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LED strip lighting is a versatile solution for oblique lighting, stair lighting, rail lighting, cabinet lighting, path lighting, bay lighting and more . In combination with an RGB controller, it is available in different spot colors or RGB color change sets. LED strip lighting can be used to reduce the energy consumption of display cases or display cases and at the same time reduce the heat emitted by disco lighting or conventional ceiling lighting. It is available in 12 and 24 volt strips which must be coupled with the appropriate LED voltage driver. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the controller or accessories you will need for your installation, please contact one of the E-Top customer service team members at

Easy installation of LED strip lighting

LED strips, also called LED strips or flat strips, are easy to install. Each of the standard light strips or coils is delivered with a 3M self-adhesive adhesive. Channel guides and mounting hardware are available for more complex installations, eg B. for compartment lighting, under stairs and under cabinet lighting. Tape Light facilitates the installation of DIY and DIY lighting! Connectors allow you to change the direction of the light strip around a corner or to perform more complex routes with a T-connector or a Plus-Form connector. The LED strip lighting can be switched off along the cutting lines marked on the cover at user-defined lengths.

Our LED lighting is safe indoors and outdoors

The LED light strip is safe for indoor and outdoor installations, if it is not cut and protected from direct contact with water. The 12 and 24 volt options minimize the risk of short circuiting and the safety risks that generally arise with external lighting powered by the public power grid. You can install it under eaves, party tents and terraces, and even under stair lighting to provide a view of the sidewalk at night. Channel guides can be used to diffuse the light to achieve a more uniform brightness, so you don't see the individual LEDs. They should also be used in rail applications to repair tire headlights for a longer installation.

Waterproof tape

E-Top colors in warm white and cool white have a waterproof option with protection class IP68, which allows you to safely submerge the light bar to illuminate the pool and other underwater installations up to 6 feet . Use only waterproof accessories when sharing or connecting underwater tire lighting on custom turns and tracks.

Versatile and energy efficient.

Our standard power LED light strip consumes less than 2 watts per foot and is ideal for most accent lighting applications, while our high power light strip consumes less than 5 watts per foot and is three times brighter than the standard version, ideal for outdoor environments - such as indoor lighting.

Color change options

For something really amazing, the light from the E-Top RGB strip is the way to go. The RGB light strip uses red, green and blue LEDs which produce different colors using an RGB controller.

Customize it yourself

The lighting possibilities of the LED strip are only limited by your imagination. We have everything you need to customize your installation, including connectors, controls, dimmers, motion switches, power supplies, end caps and mounting clips. Also try the E-Top Strip Light aluminum profiles for a modern and sophisticated look.


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