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Four levels you need to know about the hotel lighting

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Headline: Four levels you need to know about the hotel lighting.

Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a good hotel lighting suppliers. The company has been committed to meeting the needs of hotel lighting users and creating a large number of high-quality hotel lighting products.

China, 12th November, 2010: Hotel lighting system is a special lighting system compared to household lighting system. The biggest particularity is that the hotel lighting system is to provide services to many travelers, which means that the hotel's lighting can not be over-personalized because the system have to meet the needs of most travelers. Hotel lighting should not only help guests relax, but also help to create a vibrant atmosphere. Only recognize the service-oriented light features of the hotel lighting, can the hotel users make the right choice.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a outstanding domestic hotel lighting suppliers. There are a lot of hotels with different size which are the company’s service objects. According to the characteristics of different hotels, the company can produce and design different lighting products.

The company works together with hotel owners in older to create a perfect hotel and to win rich returns for the hotel lighting users . E-Top (HK) Technology Limited proposed that there are four levels of hotel lighting according to their own service experience:

a. The overall environmental lighting

The overall environment lighting is the main light source of a space. It’s aim to providing sufficient brightness when guests and staff move around. In general, the illumination should be between 100-200lx.

b. Work lighting

Work lighting is used in specific areas. It can provide more concentrated lighting effects. Typically , the work lighting is used as a supplemental lighting for overall environment lighting in some office spaces, such as conference rooms and certain specific desktops.

c. Focus lighting

To increase the emphasis for a scene, we need a more focused lightingwhich can help increase the depth of field and can better emphasizes the shape, texture and colors of the displayed items.

d. Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting has two main purposes: to enrich the lighting level of the hotel environment and to enhance the sense of design. Decorative lights Commonly used are: chachandeliers, wall lamps, chandeliers, lamps and floor lamps.

If you want to know more about hotel lighting design, the company's website can provide you with


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