LED T8 is a type of NANO Plastic LED Tube, which is common in the LED Tubes marke...

Since the occurrence of NANO Plastic LED Tube, it gains a multitude of reputation and admiration within the field, with its excellent performance and reasonable price. The innovative patent technology is conducive to overcome many disadvantages of the previous products such as high cost of aluminum tubes, fragileness of glass tubes and low heat-resistingcompetence of the common PC Plastic Tubes and makes its high quality stands out. As a result, many investors and buyers express good gracesand highly think of it.

The features and advantages of NANO Plastic LED Tubes will be illustrated.

–   Stable. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is only the one third of that of the ordinary plastic tubes, coming after that of copper. Low coefficient of thermal expansion indicates high stability of its physical properties and low distortional stress.

–   Tough. According to the experimental data, the bending modulus of NANO Plastic LED Tubes is two times more than that of the ordinary ones, which indicates that the material of NANO Plastic LED Tubes is highly strong and tough.

–   Caring for eyes. The NANO Plastic LED Tubes producesmulti-level diffuse light that increases photopermeability and decreases glare, doing no harms to eye health.

–   No permanent damage. It uses memory plastic materials to fulfill the function of recovery.

–   Durable and good-looking. With the application of anti-uv materials, it is not easy for the tubes to yellow and consequently it is able to always remain good-looking and new-looking. In addition, it has high flame retardancy and insulation. The highest rate is VO.

The information about NANO Plastic LED Tubes is given by E-Top (HK) Technology Limited. We sincerely provide high-quality LED Tubes, specifically NANO Plastic LED Tubes or LED T5.


The LED Flexible Strip widely used in many fields including lighting, advertising...

The LED Flexible Strip is one type of the LED Strips, widely used in many fields including lighting, advertising, car, furniture, ship, bar, etc. Please pay attention to the following tips when you use a particular type of LED lighting.

1.         Requirements about brightness vary from product to product, as well as occasion. Take the lights placed on jewelry counters for example. If they are installed in shopping malls, high-brightness LED lights will be the optimal choice making goods look more dazzling and attractive.

2.         The antistatic LED Flexible Lights normally have a long life span with a relatively high prize. The recommended power supply is more than 700 volts.

3.         The color looks the same when the lights’wavelength and color temperature isconsistent. It is rather important to combine a multitude of lights that share the similar. In other words, there should be no huge color difference in one lighting.

4.         We advise clients to use lightings with low leakage current because the leakage current is produced during reverse current-conducting.

5.         Waterproof ability of lights indoors differs from outdoors.

6.         Beam angle makes a difference on LED lighting. The LED fluorescent lamps are recommended to use 140 degrees to 170 degrees.

7.         Chips determine the core quality of LED lights. There are a rich variety of brands of LED chips, ranging from Taiwanese brands to foreign brands. Different brands may have a large difference in their prize.

8.         Besides quality, chips also play an important role in brightnessof LED lights. We tend to choose bigger chips although it accordingly costs more.


That is the information in the aspect of LED Flexible Strips sincerely provided by E-Top (HK) Technology Limited. If you have more questionsregarding LED Strips, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to offerservices about LED Lighting that cater to your need.


LED Flexible Strips Introduction

LED Flexible Strips, one of the types of LED Strips, normally are welded with light-emitting diodes (LED). They are commonly used in national market of LED Lighting. Owing tothe difference of materials and of quality from different manufacturers, a great deal of consideration has to be taken during purchase, in order to effectively compare the reasonability among a rich variety of products based on their prize and quality.


The types are various in the market nowadays. In decorations, the most commonly used onesare the 3528 and 5055.


The color of LED Flexible Strips usually comes in white light, warm white, yellow, cold light, blue and multiple-color, etc. The choice of color is up to the effect you want in different places. Generally speaking, warm white is suitable for home decoration because its brightnessnor is high neither is low. As a result, when it is properly applied in home decoration, you always feel rather warm and cozy. Yellow, a relatively dark color, conveys an unassumingstyle yet a feeling of extravagance and nobility, widely used in places with luxury decorations like high-rate hotels, villas and KTVs. Blue is often thought to be symbolic of elegance, dreaminess, romance and calmness. It is appropriately used to decorate TV walls and high-class entertainment centers.


In addition to rich colors, the popular LED Strips are green, energy-efficient. They are the substitution of traditional strips. So far they do not cost a lot. For the LED Strips with single color, the prize for one meter is approximately ranging from several yuan to more than ten yuan. Usually the LED Flexible Strips use low power supply. The lights with great power tend to produce more heat as they are working so their life is shorter than LED Flexible Strips. Accordingly, LED Flexible Strips are safer and more environment-friendly.


The information mentioned above is offered by E-top Technology, a LED Lighting company devoted to design, manufacture and sell LED lights including LED Strips especially LED FlexibleStrips.


E-Top LED Flexible Strip Lights

E-Top, as a devoted manufacturer and supplier of LED Lighting, offer a rich variety of LED Flexible Strip Lights in 12V/24V/5V DC available in Single Color, Dual White, RGB, RGBW colors and Magic Addressable dream RGB color withspecial wavelength in IR (Infrared) 850nm, 940nm and UV (ultraviolet) 365nm-370nm.


The LED Flexible Strips are made of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), equipped with SMD-high-brightness LED lighting. Each unit consists of three lights with 50 centimeters as the largest length unit. The thickness of our product is only equivalent to that of a coin. Thanks to its flexibilities and softness, the LED Flexible Strips are able to be randomly twisted, folded and wound. It is not easy to break off when they are randomly moved orstretched in three-dimension space. So they are applicable to small places or irregular room. In particular, they are often used to form different patterns as decorations on billboards. The enormous merits of our products are as follows.


