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Are UV disinfection lamps useful? Are UVC disinfection lamps useful?

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Are UV disinfection lamps useful? Are UVC disinfection lamps useful?

More and more disinfection products launched on the market as the outbreak of COVID-19. Most of time, we use ultraviolet sterilizers to disinfect the door handles, elevator buttons, tableware, and even mobile phones. Can it effectively kill bacteria? Are UV disinfection lamps useful? Are UVC disinfection lamps useful? How should we choose the proper portable UV disinfection lamps?

It is known that sunlight contains three types of ultraviolet light (UVA, UVB and UVC), among which short-wave ultraviolet (UVC) can kill virus molecules and even cause harm to the human body. However, the earth's ozone layer can effectively block UVC to prevent direct harm to us fortunately. Humans developed UVC for sterilization at the end of 19th century. UVC is widely used in daily sterilization procedures in hospitals, factories and vehicles. UVC can be used to disinfect water, remove chlorine and other chemicals and kill parasites. Because UVC can destroy the coronavirus disease without adding chemicals, the secondary pollution is avoided after using UVC. We are increasingly using portable ultraviolet disinfection sticks in our lives because of this terrible COVID-19. The portable UV disinfection stick can be placed in a handbag, rucksack or even pants pocket because of its small size. Before touching the object with your hands directly, you may take out the ultraviolet disinfection stick and irradiate it to help kill bacteria and viruses on the object. The sterilization rate of the disinfection stick is 99.9%. UVC can destroy the molecular structure of bacteria, viruses and molds, making them dead and unable to regenerate. With the safety switch function, once the ultraviolet light is sensed upwards, it will automatically turn off the light to improve safety.

Just as a coin has two sides. Although UV disinfection does not contain chemical ingredients and will not cause secondary pollution or injury, E-Top also takes this opportunity to remind users of disinfection sticks to pay attention to the following things to avoid injury due to misuse: 

1. Avoid eyes and skin Excessive exposure to UVC lamps can cause discomfort, burns, skin redness, skin aging, cataracts, and even the risk of skin cancer. E-Top experts recommend that users keep a distance from the UVC lamp, do not stare at the light source, and avoid contact with children and pets.

2. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is suitable for smooth and non-porous surfaces, such as rough surface, fine holes, or even dust, grease and dander, etc., which will affect the disinfection effect.

3. Not all objects can be used for a long time with UV sterilizer. For example, long-term exposure of UVC lamps to plastic and rubber will accelerate the aging, deformation and brittleness of sterilized items. Long-term exposure to clothing with UVC disinfection sticks may also make clothing, fabrics and leather legs colored.

4. The irradiation distance and range of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp will affect the sterilization effect. E-Top recommends that while disinfecting with a disinfectant stick, you still need to pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness.

If you have any questions during the use of the UVC portable disinfection stick, please feel free to contact the E-Top service team.

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