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Do you know where to install the bedroom LED wall lights? How to choose a proper wall lamp?

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Do you have a wall lamp installed in your house? It is known that the wall lamp is convenient to save more space. It not only is a simply choice of lighting, but also provides a comfortable environment for us. Where to install the bedroom wall lamp generally is very important. In addition to lighting decoration, what we consider conveniently, is not only to create an atmosphere, but also easy to access it at any time. Let's take a look at how to choose a LED wall lamp first, and then see where it is. None doesn't want to have the proper LED wall lamp? Then do you know where the bedroom wall lamp is usually installed? And how to buy? E-Top HK is going to tell you all.

1. How to choose a proper wall lamp

A. Pay attention to the quality of the lampshade

When deciding to buy a wall lamp, the first thing we consider is the quality of the lamp. Most of the lampshade is made of glass, while the bracket of the lampshade is basically made of metal. The lampshade depends on its light transmittance to make the pattern even the lamp must be consistent with the room. Of course we would check the the corrosion resistance of the metal. The fullness of color and gloss are important indicators on the quality check list.

B. Lighting brightness

Generally speaking, soft light is much better. The lumen should be less than 600lm. The types of wall lamps should be considered with the space of the room. For example, if the room is not big enough, a single-head wall lamp is a good choice. If the room is large, you may use a double-head wall lamp. The last thing to note is to choose a wall lamp with a lampshade if possible, so that it can prevent the wallpaper from igniting and ultimately causing danger.

2. Where to install the bedroom wall lamp generally

A. Wall lamp is convenient for lighting

The bed wall lamp means the lighting fixture installed at the bedside. So where is the installation position of the bedside wall lamp? Firstly determine the height of the wall lamp from the ground and the distance from the wall before installing the bedside wall lamp. If the bedside wall lamp is installed too high, it will have a certain impact on the lighting. Meanwhile the light will become scattered which is not conducive to focusing. If the bedside wall lamp is installed too low, it is easy to hit the head and the brightness would be not good. Usually the height of the bedside wall lamp installation position is between 1.5-1.7 meters from the ground and the distance from the wall is 9.5-49 cm between.

2. The wall lamp position is appropriate

With the gradual improvement of people’s aesthetic awareness and craftsmanship level, the bedside wall lamp on the market now has novel and fashionable styles and unique design to greatly improve its decoration, which fully expresses the comfort and warmth of the entire space, and makes the body and mind more Relax. So where is the installation position of the bedside wall lamp? The use of the bedside wall lamp makes the space more warm and comfortable. The installation position of the bedside wall lamp is directly related to the improvement of aesthetics. Before installation, the specific height of the bed surface must be measured. The height of the installation position of the bedside wall lamp must be moderate. It says it cannot be too tall or too short.

3. The bedside light switch should be reachable

Different types of lamps are placed in different positions such as placing a floor lamp by the bed or a table lamp on the bedside table or install a small wall lamp on the wall beside the bed. If the switch of the bedside lamp cannot be easily reached by your hand, it will be easy to turn off the light when you are asleep. You don't have to find the switch or adjust the brightness. Where is the bedroom wall lamp generally installed? According to the above introduction, the wall lamp should be installed at a suitable height, not only to achieve a beautiful effect, but also to ensure safety to avoid touching the head. However, the bedside lamp must be at a position suitable for reaching out.

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