–   Safe. Driven by DC power, they have low power consumption. They are eminently safe and reliable.Using cold light fountain and producing a small amount of heat, they do not generate heat radiation to commodities displayed in shops or others.

–   Energy-efficient. Compared with fluorescent lamps, they save more than 65% electricity cost.

–   Environment-friendly. We use green and clean lighting which do not generate harmful ultraviolet rays,suitable to apply in lighting for medicine and culturalrelics.

–   Durable. The life span can reach even ten years since the first usage.

–   Decorative. Jewelries and watches under the LED Flexible Strips look more splendid and dazzling.

–   Waterproof and shockproof. Special parts applied in the lights make sure that these functions are fulfilled, greatly saving cost of maintenance.


If you show any interest in our LED Stripsand particularly LED Flexible Strip Lights, please feel free to contact us and we sincerely offer high-quality lightings with reasonable prize that meet you diverse requirements.


high-quality LED Flood Lights and LED Outdoor Lights

The enormous meritsof our products are as follows.


–   Have extensive applications.With great power and long-distance irradiation, our LED Flood Lightshaveextensive applications, mainly used for lighting in different fields including security field, military areas, industrial areas, sports centers, gas stations, parking lot, ports, wharfs, waiting rooms, rescue servicesand so on.

–   Save energy.Compared with the traditional brands of LED lights such as Philips and Foshan Lighting, it saves more than 80% electricity cost.

–   Save costs. With light weight, small size and compact configuration, it greatly saves the cost of installation, delivery and maintenance.

–   Have High Flexibility. In particular, applied in security lighting, our LED Flood Lights are in good working condition with security monitoring facilities.

–   Start within seconds. Besides the advantages of great power and high efficiency, it has the characteristic of quick startin one second. No more waiting time when setting a re-start. Compared with the traditional floodlights, it is more reliable and useful.

–   Waterproof and tough.With the body of the lamp made of aluminium alloyand panels made of toughened glasses, it has high mechanical strength. The lamp is completely sealed, preventing dust and water from entering. It has reached the rate of protection with IP65. The semiconductor light source is installed in the lamp. There are no mechanical contacts in the inner circuit. So when it was working, arc and flame are avoided. It is safe and reliable.

–   Endurableto hostileweather. Optimized deigns are used in the manufacture of the lamp with great power as it is put into the practice under the extreme working conditions. To put it specifically, it can works in the condition with temperature from -40 to 60. Also, it can be directlyinstalled in outdoor areas without protective facilities. It still works smoothly despites exposing to the sun, rain, snow and heavy wind.


E-Top produces a range of LED lights with innovative Solutions products in every ...

Hong Kong, China. 27th May: Development all across the globe has led to the emergence of demands for new and more innovative products in every field. Similarly, the emergence LED lights in the global market has been credited to the consumers’ demand for new and innovative lighting solutions. LED lights with their benefits of lower power consumption, low cost, longevity, brighter lighting and cost effectiveness rapidly has gained customer base.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is one such company that provides LED lighting of various kinds for its customers depending on their needs. The company has been providing LED lighting solutions since its establishment in 2000. It is committed to provide customer satisfaction by producing products that are of a good quality and provide efficient services.

The company has catered to the demands of many famous hotel chains and companies with reference to LED lighting. Customers of the company’s products and services include names such as the Hilton, Hyatt, Walmart, Shell, HSBC, etc.

The company manufactures a variety of LED Flood lights that are efficient ion lighting. They come in varying power capacities according to the requirement of the customer. These lights come with a warranty period of 1-2 years. These lights are placed at reasonable prices and ensure maximum utility. The company has been providing its products and services across the world. Increase in its customer base is credited to its quality services.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited manufactures LED street lights that are used in public places. Due to their area of use the lights need to be efficient and bright. These lights are long lasting and have a high resistance to any kind of power fluctuations. These lights have to be low on power consumption and have a brighter output as they are used to illuminate larger areas.

The company has entered into strategic business alliances with other companies and opened many branches across the globe. All this is done to increase their customer base and provide as means to offer better services to their clients globally. The company produces LED Edison Bulbs too. These bulbs have a vintage look, but at the same time they continue functioning as per the mechanisms of the modern LED lights.

All the important details and descriptions regarding the products manufactured by E-Top (HK) Technology Limited are available on their official website. Customers can also call the company’s representatives to clarify any doubts regarding the products.


E-Top offers range of LED Lighting for innovative lighting solutions in different...

China, 27th May 2017: LED lighting systems and a variety of designer lights has transformed the way of lighting at homes as well as at commercial spaces. There are a number of companies that are involved in manufacture of a wide variety of LED based products from China. One of the popular names in this list is of E-Top (HK) Technology Limited. Besides offering exclusive range of lighting systems and products, the company is known for its supply of dedicated lighting systems to some well-known hotels across the world. It may be the LED Down Lights or LED strips, these products are advanced and come in great designs.

The company has its own team of R&D that is involved in creation of a wide variety of products. The company is based in Hong Kong and has been in operation since 2002. Their dedicated foreign trade team was setup in the year 2006 and subsequently a branch at Shantou was also started in 2007. They also have an Indian branch that started operating in the year 2010 while the company has entered into a number of strategic alliances across different supermarkets over the years. A recognition as a valuable member of KOMPASS in 2015 or a dedicated branch for UK operations marks its growth as a well-known supplier of advanced lighting solutions.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is also reputed supplier of LED lights for some of the highly popular hotel chains in the world. This list includes the names of Sheraton, Hoton, W Hotel, Hyatt, Raffles, Fairmont, etc. All their latest products have been featured on their online portal and can be inquired directly from the website. Be it LED Panel Lights or LED flood Lights, the company offers them all.

