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The 5+ year warranty-backed LED car dealership lighting options from Etop LED Lighting improves car sales and reduces energy consumption by 75%, and more. We offer both indoor and outdoor lighting for car dealerships.

There are many facets to LED auto dealership lighting. Which are very different from most ordinary industrial lighting requirements. With car dealerships, high-quality lighting can be the key to success in sales. The role of lighting in the car sales market cannot be understated. Every lighting fixture installed has to conform to style continuity and provide quality lighting. 

LED Outdoor Fixtures for Car Dealerships

Car Dealership Lighting Demands

Dealer Showroom Lighting

The showroom is one of the most critical areas in a dealership. It is the space assigned for vehicles to attract and lure customers, leading to sales. The type of lighting installed in a showroom has a crucial role to play in this space. The light should shine down on the car, revealing its shape, color, texture, and style.

Buying a car is a sensory experience. The pure sound of doors opening, the smell of its leather seats, or the glint of its paint can help seal the deal. Vehicles have polished exteriors and interior surfaces that exude luxury. Light is the best way to accentuate these aspects.

While a good sparkle works best, the reflection of a light fixture on a luxury car's bonnet does more harm than good. Most of your buyers have browsed the internet for car specs and compared the prices. So a visit to your showroom should give them the best experience they are after – and of your dealership as well.

High-quality lighting can help create that wow factor customers are after. Which will reflect on the number of sales you make. Since vehicles are expensive and high end ensure that your lights measure up to the look and feel.

Light in a showroom should comprise of both indirect and direct lighting. It should have the right color intensity, temperature, and color rendering index. The best practice is using light fixtures that enhance color perception. Use those with a color rendering index of 90 or higher. The light source should also lessen glare to achieve the perfect visual effect.

The right light not only highlights vehicles but directs buyers to the newest models. High-quality lighting makes the showroom attractive. It encourages would-be buyers to linger and scrutinize cars on sale. Light sources that create the right ambiance can motivate the buyers to buy.

For a long time showrooms relied on high wattage metal halide lamps. They need a lot of maintenance and have a very short life. They also do not mesh well with light control systems that can help in saving energy. LED lights last longer and are easy to integrate with advanced light control systems. They are also very energy efficient.

Service Area Lighting: LED Low and High Bay Fixtures

LED High and Low bay fixtures

The ideal lighting fixtures for the service area should be uniform and bright. The mechanics can then manage their precision and visual tasks with ease. This lighting should also ensure the safety of workers.

All luminaires in a garage environment should have an ingress protection index of 65 and above. Since they get exposed to humidity, wetness, and dust. The lights should be bright enough to achieve the recommended required minimum 500 lux.

LED high-bay and low-bay fixtures should be installed in all four sides of a service bay. LED lights with a higher CRI can be used in the engine bay area. This provides good lighting for the service technicians as they work on vehicles’ engine compartments.
Shop Lights and Vapor-proof light fixtures are also vital in the service area

Vapor-proof light fixtures – also known as waterproof lights – are in areas that are dusty or wet and need frequent hose downs. They are impermeable to water and dust and can rinse out with water without any damage. With an IP rating of 66 or 67, they mount or suspend from high ceilings.

Vapor-proof LEDs are made of high-quality aluminum alloys and are corrosion resistant. They have polycarbonate lenses that withstand corrosive cleaning agents or high heat without damage. These hard-wearing, powerful lights not only offer uniform illumination, they lower power usage.

Car Dealership Parking Lot Lighting

The exterior of an automotive dealership will benefit significantly from car dealership parking lot lights. LED lighting provides focused unidirectional light that spreads evenly and can be directed to areas where it is required the most. With LED lights, you will have no dark spots that may create a feeling of uneasiness or encourage insecurity on your lot.

LED outdoor lights also have high CRI and CCT values making the bright colors on the vehicles pop and enticing buyers to purchase them. They directly replace HID lamps that use 70-90% more energy than LEDs.

Vital Considerations for Car Dealership Lighting

CRI is about quality of light is important for car dealerships

The types of bulbs used in a car showroom have a profound effect on the way the cars look. A showroom is part shop and part theatre, designed with sales in mind. From iridium silver to ensign red, the tints and shades of the car color world are enormous. When a buyer sees a car with the color of their dreams, it can get them excited enough to make a purchase.

Whetting buyers appetites for cars is an uphill task if you're lighting doesn't do it justice. Lighting fixtures with a poor color rendering index doesn't represent the car colors, not attracting anyone.
Color rendering index (CRI) describes how a particular source of light reveals an object's colors to the human eye. It is a measure of how the subtle variations in color are rendered by light. This scale ranges from 0 to 100 and the higher the CRI number, the better a light source is at color rendering.
If a light source has a CRI beyond 90, it's considered fantastic at color rendering. Such a light source can be for tasks that need accurate color perception. A light with a mediocre CRI is thus very ill-fitted for car dealership lighting. An ideal CRI here is 90 because the sales depend on the correct rendering of the vehicles’ colors.
Correlated Color Temperature

The correlated color temperature of a light source is its light in coolness or warmth. The color temperature of a light source is a visible color aesthetic. It's calculated through the comparison of light emissions from a light source to those of a blackbody radiator (for lights with a CCT below 5000K). Or from a specific model of daylight (for lights with a CCT above 5000K).
Car dealerships should consider a color temperature of 4000K to 5000K for outdoor lighting and 3000K to 4000K for indoor lighting. For service bay areas, 5000K is a good choice.

