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Ordinary but great! Let us to see the LED T8 tubes.

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Headline: Ordinary but great! Let us to see the LED T8 tubes.

Sub-headline: LED T8 tubes is the hero of our lives which can be seen everywhere. Let us discover the secrets of this tube.

China, 12th March, 2018: Before the LED T8 tubes are used in a wide range, people often use the traditional tubes. The traditional fluorescent tube, also called fluorescent lamp, has a filament at each end of the tube. The tube is filled with a trace of argon and a thin mercury vapor. Phosphor is coated on the inner wall of the tube. The gas between the two filaments emits ultraviolet when it conducts electricity, so that the phosphor emits visible light. The traditional fluorescent tube can meet the requirements of daily life lighting, but with the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic requirements and environmental protection requirements, the traditional fluorescent tube has been eliminated by the times. Instead, we are currently using the LED T8 tubes.

LED T8 tubes adopt CREE and AOD super bright LED white light as light source, and the shell of it is acrylic / aluminum alloy (customer defined). The housing of the tube was made by PC pipe production, which can bear high temperature up to 135 degrees. LED T8 tubes comes with constant current source, do not need ballast, starter. General T8 tubes are large enough because of the big tube space, so the constant current source can be installed inside the tube. Therefore, in the installation, you can directly install the T8 tubes with removing the ballast and starter in the original bracket.

LED T8 tubes do not use mercury, and they do not contain lead. The traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, so that the mercury vapor lamp will be volatile into the atmosphere if the lights are broke, which will pollute the environment. LED tubes can protect the environment which is recognized as one of the green light. In addition, LED T8 tubes can improve resource utilization efficiency as a cold light source. Therefore, more and more people like to install LED T8 tubes.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is engaged in the production of LED tubes for several years, with excellent production team and rich experience in production. The company strictly manages the quality of lights, so the lights do not have any security risk.


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