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1000w 260mm UV Curing Mercury Lamp For UV Painting Black Light

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Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be manufactured to emit radiation in the ultraviolet range. In 2019, following significant advances over the preceding five years, UVA LEDs of 365 nm and longer wavelength were available with efficiencies of 50 percent at 1000 mW output. Such LEDs are increasingly used for UV curing applications, and are already successful in digital print applications and inert UV curing environments. Power densities approaching 3 W/cm2 (30 kW/m2) are now possible, and this, coupled with recent developments by photoinitiator and resin formulators, makes the expansion of LED-cured UV materials likely.
  • UV-OP10
  • E-Top Lighting
  • UV-OP10

Metal halide lamps radiate 365nm wavelength mostly between 265nm to 420nm wavelength, order production is available from 50w/cm to 180w/cm and radiation efficiency is better than mercury lamp, and apply to paint coating, drying, curing and color printing etc mostly. 


Product Description



Product ID Watts Overall Length Arc Length Tube Diameter Lamp Base
ETOPHKUV86010028 1KW 230mm 128mm 22.5mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86010082 1.5KW 370mm 245mm 20mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86010018 1.8KW 240mm 150mm 25mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86020096 2KW 380mm 250mm 22.5mm metal
ETOPHKUV86020061 2.32kw 251mm 165mm 18mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86030160 3KW 473mm 335mm 20.5mm ceramic 
ETOPHKUV86030023 3.2KW 550mm 405mm 22.5mm metal
ETOPHKUV86030119 3.6KW 240mm 150mm 28mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86030075 3.6KW 400mm 300mm 22.5mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86040101 4KW 460mm 385mm 20mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86040018 4.8KW 500mm 400mm 22.5mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86050113  5KW 436mm 353mm 22.5mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86050125 5KW 380mm 255mm 25mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86060008  6KW 930mm 775mm 21mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86060023 6.3KW 650mm 525mm 22.5mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86070028 7KW 335mm 270mm 30mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86070015  7.5KW 778mm 620mm 25mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86080066 8KW 630mm 520mm 25mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86090032 9KW 850mm 770mm 25mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86100003 10KW 1386mm 1230mm 21mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86110001 11KW 1575mm 1430mm 22.5mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86120060 12KW 870mm 770mm 25mm ceramic
ETOPHKUV86160026 16.5KW 1575mm 1430mm 25mm ceramic

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  • GE Pure Quartz Tube

We use the quartz tubes provided by the American GE company, which have a high UV transmittance and low hydroxyl content .

  • CE and IEC Certification

Our uv lamps are of data accuracy , high strength and long life.

  • 800 Hours Warranty

If properly installed and maintained, the lifetime is often more than 1000 hours, which is the feedback we get from our customers.

  • Customer-made Specification

Different overall length, arc length, and tube diameter can be customized.

  • Engineers available to provide after-sales service

Our technicians, with more than 20 years experience in special light source, will provide pre-sales and after-sales technical support  within 24 hours.





5.spectrul lines.jpg

uv lamp spectrum(6)

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When you inquiry, please inform us the following details:

1.Operating voltage and operating current you need.

2.Power and outside dimension you need.

3.Special requirements if you have.

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