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E-Top (HK) Technology Limited takes you to know the different LED downlights

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Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited takes you to know the different LED downlights.

Sub-headline: LED downlights are installed in many users' homes. But many people don't like the shape of this light. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited tells you that you will have more choices.

China, 18th April, 2018: In addition to using LED tubes and LED panel lights, many users like to install various sizes of LED downlights in their own rooms. The LED downlight is a lighting fixture that is embedded into the ceiling light. LED downlight is a directional lighting fixture, only its opposite surface can receive light. The beam angle belongs to the spotlight, and the light is more concentrated with making a contrast between light and dark. LED downlights can not only emit colored light, but also can be used for local lighting to help users create a beautiful living environment.

LED downlight is mainly achieved through the diode light-emitting way, and the life of it depends on the solid-state LED light source and the drive heat-dissipation part. In 2012, the LED downlight life has reached more than 80,000 hours. With the continuous research and popular use of LED technology, the drive and heat dissipation has also basically reached a relatively ideal state for the light.

As an important manufacturer and seller of LED downlights in China, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has always been committed to developing the latest LED lighting products and creating a first-class LED lighting platform. In addition to our traditional LED downlights, the Company can now provide a variety of styles and specifications of LED downlights to customers, such as LED blade downlights, LED color temperature downlights, LED mini downlights and so on. The installation method of downlights is more diverse. In addition, high-tech downlights such as LED induction downlights and LED smart downlights have also been produced. With its own excellent team, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited strives to develop more artificially intelligent LED lighting products in the context of the rapid development of the Internet. The company's products are not only of high quality but also full of creativity, which is a good choice for customers.


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