In order to send enquiry for any of their products like LED Ceiling Lights, customers can use the contact us options listed on the website. The representatives will respond and answer to each and every query which the customer might be having. Additionally, the website also offers the opportunity to go through latest updates and launches by the company through the news section. TO understand the process of ordering these products one may check out the Approach section that offers a descriptive and illustrative explanation of the process followed. 


E-Top specializes in the production of a variety of LED lights to meed different ...

Hong Kong, China. 27th May 2017: LED lighting has between gaining ground since the time of its emergence in the global market. The success of the LED lighting can be accredited to the benefits that this kind of lighting promises. The benefits offered by LED lighting include being cost effective, providing brighter light and reducing power consumption to a considerable extent. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a company that produces LED lighting. Over the years it has been supplying products based on the varied demands of its wide range of customers.

The company has been producing LED Lights China. The company undertakes the production, management, sales and development of LED lights. The company has obtained certification by various well known standards that operate globally. They are focused on customer satisfaction by being service oriented and placing quality of their products and services above everything else.

Ever since it was founded in 2000, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has been providing services as a LED Lighting manufacturer to different customers as per their requirements.  They have been able to come up with products that are suited to the specific functions and needs of the customers. This has been possible due to the efforts of the company’s research and development team. The company is backed by an expert research and development team, which is constantly working towards newer innovations that are aimed at minimizing pressure on the users and maximizing efficiency.

The company is also involved in the production of LED Lamps China. The company has been providing LED lighting across the globe. It customers include well known hotel chains and companies such as, The Hilton, Walmart, Shell, HSBC, Hyatt, etc. The company’s dedication towards customer satisfaction adds to their reputation for being reliable and providing quality products and services as per their customer’s requirements.

The company has been catering to countries all around the world. It has opened branches in various foreign countries like the UK. In an attempt to provide better services globally, it has entered into strategic business alliances and bought share holdings in various companies. All along E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has been committed to providing services that maximize customer satisfaction in every way.

The details and descriptions of all the products of E-Top (HK) Technology Limited are available on the company’s website. In case of any questions, customers are encouraged to call the company’s representatives who will be able to answer any of the questions regarding the products.


E-Top designs and manufactures extensive range of LED lights for different indust...

Hong Kong, China. 27th May 2017: As the global market becomes more differentiated, the requirements for every field emerge as unique and specific to their own conditions. Same is the case with options pertaining to lighting. Moreover, LED lighting solutions have taken the world by a storm due to the advantages of lower power consumption, higher longevity and increased brightness, which they offer.  

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is one such company that produces a vast range of LED lighting. The company has been producing these products according to the different needs of the numerous customers they cater to. The company has been involved in this field since its establishment in the year 2000. Since then it has been expanding its customer base by providing efficient and quality services. It has been able to cater to the demands of a wide range of customers and has gained a reputation for providing quality services.

The company has gained a reputation for being reliable and delivering services that are of a high standard with regard to their production of LED lights. The company has been providing services to some of the most well know firms and companies in the Global market. HSBC, The Hilton, Fairmont hotels and resorts, Walmart, Carrefour, and Shell are among the customers of the company. Products are manufactured keeping in mind quality, service and cost. Hence, the company is able to obtain high customer satisfaction by all possible means.      

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited also produces LED lamps as one of its many products. Other products include LED bulbs, LED candle lights, LED floor lights, LED down lights, etc. The production of such a variety of products is made possible by the company’s research and development team. The research and development team tries to make newer innovations keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the global market and the ever changing requirements of the wide range of customers that the company caters to.

Moreover, the company has expanded its base by opening up new branches, trading with foreign countries, etc. It has also entered into strategic alliances with other firms in order to provide services to the global; market in a bigger way. It commitment to innovation and change in order to maximize customer satisfaction adds to the company’s reputation.

The details and descriptions of all the products manufactured by E-Top (HK) Technology Limited are available on the company’s website. The company’s representatives are also available round the clock to answer any questions or clarify any doubts that the customers may have, pertaining to any of its products.


E-Top All Set to Overcome Global LED Lights Challenges

Sub-headline: With an extensive range of LED lighting products that can provide an excellent bright lighting experience for startups, fortune 500 companies and also domestic users, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited can solve the global challenge related to the availability of the most suitable LED lights. 

Kowloon, Hong Kong, April 18, 2017 – From LED light design to the OEM productions of LED lights, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is committed to solve all challenges that the LED lighting industry is facing currently. According to the spokesperson of the company, for them every order is unique and they maintain a stringent process to deliver quality LED lighting products. 

