changes in market demand for lighting products during the epidemic, E-Top HK has jointly developed and promoted a series of sterilization products and healthy lighting products. Meanwhile promote products to end customers through online training, online product promotion, and offline product experience.

Thirdly, on the premise of meeting the existing order supply, E-Top HK accelerated the development of smart LED lamps. As customized needs for home decoration increase, people already needs not only the lighting functions of traditional lamps, but also the LED Intelligence Lights that can intelligently and automatically solve the different needs of different scenarios.

As a company with 18 years of lighting history, E-Top HK has turned the trend of the times into an opportunity for LED Lights industry development at this critical moment. E-Top HK is looking forward to exploring and innovating new marketing models and new products with all customers to accelerate Self and the rapid transformation in order to achieve a win-win situation.

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