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LED ceiling lights and LED down lights?

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Headline: Do you know the difference between LED ceiling lights and LED down lights?

Sub-headline: Many people think that LED down lights and ceiling lights are similar, and they cannot tell the difference. Now, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will reveal the difference between them.

China, 21st January, 2018: The wide range LED lighting often makes it difficult for people to distinguish they should choose which types. Among the LED lights used for accent lighting, many users are distressed by the difference between the LED down lights and the LED ceiling lights. In fact, these two lights have a very significant difference.

LED down lights is based on the traditional improvement of the development of down light products with the application of new LED lighting source. Compared with the traditional lamps, the design of LED down lights is more beautiful and lightweight. LED ceiling lights is widely used in the field of commercial lighting, but rarely used for indoor lighting. Although the working principle of these two lights is similar, the difference between the two lights is very obvious. In effect, LED down lights are directional lighting tools. Its light is more concentrated, and can cause a more intense light and dark contrast, so as to highlight the illuminated object. In addition, the lighting of LED down lights is soft and uniform, which will not cause people's dizziness. So it is ideal for making a quiet environment. However, LED ceiling lights are more diverse in color, and the light source is concentrated and very bright. Compared to LED down lights, the lighting range of the LED ceiling lights is more narrow, and is suitable for lighting the key parts, such as car shows, jewelry, high-end clothing, professional windows, counters and so on. However, the similarity between the two is high. For example, LED down lights and LED ceiling lights are used in places where accent lighting is important, and both of the two lights can be installed in ceilings or walls to prevent damage to the aesthetics of the interior environment.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited manufactures various types of LED lights over years. In particular, the LED ceiling lights and LED down lights made by the company have good quality, color diversity, and they are welcomed by the users. In addition, the company can provide different specifications according to the needs of users about the LED down lights and ceiling lights. The company always can make customer satisfaction.


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