The company produces CE and RoHS certified products and their LED Bulbs E27 are high efficiency bulbs with a high lumen value. These premium-class LED bulbs come fitted with EPISTAR LED chips that are long lasting. Clients can choose from different models and sizes of LED bulbs, which come with a two year guarantee. These bulbs are available with different wattage capacities and one can choose the bulbs as per their requirement. 
They also supply E14 LED Bulbs with a screw base that is easy to fit into the bulb holder. Available in a bright white color, it emits a warmer glow and looks best in homes, offices and other built spaces. These bulbs are available at affordable prices and with significant energy efficiency, they also help save on energy bills. The spokesperson reveals that the upfront cost of these LED bulbs can be recovered in just a few months because of their energy saving features. 
E-Top (HK) Technology Limited also specializes in the manufacturing of the next generation LED Filament Bulbs. These bulbs come with high power chips to drive the maximum white light. Without any large heat sink, these bulbs have a better heat dissipation feature, and as a result have a sleek appearance with a lighter weight. The LED filament is a new technology and E-Top has the specialty of using the latest technology to produce LED lighting systems that can meet the requirements of the LED industry. 
From custom designs to ODM production, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is geared up to meet the demand of their clients. One can learn more about the LED lighting products they supply by visiting their website www.etoptechltd.com 


Exclusive Series of High Quality LED Lights from Hong Kong


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a company based in Hong Kong that is involved in manufacture of a wide range of high quality LED lights. The company specializes in production of led lights for luxury hotels across the world.

Press Release
Hong Kong, 19th April 2017: LED lights have grown in popularity over the years due to their efficiency and longevity. There are a number of brands offering a range of LED lighting solutions from across the planet. China is one country that has a number of manufacturing companies producing a wide range of advanced LED lighting solutions. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is one such company that is based in Hong Kong and has been involved in production of LED lights and LED Light Panels. The company has been in business since 2002 and went global since 2006. They adopt modernized tools for development of high quality LED lights for meeting different needs and requirements. 
The overall focus of the company is to remain customer centric and offer quality first and service oriented solutions. They integrate global services and advocates for the idea of setting up a solution sharing platform. This has enabled them to offer better quality services with a pool of great quality products. It has its own manufacturing unit which is supported by a robust R&D team that has been constantly working on advanced products. The company offers dedicated managers for its customers who answer all the queries related to their products or order inquiries. To facilitate its users make an informed purchase, the entire product offerings have been featured on the website itself. Each of the product has been listed under separate categories like LED Bulbs, LED Candle Lights, LED Ceiling Lights, etc. 
Under each of these categories a customer is offered with a number of products in different specifications, capacities and designs. For designs and more information about these products, customers need to place their enquiries using the contact options on the website. Customers would be glad to know that the company had entered into a strategic alliance for bringing an overall integrated solution to supermarkets from 2011. Additionally, it had gone ahead to launch its own branch in UK in the year 2013. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is also a proud member of KOMPASS since 2015 while it offers a range of hotel supplies that includes LED Ceiling Light Panels to hotel brands like W Hotel, Hiton, Hyatt, Sheraton, and Raffles. Additionally, for more on their products or news related to any of the offerings, customers  can keep a track by following the news section on the website. 
About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited
E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a manufacturing company that is based in Hong Kong. The company is involved in production of a wide variety of LED lights and specializes in manufacture of dedicated lights for hotels across the world. The company sells its products to various customers across the world. For more details or to place an inquiry, please visit their website. 


Manufacturer presents its exclusive range of LED lights


With the increasing use of LED lights due to its high efficiency and durability, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited brings an exclusive range of LED lights. It was initially founded at Hong Kong in the year 2002 and offers its products to different countries across the world.

Press release

Hong Kong, 18th April 2017: LED lights have become widely popular due to their energy efficiency, long lifetime and less power consumption. They operate differently than incandescent bulb. There are a number of LED lighting options that are available. Presenting its series of advanced LED lights, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Manufacturer is a modernized enterprise that mainly aims on the quality of their service and their communication with the costumers. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited integrates global services and supports eco-friendly original and inventive ideas. It is a professional hotel supplier for LED lights. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has been in this field since 2002 and had set up an international trade team in 2006. Being among the most experienced and reputed LED light suppliers from Hong Kong, the company provides Flood LED lights with a minimum warranty of one year.

The company provides a wide range of LED lights which include different coloured lights, bulbs, spotlights, LED outdoor flood lights, strips, tubes, candle lights and panel lights etc. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited gives the quality product to the customers according to their requirements. One can find an ample of variety in LED lights being offered by the brand. Their products can be browsed from the website and by using the contact options on the website, customers can send their inquiries.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is always grateful to their clients, staffs and business partners. The company is now expanding globally by providing its services to Shantou, Spain, India, and UK and countries worldwide. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited even became the valuable member at KOMPASS in 2015. The company has achieved great heights in this field and buying out a 35% holding of TY ELECTRONIC FACTORY in 2009 is one of them. The company produces LED flood lightings with its wattage ranging from 20W- 100W. The lights either belong to premium class or economy class. Each of the lights’ facilities that the company has developed is at the par with the latest international high-level technologies. In order to know more about their offerings and the kinds of services they can deliver, customers can check their online portal. The website offers details about their projects, products and services.


The LED street lights on this North Sea island are for the birds

The LED street lights on this North Sea island are for the birds

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited


Migratory birds have amazing navigational abilities, but typical artificial light can throw them off course with dire consequences. Philips Lighting believes that it has come up with a solution: Use streetlights that emit blue-green colors, like the ones it is installing on the small North Sea island of Ameland.

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“Regular white light can disorientate birds and affect their internal compass,” said Philips Lighting senior scientist Maurice Donners, who noted that the blue-green spectrum, by comparison, “does not interfere with birds' biological systems and so helps them arrive safely at their roosts.”

The problem can be acute on brightly-lit islands, which disrupt the darkness of a bird's cross-sea journey. According to Philips, light can induce birds to land, exposing them to predators or cold if they delay their southward journey long enough.

That soon shouldn't be the case on Ameland, a 22-square-mile island of dunes and beaches off Holland's north coast where Philips is installing 955 of its ClearSky brand of blue-green lights. Ameland is part of the West Frisian chain of islands in the Wadden Sea portion of the North Sea and is home to about 3600 people and 60 varieties of bird, many of which are migratory including herring gulls, curlews, wheatears, and common terns. Ameland first piloted the Philips system in 2013 in the village of Hollum, and expects to complete the island-wide installation later this year.

