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Do you understand the history of lighting bulb?

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Headline: Do you understand the history of lighting bulb?

Sub-headline: Lighting bulb is lighting partners in our daily lives. But do you understand the discovery and history of lighting bulb?

China, 15th May, 2018: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a famous manufacturer of LED lighting bulb in China. It has a good reputation in China and its customers are all over the world. As an LED lighting supplier with extensive sales and manufacturing experience, the company is very aware of the discovery and development history of lighting bulb. The company will tell you something about the light bulbs to better understand the development of lighting bulb.

Lighting bulb emits light and heat generated by electricity and was invented by Henri Goebbels (Edison actually found the right material, inventing practical incandescent bulbs, which appeared as early as 1854). The most common function of a lighting bulb is lighting. With the development of society, the use of lighting bulb also takes on different changes. It may initially provide convenience for production and life, but as the society progresses, there has also been a noticeable change in the use of lighting bulbs. It has begun to have functional lights for different purposes.

The bulb consists of a filament, a glass case, and a lamp cap. The metal material in the bulb is a conductor, while the glass housing and the plastic part of the lamp cap are insulators. The bulb is based on the principle of the thermal effect of the current. After the bulb is connected to the rated voltage, the current is heated to the incandescent state (above 2000C) through the filament, so that the heat is emitted. This converts electrical energy into internal energy and light energy at work. Most of the earliest bulbs were tungsten bulbs or halogen bulbs, which fulfilled people's desire to use electric bulbs. Later, the appearance of LED bulbs achieved the second revolution of the bulb, which not only effectively improved the lighting efficiency of the lamps, but also had the significance of environmental protection.


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