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Do you know the history of LED lights usage in China?

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Headline: Do you know the history of LED lights usage in China?

Sub-headline: We always do not know what time the LED lights have become an essential part of our lives. Do you understand the history of the use of LED lights in our country?

China, 21st March, 2018: Now, our users use LED lights for nearly 60 years. LED lights have become an important part of interior decoration. Specifically, China's LED industry began from the 1960s, and began to develop in the 1980s when they form an industry. And in the 90's, there has a considerable scale in producing LED lights in China. In recent years, there is a rapid development of the China's high-brightness LED industry. And the industry has been followed closely the pace of development of the world's LED industry especially in recent years with the national emphasis on energy saving, the 863 optoelectronics project investment, the R & D efforts from universities, research institutions and the effort of local governments and enterprises. All of these made the development of LED has a certain size, and formed a LED industry chain.

Now, LED lights in our country continues to expand the market, and the types of LED lights continuously increase with the people's needs improve. From the earliest LED bulbs, LED tubes, and then to the LED panel lights, LED lights strip and LED downlights and other lamps, the shape and function of LED lights have undergone tremendous changes. In addition to lighting, the features of LED lights become more and more. LED lights have become an important part of modern home decor. For us, LED lights with beautiful shape have changed our lives, providing us with a more beautiful living environment.

With the extensive use of LED lights, our country has formed a relatively complete LED lights market. A large number of LED manufacturers provide users with a variety of LED lights. However, among many manufacturers, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is undoubtedly a very good choice. The company was founded in Hong Kong at 2002 and has been producing and selling more than 10 years to date. The company has many branches across the country and therefore has a broad customer base. All along, the company is committed to providing users throughout the country high-quality LED lamps.


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