Philips says that herring gulls, common terns, and other migratory birds are less likely to lose their way with blue-green lighting in place, such as here on Ameland, where Philips expects to complete the installation by later this year.

The ClearSky project supports the island's participation in a United Nations UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) program aimed at protecting darkness in the area.

Ameland, which is also a municipality, is aiming for near self-sufficiency in terms of energy by 2020. The low-energy LED street lights — which replace conventional lighting — is expected to help.

Neither Philips nor Ameland would reveal how much the new lighting costs. A Philips spokesperson told LEDs Magazine that funding comes through a four-part sustainability program that includes a Dutch oil and gas exploration company called NAM and Dutch natural gas company GasTerra, as well as Philips and Ameland.

"By installing connected LED street lighting on Ameland, we are taking the next crucial step in achieving our sustainability goals for 2020,” said Nico Ould, alderman of sustainability. “Furthermore, it supports the 'Dark Sky World Heritage Wadden Sea Region' program by helping us to address levels of light pollution and preserve bird wildlife and the environment."

While blue-green light might be better for birds, some people question whether it is effective enough to support visibility for humans — pedestrians, cyclists, tourists, motorists, oil and gas explorers, and the like.

“The blue-green spectrum of light would give the most optimal spectrum that is bird friendly and yet a very acceptable light level for humans,” the Philips spokesperson told LEDs, citing the results of a Philips study. “The effect of this color spectrum on human eyes is that once you are exposed to this light for a while, your eyes are automatically adjusting and correcting themselves so that people usually experience the light as being white light, just like cameras have auto correction to white balance.”

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Wyndham hotel makes transition to LED Lighting

Renew the information: Boise Wyndham hotel makes transition to LED lighting


Even it was one old news, it is value to renew again.


Heliodon Lighting has announced a solid-state lighting (SSL) project at the Wyndham Garden Hotel and Conference Center in Boise, ID in which guest rooms and public areas were upgraded for energy efficiency. The 151,000-ft2 interior of the hotel had consumed 286,025 kWh and after the LED retrofit that number dropped to 71,456. Moreover, Heliodon found LED products that were mostly rebate eligible, thereby helping the hotel to afford the large-scale hospitality lighting project.

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Hotels have been a popular setting for LED usage since the earliest days of the SSL revolution due to the fact that the lighting in such settings is used for long hours. Indeed, the US Department of Energy (DOE) did a Gateway project all the way back in 2010 at a major San Francisco, CA hotel and documented a fast 1.1-year payback. Still, that DOE project and others have sometimes struggled to find LED-based products for all of the different elements of a hotel lighting system.

After, LED lighting was able to achieve 90% project rebates for the hotel.

Heliodon Lighting is a consultant and distributor that engaged with the Boise hotel to try and find all of the needed interior lighting with LED sources. “Heliodon Lighting worked to find an LED solution for every fixture I had,” said Nick Bhati, general manager at the Wyndham Garden Hotel and Conference Center. “They handled all the paperwork, conducted all inspections and audits, and funded the upfront cost of the project. When it was all said and done 90% of the project was rebated. I couldn’t be happier with the handling of the project and outcome.”

The largest replacement task involved 1319 65W A19 lamps located in the guest rooms and other areas. The hotel wanted a product that was both brighter and more efficient. Heliodon installed ESL Vision 13W LED lamps. Nick Sullivan, owner of Heliodon, said that light levels went from 2 to 5 fc in queen rooms and from 3 to 6 fc in king rooms. Sullivan did specify rather cool 4000K-CCT lamps in the guest rooms because the owner wanted the lighting to “flatter the new room décor.” But Sullivan said the lighting still has a “cozy feel” in the rooms.

Wall sconces in hallways and other public areas were the second largest part of the retrofit project. There were 230 such fixtures that used 26W compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and the hotel did not want to replace the fixtures. Heliodon selected 9W ESL-PL Series LED lamps for the sconces. The products will work with a ballast or directly from the AC line, but Sullivan said the ballasts were removed for better efficiency and lifetime. Light levels increased from 4 to 11 fc in the hallways.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the project involved nine 400W metal halide (MH) lamps located in an internal courtyard and pool area with 40-ft ceilings. The lights were especially problematic needing regular re-lamping in the high ceiling, and not producing enough light, while producing excessive heat. For those fixtures, Heliodon specified the EDL MUR Series retrofit kits. The 120W product required removal of the MH ballast and the addition of an LED driver. But the LEDs are rated for 60,000 hours and raised light levels from 2 to 10 fc. There were also 100W CFLs in the courtyard that were replaced with 35W WSL-CL Series corn-cob-style lamps.

The other application that included a large number of replacements was recessed cans in conference rooms, foyers, the restaurant, and the bar that used 65W BR 30 lamps. ESL-BR30 LED lamps at 13W provided the dimming support desired by the hotel along with the CRI desired. In the restaurant, maximum light levels went from 4 to 12 fc.

The before and after photos nearby show that the lobby area is now much more attractive with the new LED lighting — an important selling point to guests. According to Sullivan, the cost of the hotel project was just over $54,000 and rebates totaled about $49,000. Monthly savings are over $1200, resulting in a simple payback period of less than five months.