Glare Reduction

Glare causes visual discomfort and is produced by uncontrolled excessive brightness. Sensitivity to glare is objective. Discomfort glare is the imbalance between a light's intensity and the surroundings brightness.

Discomfort glare in a showroom has an adverse effect on your customers experience. To cut it, the placement of light fixtures should be thought out. The use of LED lights that are even and spread out with a good output can reduce glare in a showroom.

The unified glare rating (UGR) calculates the amount of glare a luminaire produces. Its classification values are 5 to 40, and low values point to low glare. UGR takes into account all factors that provoke glare. Such as the luminance value of a light source and its angle. A light source with a UGR value of 19 and below is suitable for showroom lighting.

LED lights also have the advantage of being unidirectional lights. Meaning they produce less light pollution and direct their light to intended areas. This not only improves visibility in the showroom but ambiance and visual comfort.

The higher CCT that a LED light is capable of attaining has a bluish spectrum that can induce glare. LED lights for a showroom with high CCTs must have enough CRI R9 value. This produces balance in lighting, eliminating glare for enhanced visual comfort.

Top Benefits of LED Car Dealership Lights

LEDs offer the highest energy saving potential to car dealerships. They produce light different from traditional bulbs. They do not have oxidative processes but instead use semiconductors to generate light. Light sources convert electric energy into visible and invisible radiant energy. Fluorescents and HIDs produce heat and UV radiation. They also disperse their light multi-directional, wasting much of it in their surroundings.

LEDs make the most of the light they produce and direct it to places required areas. This leads to better light distribution and reduced fixture installations. It also saves a lot in energy costs without affecting the quality and brightness of the light.

LED lights can contribute to the sustainability of car dealerships and the environment. Outdoor LED lights are available in cutoff designs. This ensures there's little or no light escape above the horizontal plane. This reduces light pollution, making them very environmentally-friendly.

Ease of Maintenance
The biggest disadvantage of LEDs is the initial cost is more than older bulb types. But they make up for this in various ways. Including reduced relamping expenses and maintenance costs. They lower lighting costs by up to 75%, and the upfront costs recovered in less than 2 years.

The optics, power supply, and thermal capabilities of LEDs give them significant advantages. In terms of performance and longevity, compared to traditional bulbs.

Creating Great First Impressions
LEDs have fantastic CCT and CRI values, producing bright light with a daylight quality to it. They not only make cars look good but also add to the ambiance and glamour of a dealership. This can translate to sales, making LED adoption a very good sales strategy. LEDs come in beautiful contemporary designs and change the look and feel of a car dealership.

Design Flexibility
LED lights don't consist of fragile bulbs or glass tubes so they can custom fit to any size required. They can also instal in hard-to-reach areas, eliminating shadows and dark spots. Conventional bulbs, on the contrary, are clumsy and lack design flexibility.

All-Weather Lighting
Vapor-proof LED lights are ideal for outdoor car dealership lots and withstand all weather conditions. LEDs by design perform better in cold environments. So there's no worry about the degradation in winter weather, unlike conventional bulbs.

Light Control Capabilities
LEDs can operate at any range (0% to 100% of their rated light output) using dimming technology. This not only drives their energy efficiency higher but increases their lifespan, too. LEDs also have instant turn on and off mechanisms without any restrike times or warm up times.

Unlike traditional bulbs, they will not degrade when switched off and on. Due to the design, they integrate well with controls like motion and daylight sensors.

Sturdy in Build
These solid-state lights use semiconductor materials instead of brittle filaments or gas. LEDs are tiny chips in an epoxy enclosure. They are sturdier and well adapted to harsh and hard use environments.

Reduce Your Operation and Maintenance Costs
Reducing auto dealership lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with LED Lighting. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Also reduce cost with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and even rebates. Adding controls to your outdoor lighting can even save you more money. Maybe you don't need your lights at 100% power at 3 am. But have them go to full power when motion is detected on the lot. A better experience for your customers and saving you even more money!

Better curb appeal when customers drive by
Dealerships rely on foot and drive by traffic. Without quality dealership lights it can be impossible to make it look appealing. To provoke interest in your lot, we work with you to improve your car dealerships lighting design. Using LED lights increases interest in every aspect.

Improved safety and security
Safety and security of visitors and inventory at dealerships is critical to keep liabilities and overhead down. Good design and LED lighting products allow for a secure lot that looks, feels and is safe. With LED, it's possible. Just ask us how!

Successful Car Dealership Conversion to LED


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