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Do you feel worried about choosing appropriate LED strips for your guestroom?

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Headline: Do you feel worried about choosing appropriate LED strips for your guestroom? E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will provide you with the best advice and service.


Sub-headline: LED strips are gradually becoming a more popular way of decoration and they will make your guestroom become a more colorful and stylish art world.

China, 5th May, 2012: LED strips is sweeping the country with the advantages of plasticity and portability. Whether you are an attractive online star who want to get more fans, a hotel manager with the purpose of profit, or a resident for the sake of fashion, you need LED strips to decorate your guestroom.

The LED strips are often installed in the ceiling, the TV wall, the background wall and in a variety of letters and patterns accordance with the needs of users. The guestroom decorated by LED strips are more beautiful and creative, and can form a very unique style of decoration. The LED strips has a lot of users, and in recent years they are welcomed by the younger generation because the LED strips can inspire their creativity and inspiration.

Many users want to know what kind of standard can be used to selected the LED strips for their guestroom. Although LED strips is easy to carry and install, but there still have some precautions in the selection. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has given two recommendations to help users to pick high-quality LED strips.

Firstly, in terms of category. The LED strips type widely used currently is 3528 and 5050 strips (3528 refers to the LED light source size, its length is 32mm and width is 28 mm, 5050 refers to the LED light source length and width are 50 mm).The difference between the two is the size, and there are three LED chips in the 5050 light beads compared that there are 1 LED chip in 3528. So for the same light beads, 5050 LED strips has 3 times power than the 3528 LED strips.Of course, the price is also 3 times. However, LED strips are mainly used to light up the lamp and the decorative characteristic plays an important role. So the company recommend the 3528 LED strips with 60 lights per meter to you with taking into account the power consumption, price and other factors.

Secondly, in terms of quality. The LED strips are generally working at 220v voltage. That means LED strips need to be wrapped by a thick layer of flame retardant glue, and the material of the wire and the circuit boards are generally copper. LED lamp beads determine the light life, so do not use the cheap LED strips in your guestroom

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