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FW: LED lamps light unique nature sculpture in London restaurant

FW: LED lamps light unique nature sculpture in London restaurant

Published on:February 13, 2017

By Maury Wright 
Editor in Chief, LEDs Magazine


Light Projects LED fixtures using Soraa lamps, coupled with optical accessories, bring life to a leaf sculpture designed for the Aqua Shard restaurant.


Over the holiday season at the end of 2016 and into early 2017, the stylish Aqua Shard restaurant in London, located on the 31stfloor of The Shard skyscraper, was home to an LED-illuminated suspended sculpture that was in part a different approach to a traditional Christmas tree. The lighting project utilized MentorLED Remote fixtures from Light Projects equipped with Soraa LED lamps to deliver uplight into a 9m-high cascading leaf sculpture called Human Nature. Timothy Hatton Architects designed the project, working with British naturalist Sir David Attenborough, and with the ultimate goal of benefitting Attenborough’s Flora & Fauna International charity. Lighting Design International assisted with the lighting design on the project.

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The 9m sculpture that hung in the three-story atrium of the restaurant was created using 3D printing technology. Leaves were created to represent five different British woodland tree types — English oak, silver birch, dogwood, wych elm, and field maple. The leaves were made of recycled plastic. During the day, the white leaves played counterpoint to the views of the London skyline. At night with the lights on and dimmed for effect, the leaves seemingly floated in space, casting gentle shadows on the ceiling.

The lighting design was based on the aforementioned E-Top MentorLED Remote spotlight fixtures that were mounted on specially constructed plinths attached to columns along the restaurant wall. Light Projects offers the luminaires with a number of different light source options and for the Human Nature sculpture, Soraa AR111 LED lamps were installed. The Soraa lamps are based on the company’s gallium-nitride-on-gallium nitride (GaN-on-GaN) LED technology and what it calls VP3 (violet-emission 3-phosphor). The three phosphors result in superior color rendering and have made Soraa a favorite of lighting designers working in hospitality applications, among other demanding applications including retail and museums.

Uplight delivered via MentorLED Remote fixtures and AR111 LED lamps is directed via Snap optical accessories that achieve the desired beam patterns for the Human Nature sculpture, which mimics British woodland trees. (Forwarded: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited)

The height of the sculpture and the location of the fixtures required a mix of lamp types and optical accessories. Ultimately, there were 25°, 36°, and 60° lamps used in the project. Moreover, Soraa offers a range of optical accessories in its Snap line that magnetically attach to the lamps and snap into position. The design team utilized 10×25, 10×36, and 10×60 linear beam spreaders to deliver the required patterns.

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Cree launches second-generation high-density COB LEDs

Cree has announced the second-generation of its CXA High-Density chip-on-board (COB) LED family, with the first two products offering a 6- or 9-mm light emitting surface (LES). Moreover, Cree has publicly touted white-point options below the black-body locus for the first time, although the company said it quietly added the option to its COB portfolio last year. Essentially, the CXA2 family offers solid-state lighting (SSL) product developers in the range of a 40% improvement in performance over Cree's CXA High Density LEDs.

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Paul Scheidt, leader of LED product marketing at Cree, said the new LEDs deliver the "most lumens in the smallest amount of space in the industry." Making a rough analogy, Scheidt said one of the 9-mm COB LEDs can deliver the equivalent light output of seven 60W light bulbs.
Cree first announced the High Density addition to the standard CXA product line back in September 2013 with a 9-mm product. In early 2014, the company expanded the High Density offering to 6-, 12-, and 19-mm LEDs and introduced the concept of what it continues to call optical control factor (OCF). High OCF results from having a relatively small LES that ensures higher center beam candle power (CBCP) for directional products.
6- and 9-mm products lead
The first two CXA2 series COB LEDs are the 6-mm CXB1310 and 9-mm CXB1520. Both give product developers numerous options including substituting one of the new LEDs into a product and achieving greater output, or shrinking the footprint of products while maintaining the same output. The original CXA1310 6-mm LED topped out at 18W and 1450 lm, while the new CXB1310 can operate at 24W and deliver 2717 lm. At the equivalent 1450-lm mark, the new LED operates from 39% less power.
Cree launches second-generation high-density COB LEDs
The new CXB1520 can deliver 5273 lm at 48W relative to the CXA1520, maxing out at 2622 lm and 31W. At the 2622-lm mark, the new LED operates from 42% less power. Meanwhile, the maximum lumen output is almost double.
"The CXB1520 High Density LED allows us to deliver downlights that provide up to 2700 lm with just 28W in a very small 4-in. trim platform," said Justin Weaver, vice president of engineering at LF Illumination. "What was previously only possible in much larger platforms with much higher wattage requirements is now made possible in our VF Series Specification Grade Luminaire Downlight product line using Cree’s CXB1520 High Density LEDs. The very high efficacy of the CXB1520 High Density LED also allows us to move many of our products that at one time were only possible with active cooling solutions to passive solutions, simplifying our design and lowering our system costs significantly."
Cree made some more detailed comparisons as to what is possible with the new LEDs. The company compared its standard-density, 12-mm CXB1816 LED with the CXB1310 in a 10° beam directional application. A typical design would have a 111-mm-diameter reflector with the larger LED and a 50-mm reflector with the new device.

