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Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Releases Bedside Reading Wall Lights & Wall Lamps for Residential, Commercial & Other Applications

Sub-headline: With sleek designs and adjustable angles, there is a wide range of LED Wall Lights that are suitable for hotels, restaurants, residential complexes and other applications.

Kowloon, Hong Kong, February 16, 2020 -- E-Top is a leading manufacturer of LED lights with a variety of products in their portfolio. They have now announced different wall light models with various designs that can be installed in many places, like homes, hotels and offices.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have Wall Lights in sleek and stylish designs that add to the aesthetic value of a space. Besides available in different designs, these LED lights come with different adjustable angles, offering the ease and flexibility for beautifying any place with ample light. The spokesperson reveals that they have designed these LED lights for easy installation and thus can easily be installed at different heights and different levels. The body of the light is made of aluminum material and is suitable for outdoor applications with a long lasting performance.

The company focuses on international class products, and they have Wall Lampswith CE and EMC certifications and A++ class energy efficiency. These are modern lights, designed for all types of applications with numerous design choices. The spokesperson maintains that they supply all LED products after load testing and ensure the best quality. With their stable performance, these LED lights for walls are appropriate for different types of lighting requirements of any built space. E-Top is the global LED lights manufacturer that supplies 100% tested products for clients from different areas. They supply LED lights to many reputed clients and can meet their specific lighting requirements with a variety of LED lights.

With their new LED Wall LightsE-Top aims at providing complete lighting solutions for different clients around the world. These reading wall light models could meet different clients various design demands, and people can choose LED lights as per their unique lighting needs. With a variety of lighting options, E-Top (HK) Technologynow supplies LED light models with different luminous intensities. One can check the details of different LED light models of the company by visiting their website


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