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E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will work with you to explore strip LED lighting.

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Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will work with you to explore strip LED lighting.

Sub-headline: If the emergence of LED lamps is a major revolution in the lighting market, then the strip LED lighting is another revolution.

China, 17th May, 2018: We have a wide range of common lighting fixtures, but the most popular ones are strip LED lighting. Strip LED lighting is consist of LED that is assembled on a ribbon-shaped FPC (flexible circuit board) or a PCB rigid board. People always called it strip because its product is shaped like a ribbon. In other words, this kind of flexible lamp strip can be bent and cut at will, and has a very large independent design space.

With the rapid progress of society and the improvement of people's aesthetic requirements, simplicity is not the only criterion for judgment. How to meet the diversified needs of users, allowing them to design and create lamps as they wish, become a higher goal pursued by lighting companies. Strip LED lighting has appeared in this situation. The lighting is not only offering increase profits to the lighting companies, the most important thing is it provide the majority of users with creative lighting products.

Flexible LED light strips can be split as long as required, can be twisted into different shapes, and can emit different colors of light. These advantages make the LED light strips highly decorative, which helps designers to design at a higher level. We can often find this kind of light on a TV background wall or ceiling. However, LED strips are thin and long, so they are concealed. If you don't want others to see this kind of lamp, you can install it in the mezzanine of the ceiling so that you cannot see the light.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2002. Its branches are all over the world, and its users are also widely distributed. The company not only has rich production experience, but also has rich service experience. The company has its own service team who can fully install or design fixtures according to the customer's needs. If you need to buy LED light strips, the company will be your best choice.


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has been founded since 2002, who supply with the best LED lighting solution for commercial, and residential buildings, and price-competitive products to customers worldwide in a timely manner and strive to further reinforce our brand capabilities.


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