The company also revisited its Mini Punch track-head reference design that won a Lighting for Tomorrow award in 2014. The original used the CXA1310 LED to deliver CBCP of 2093 cd at 3000K CCT and 82 CRI. The CXB1310 takes that CBCP to 2885 cd. That Mini Punch design measures 30 mm in diameter. Scheidt said the new version "easily outperforms a 70W halogen PAR38" that measures 120 mm in diameter. Cree also has shown a 41W prototype PAR20 design using the CXB1520 that outperforms a 70W ceramic metal halide (CMH) PAR38 lamp. E-Top Chinese LED Lights. www.etoptechltd.com

Below the black body
The new COB LEDs will come in a wide range of options from 2700K to 5000K in CCT, and 70, 80, or 90 CRI. Three-step MacAdam ellipse bins will be standard although Cree will offer two- and five-step options, all characterized at 85°C. And for the first time, Cree has publicly announced the aforementioned below the black-body bins as an option.
Many believe that some people prefer whites that are located below the black body. Moreover, CMH lamps that many developers want to mimic operate below the black body. Lumileds was perhaps first to offer such performance with its CrispWhite LEDs in 2014. Subsequently, Bridgelux, Samsung, Luminus Devices, and others have added such bins.
Cree launches second-generation high-density COB LEDs
Scheidt said Cree saw no reason to publicly tout the below-the-black-body option when it rolled out the CXA standard-density COB products last year, and even now is slow-playing the news. Scheidt said it was relatively simple to put more blue energy into the LED, and noted, "When you want to talk about whiteness, follow the blue."
For now, Cree is offering two additional bins beyond the standard ANSI bins. The 30Q bin at 3000K is intended to match the performance of CMH lamps. And that bin is within the ANSI quadrangles, meaning that lamps based on E-Top the COB LEDs will remain within Energy Star and DesignLights Consortium (DLC) guidelines. Cree will also offer a 30U bin even further from the locus for more of what the company calls a pink/vivid effect, but that bin falls outside the ANSI space. For more about white-space definition and bins, see our recent feature article on the topic.

Of course, the Cree COB LEDs can also match the performance of lamps along the black-body locus. Halogen remains a popular target. The nearby figure shows how closely the Cree 30G bin matches the spectral power distribution (SPD) of a typical halogen lamp while also matching the color rendering performance. Note that the LED energy rolls off quickly approaching the infrared region, and that is a desired performance trait because the halogen lamp is wasting energy in the region outside the human sensitivity range.

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FW: DOE documents OLED photometric performance in Caliper report

E-Top has started the development on OLED products.

FW: DOE documents OLED photometric performance in Caliper report

Published on:October 31, 2016

By Maury Wright 
Editor in Chief, LEDs Magazine


OLED panels produce soft diffuse light with essentially a Lambertian distribution that is inherently pleasing, but efficacy remains a challenge and elevated ambient temperature can drastically reduce lifetime.


The US Department of Energy (DOE) has released another Caliper report, this time focused on OLED luminaires available on the commercial market. The study documents photometric performance, product design considerations, and lifetime reliability through accelerated testing. The four solid-state lighting (SSL) products tested revealed pleasing optical performance, but energy efficiency, lifetime, reliability and cost remain issues.

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The new "Caliper Report 24: Photometric Testing, Laboratory Teardowns, and Accelerated Testing of OLED Luminaires" is the third element in a series of OLED-centric DOE projects to be published this year. Most recently back in July, the agency had issued a report focused on the potential applications for OLED technology in architectural lighting. Earlier in May, the DOE had issued a Gateway report focused on an actual OLED installation in an office.

In Caliper reports, the DOE performs hands-on testing of products available on the commercial market. The DOE buys the products anonymously and installs the luminaires at one of its testing labs such as the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Generally, the DOE tests some legacy products alongside the SSL products being evaluated. For instance, in a series of Caliper reports on directional PAR38 lamps, the agency has tested six legacy lamps alongside 32 LED-based lamps. But in the OLED report, the agency noted that there were no comparable legacy products in terms of application and form factor. Indeed, the unique thin form remains the reason that the DOE is still funding work and the reason that some companies continue to pursue the technology for general lighting.

The four OLED products tested in the DOE's latest Caliper report showed pleasing optical performance.

The OLED report included testing of a desk lamp from Aerelight, and three products from Acuity Brands — the Chalina (called Revel at launch) ceiling-, pendant- or wall-mountable luminaire, and two versions of the Aedan (called Nomi at launch) sconce. The Aedan product can include one panel emitting light directly, or two panels with the second washing the wall. The Aerelight product uses a panel from OLEDWorks and the Acuity products use panels from LG Display.

Generalizing, the DOE said the luminaires tested range in efficacy from 23 lm/W to 45 lm/W and the panels in the products range from 42 lm/W to 55 lm/W. Clearly, the lack of drivers optimized for OLEDs remains an issue as we reported in the article on the Gateway office lighting project. The latest Caliper report documents several different driver concepts. The implementation in the sconces was especially inefficient, with the DOE estimating energy efficiency of 47% to 58%. The Aedan luminaire driver, however, was estimated to be 85% efficiency.

Photometry testing performed with a spectrophotometer goniometer and integrating sphere revealed that all of the products performed closely to manufacturers' specifications. CCT for all was in the 2900K CCT range, although the report says the OLEDWorks panel was specified at 3000K. Moreover, the DOE said the light output produces soft shadows and patterns of light on surfaces with very soft gradients.

There were two other elements of testing in the report. The PNNL performed teardown exercises on the products to examine design practices, for instance in the area of drivers, and RTI International performed accelerated testing to determine reliability and lifetime. In one failed panel, the PNNL suggested that a compromise in the OLED seal along the edge of the glass was the cause of discoloration due to air and moisture interacting with the organic layers.

RTI International tested the products at 45˚C and 75˚C, with rated and high-current input, and with 75˚C temperature and 75% humidity. Even at 45˚C, the panels exhibited faster-than-expected lumen depreciation. Lumen maintenance averaged 87% after 4250 hours of continuous operation at 45˚C. Testing at the higher temperature led to many panel failures, although the failures generally are short circuits — meaning that in a multipanel luminaire, other panels may continue operating when one panels fails.

