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5050 LED Strips Series

5050 LED Strips lights - perfect for indoor and outdoor displays.

From accent and work lighting to party and event lighting, rope lighting is a simple and inexpensive solution. Incandescent or LED, electric or low voltage, transparent or colored, with more than 80 variations of colors and styles. The E-Top has exactly the light you need. Each roll and retail package contains useful accessories such as covers, power cords and clips to complete your lighting project. Whatever your plans, the E-Top HK LED lighting has everything you need to implement it.

Uncut light is UL listed for damp locations. Used outdoors as part of the Christmas lights, you can let the string light on the bushes without worrying about snow, rain or sprinklers. Use a waterproof retractable plug when connecting the coil to change the color and protect the power supply from direct contact with moisture. The light cable sets are available in different lengths, with waterproof connectors and end caps, so you can easily adjust the length of a cord lamp without having to cut or split it.

Although the cable lamp is UL certified for humid locations, neither an incandescent lamp nor an LED lamp are submerged. These should not be used in aquariums, swimming pools or other facilities where they are completely underwater for a long time.

Note: A transformer is required for all 12 and 24 volt light chains.

String lighting accessories

E-Top LED lighting offers a wide range of Christmas lighting accessories. If you have a 1/2 inch, 3/8 inch cable. Diameter or 5/8 in. In diameter you will find covers, mounting brackets, heat shrink tubing, suction cups, connectors, channels, glues and everything in between. You must complete your installation. Use mounting clips for straight lines in bay lighting or curves in word art. DIY.

LED strips

If you are looking for a thinner, more flexible and permanent lighting solution, you may prefer LED light strips instead of string lighting. But rope light also has its advantages. In our blog post "String Light vs. Tape Light: A Malfunction", you can read more about the type of lighting best suited for what purpose.

The hybrid LED flat light chain is an intermediate point between the two: flat strip lighting, but with flexibility similar to the strip closest to the light chain. While the standard tire lighting has a maximum run time of only 16 feet, this hybrid cord light has a maximum run time of 146 feet.

String lighting buying guide

You have different options of colors, input voltage and type of lighting cable. This quick guide will help you understand the different nuances of the white light sequence and determine if the lights are blinking or not.

Warm white is similar in color to standard incandescent lamps. It is a good color temperature to light the bay.

Pearl white is a very warm white. This cord lamp emits a light color between warm white and yellow.

The cool white is bright white (almost blue). The lamp measures approximately 4,000 Kelvin and is recommended for lighting under cupboards and other task-oriented installations.

 The light of the tracking chain combines with a tracking controller (sold separately) to make the lights flash or drive off. Standard string light constantly shines and does not flicker or chase. Not all light rope colors have a tracking option. Look for categories and products labeled "Chasing Rope Light" or contact customer service.

The string lights are multifunctional for easy installation with installation hardware and a preformed power cord. These kits are expandable when connected together for maximum performance. No splitting or additional tools are required.

LED cable lighting maintenance

The cord light is flexible and can be rotated in all possible models. The trick to keeping it that way is not to bend it back and forth, as it can weaken your joints. Try bending the string light in the same direction when wrapping Christmas decorations or storing a custom installation.


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