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How to distinguish inferior LED tubes?

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Headline: How to distinguish inferior LED tubes? E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will give you a solution.


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is the leading company in China that can provide high-quality LED tubes for domestic and foreign users. The LED tubes made by the company always can bring users high-quality experience.

China, 19th November, 2017:The World Environment Day is June 5 each year. It reflects the people's awareness and attitude toward environmental issues and expresses the longing and pursuit of mankind for a better environment. The theme of 2017 World Environment Day is everyone involved and creates a green home. It is no longer a simple slogan to protect the environment, curb global warming and save resources. It has been the responsibility of every citizen to participate in the cause of environmental protection. Traditional incandescent lights have the advantages of low price and soft lighting. But the energy consumption of them is high and they are not easy to recover after damage. So they are the lighting products bad for our environmental protection. LED lights are eco-friendly and consume less energy during using with them widely installing in today's factories, shops, classrooms and offices.

Most people think that there is no difference as long as the appearance of LED lights is the same. In fact, superior and inferior LED tubes have different in many ways. Inferior LED tubes have poor quality materials with a poor performance. They often exaggerate propaganda and marked standard parameters apocryphally. Specifically, the appearance of the inferior LED tubes always imitate the products of other brands. They use inferior light beads, power supply, heat sink and the design of them is unreasonable. The product can not reach the industry manufacturing standards completely.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a leader in Chinese LED lighting manufacturers with very rich manufacture and sale experience of LED tubes. The LED tubes provides by the company is not only have a exquisite appearance, but also are high quality. The products of the company are fully in line with the global industrial standards and specifications likes CE, ROHS, and EMC. For example, LED T8 tubes sold by the Company have a long service life and consume less than one-third the power of traditional fluorescent lights. But their brightness is consistent with the traditional fluorescent lights. In general, the normal life of the LED T8 is more than 30,000 hours without replacement. At present, nearly 80% of China's users choose the LED T8.

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