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Sub-headline: Facing the various LED lighting products, many customers can not choose the right one. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will tell you how to choose lights and use them together.


China, 17th January, 2018: With the increasing popularity of LED lights, there are more and more types of LED lights on the market, and people have big difficulties in choosing them. In a variety of LED lighting products, LED panel lights, LED down lights and LED ceiling lights are the darling of the lighting market. Whether it is commercial decoration or interior decoration, people need to use these three lights and mix them together to create the ideal living environment.

The most prominent feature of the LED panel lights is simple and easy to install. The lights often are installed in factories, indoors, hotels and other places. LED panel lights are mainly used for a wide range of lighting. In other words, if you can only illuminate a room with one type of lights, or just want a simple decoration, you just need to buy LED panel lights to achieve this goal. On this basis, in order to make the light more gorgeous, people are accustomed to choose to use LED down lights and LED ceiling lights. The biggest feature of these two lights is they are often installed in places that require local lighting. These two kinds of lights can illuminate the local things, making the environment more beautiful. Among them, the lighting of LED down lights is gentler, not glares, and is more suitable for creating a soft lighting environment. The lighting of LED ceiling lights is more narrow, but more bright, and it is suitable for jewelry counter or item display. 

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is specialized in LED lighting manufacturing. The company produces a full range of LED lights with diverse styles. It has users come from the hotel, manufacturing and other industries. Its R & D center located in Hong Kong, and they can continue to launch new LED lighting products according to user needs. The company recommends that the users should pay attention to using the LED panel lights, LED down lights and the LED ceiling lights together, so that will help to create a better living environment.


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has been founded since 2002, who supply with the best LED lighting solution for commercial, and residential buildings, and price-competitive products to customers worldwide in a timely manner and strive to further reinforce our brand capabilities.


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