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UVphotonics Showcases Custom UV LEDs and Modules at Photonics West

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UVphotonics Showcases Custom UV LEDs and Modules at Photonics West

UVphotonics and Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) are presenting novel UV LED developments with emission wavelengths from 330 nm to as low as 230 nm at Photonics West 2020. The versatile light sources are configurable to various application requirements.
UV LEDs have opened up new prospects due to benefits like increased design flexibility, energy savings and reduced overall cost. Their customizable wavelengths, low operation voltages, ability to be rapidly switched and dimmed along with their compact size make them ideal for a multitude of applications. These include water purification, disinfection, medical diagnostics, phototherapy, plant growth, UV curing, and sensing.
At Photonics West, UVphotonics is exhibiting UVB and UVC LEDs with 10,000 hour lifetime and output powers of up to 45 mW at 310 nm and 30 mW at 265 nm. Also, fully packaged UVC LEDs with single emission peak at 230 nm and an output power of 1.6 mW at 100 mA are be showcased. Moreover, the company’s product portfolio has been expanded to UV LED modules with integrated driver circuits.
The FBH spin-off tailors its products to customer-specific needs in terms of emission
wavelength, emission area and spatial emission characteristics. Together with the FerdinandBraun-Institut, the company covers the full UV LED technology chain including R&D on (Ga,Al,In) N UV LEDs with all stages of device fabrication in-house. The portfolio ranges from design to epitaxial growth to chip processing, packaging and up to complete turn-key modules, which are ready to use in applications.


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