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Let your wall can change color. LED wall washer struck!

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Headline: Let your wall can change color. LED wall washer struck!


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited constantly enriched their own LED outdoor lighting team and introduced new LED wall washer products to you.

China, 3th December, 2017: Before the 1970s, if you heard the wall color can change, you would have thought it was a fairy tale, because only in the story we can hear of the magic wall, which happened to be able to change color with the master’s mood. Now, we can always find the colored wall outdoors, and all of these should be attributed to a magical LED outdoor lighting – the LED wall washer. Since 2013, LED wall washer has been widely used in various places, such as the wall lighting of corporate buildings, government buildings, historic buildings and entertainment venues. The range is also wide, from indoor to outdoor, from the local lighting to the overall lighting. These all mean that there is an improvement and development of the light level. LED wall washer has now invested a lot into the lighting project. In the next few years, LED wall washer will be developed into an indispensable part of the lighting project.

LED wall washer, as the name implies, it allows the lights to be washed through the wall like water and it is mainly used for architectural lighting purposes, as well as used to outline the contours of large buildings. As LED wall washer has energy saving, high luminous efficiency, color rich, long life and other characteristics, the other wall washer was gradually replaced by LED wall washer in 2013.

The R & D institutions of E-Top (HK) Technology Limited have long been committed to developing the colored light, and they produce the LED wall washer that is suitable for our commercial lighting needs, and can meet the energy requirements of the lights. The production of this light has been rigorously examined and tested. So it has a high quality and is not prone to failure. In addition, the LED wall washers manufactured by the company not only meet the monochromatic lighting requirements, but also have colorful lights that can easily make your dream that have a colorful wall to come true. 


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