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E-Top HK will help you to acquire more benefits by using LED lights

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E-Top HK will help you to acquire more benefits by using LED lights 


It is known light is one of the essentials to business place and carries an ongoing cost. We should make some changes on lights to be better for the environment. As one professional manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting products, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited totally understands how big the benefits of LED Lights for a business place with extensive lighting needs.

 E-Top HK is one global led lights manufacturer

Now E-Top HK is going to list out Top 6 benefits of LED lights for business place as below and tale a example of one office building replacing fluorescent lights with LED Lights.



1. Saving Money

Not only the energy-efficient cost, but also LED Lights is going to reduce the maintenance costs. Meanwhile, the rebates by using LED lights can 100% offset the upfront costs of installation for your business place.

2. Longer Life Span

The life span of LED Chips are measured in tens of thousands of hours. Of course it is much longer than the normal lights exponentially. Also you would get the sufficient lighting when LED lights has started to fade.


3. Better lighting.

LED chip lighting provides an wonderful color rendering, sharper focus, and enhanced ambient lighting to improve your facilitys appearance.


4. LED lighting provides a comfortable working environment.

The study is showing that LED lighting is glare-free and less tiring on your eyes. That is why almost companies improves and promotes workplace productivity to satisfy their employee. Comparing with the fluorescent tubes, LED lights is more safety in the workshop.


5. Easy to upgrade.

It is very easy to replace the traditional lights when upgrading to LED lights.


6. Energy efficient.

LED light is much better for the environment as well as be to cut down the energy consumption by approx 70 percent through reducing carbon dioxide and converting electricity into light.


For example


Now E-Top HK is going to show one study how one business place changing the normal fluorescent light to LED light.


It is found some of the benefits as below after replacing by E-Top HK LED lights.

§115% increase in annual ROI

§Longer lasting lighting

§Significant reduction of lighting mercury

§Significant reduction of carbon dioxide annually


LED Lighting Supplier


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is one Global LED Lights Manufacturer. We do believe we can help you with LED Tube, LED Strips, LED Bulb, LED Floodlight, LED Panel Light etc to upgrade your lighting system. Contact us and get the workable solution for your comfortable lighting environment.



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