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The constant voltage decoders give the common digital control signal DMX512 as a PWM signal to activate RGB or RGBW LED lighting; Suitable for all types of constant voltage LED lights, for example RGB or RGBW LED Strips, RGB or RGBW LED Bulbs, LED, etc. Decoders can be connected to the signal line via a network port or XLR connector to further expand the channel and accept the manual configuration address via a DIP switch, to control different light effects of different decoders via a DMX console; If the decoder is not connected to a DMX console, the machine can be configured as a master controller using a DIP code and multiple decoders can be synchronized.

1. The product is a constant voltage regulator, operating voltage DC12-24V.

2. The product is working with a software, if the entire DIP switch is "0", the address is "1", then the DIP switch can also be used to define the channel address.

3. Diagnostic signal indicator: when the DMX synchronous signal is normal, the LED flashes quickly; otherwise it is switched off (the problem can be checked: incorrect connection; error in the cable connection sequence; input and output confusion, etc.).)

4. The power off function retains the last power off function whenever you turn it on.

5. If it is used only as a controller and with 9 modes that can be changed with the controller DIP switch, the speed can be adjusted with the DIP switch in static mode; Different decoders and LEDs can be synchronized.

6. To better synchronize the lighting in the same area as the DMX decoder, it is possible to connect our company's RGB or RGBW signal amplifier to increase the power.


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