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Ceramic 5kw 270mm UV Metal Halide UV Curing Lamps for Printer Black Light

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Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be manufactured to emit radiation in the ultraviolet range. In 2019, following significant advances over the preceding five years, UVA LEDs of 365 nm and longer wavelength were available with efficiencies of 50 percent at 1000 mW output. Such LEDs are increasingly used for UV curing applications, and are already successful in digital print applications and inert UV curing environments. Power densities approaching 3 W/cm2 (30 kW/m2) are now possible, and this, coupled with recent developments by photoinitiator and resin formulators, makes the expansion of LED-cured UV materials likely.

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Product Description

Metal end cup 5kw 270mm uv metal halide uv curing lamp for printing

With the improvement of manufacturing technologies and the application of high quality materials, our UV lamp gets more and more reliable and durable.

Product details

product Name uv metal halide lamp
Wavelength 403nm 417nm
Fill Iron
Arc Length 50mm to 2000mm
Lamp Density 30/80/120/160/200/240/300 w/cm
Certification CE IEC
Warranty 800 hours
Tube Material GE quartz glass tube
Tube Diameter 13mm to 40mm
End Caps Ceramic / Metal( more than 100 kinds)

metal halide uv lightmetal halide uv lightmetal halide uv lightmetal halide uv light

metal halide uv light


This kind of lamp is mainly used for printing,plate making,label printing,

paper polishing,metal printing and curing for all kinds of materials coated

with photosensitive ink & paint,is a generally used of ultraviolet light source.

metal halide uv light

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