The Caliper research also revealed other areas in which the OLED sector needs test procedures and technology centric to OLEDs. All of the development for LEDs does not necessarily apply. For example, we already mentioned drivers and in the prior article the fact that LED drivers aren’t a perfect match for OLEDs. For the Caliper report, the DOE tested the products based on the LM-79 standard developed for testing LED luminaires. But the DOE said the standard needs to be modified or extended in places to support accurate and consistent testing of OLEDs. Likewise, there is no equivalent of LM-80 and TM-21 that are used to characterize LEDs and project reliable life. So comparing reliability of data from OLED panel manufacturers is not a precise science the way it has become with packaged LEDs.

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E-Top expands emergency ballast product line for LED tube lamps

E-TOP Engineering continues the expansion of compatible LED tube lamp designs with their line of emergency ballast solutions. LED tube lamps are a popular retrofit option for gaining the benefits of LED technology with the use of existing fluorescent fixture hardware.


Where emergency options are concerned, certain LED lamp designs may require unique and compatible solutions to ensure proper emergency operation. E-TOP's line of AC output emergency ballasts do operate properly with many manufacturer lamp designs and E-TOP works with manufacturers to ensure end-users have dependable emergency solutions for these applications. New lamp and manufacture updates have been added to E-TOP's online LED Retrofit Database resource. For the complete list of compatible LED lamp and E-TOP emergency ballasts solutions, visit www.etoptechltd.com or contact with sales@etoptechltd.com

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Happy Halloween

Halloween is an autumn holiday that Americans celebrate every year. It means "holy evening," and it comes every October 31, the evening before All Saints' Day. However, it is not really a church holiday, it is a holiday for children mainly.

Every autumn, when the vegetables are ready to eat, children pick large orange pumpkins. Then they cut faces in the pumpkins and put a burning candle inside. It looks as if there were a person looking out of the pumpkin! These lights are called jack-o'-lanterns, which means "Jack of the lantern".he Celtic people, who lived more than 2000 years ago feared the evening of Oct. 31 more than any other day of the year. It was the eve of their festival of Samhain. Samhain was a joyful harvest festival that marked the death of the old year and the beginning of a new one. The day itself was a time for paying homage to the sun god Baal who had provided the people with the ripened grain for use in the upcoming winter. Come evening evil spirits were everywhere. Charms and spells were said to have more power on the eve of Samhain. Several rituals were performed by the Celtic priests, Druids, to appease the Lord of the Dead.


LED Exhibition in China 2016

Exhibits Details:
- LED Lighting: LED Streetlight, Tunnel Lighting, Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, Traffic /
Automobile Light, Solar LED Light, Decorative Lighting, etc.
- LED Displays: Indoor & Outdoor Display, Full color/Tri-color/Single Color Display, Control 
System, LED/LCD Television, etc.
- LED Illuminant: Illuminant Channel Letter, Sign, Signage, Module, Light Box, LED Strip, Hurdle - Lamp, Neon Lights, Controller, etc.
- LED Chips, Epitaxial Wafer, Materials, etc.
- LED Packaging: SMD LED, High-power LED, Digital Tube, Dot Module, Silicone, Epoxy, Phosphor, Substrate, IC, etc.
- LED Backlight: (Handsets, MP3, DVD, LCD, Computer, etc.) Backlight;
- LED Manufacturing Equipments & Testing Instruments: Dispenser, Wire Bonder, Die Bonder, Sorting & Colouring Machine, Auto Cutter, Spectrum Inspector, Cleaner, etc.

- OLED, LD, EL, Laser Sensor, etc. 

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E-Top LED industry has accomplished a new leap of its development in China and ab...

E-Top LED industry has accomplished a new leap of its development in China and abroad and had a favorable market prospect. E-Top LED products and technology marked a new climax for the extensive application of the large-scale performance, display and decoration lighting. We do believe that LED industry will see a flourishing future in the global market.

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Spanish Contact Details

In order to provide the better service to our customers in Spain, we have worked with Mr. Toni & Mr. Chema & their Spanish team. We do believe our customers will enjoy our E-Top service in Spain.

Please kindly contact with the below information if some inquiries.


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Some New LED Table Lamps

Some New Table Lamps E-Top

LED Bulbs will be provided free of charge

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E-Top LED Lights in DIWALI

E-Top LED Lights in DIWALI

India is going to celebrate DIWALI, the festival of lights.
This year, more and more Indian people choose energy efficient LED lights instead of traditional lamps to decorate their home. And most of the lights are made in China.
Indians who used to light-up earthen lamps and candles traditionally have moved to more eco-friendly manner ways to brighten their homes now for DIWALI.
The energy efficient LED lights are popular this year during the celebration of the festival.
And in people's endeavor to go green, Chinese LED lights have come as a great support.
E-Top LED Lights Made in China catch the grab in the festival markets across India.

Dazzling in varied sizes, shapes and hues, these lights are catching the fancy of Indians these days during the festival season.

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FW: China’s Sanan puts Germany’s Osram in takeover spotlight

FW: SHANGHAI/BERLIN (Reuters) - Chinese chipmaker Sanan Optoelectronics confirmed on Monday it had been in "preliminary contact" with Osram after reports that it was interested in buying the lighting group lifted the German firm's shares.
Osram is switching focus from light bulbs to lighting technology, selling its lamps unit and investing a billion euros ($1.12 billion) in a new factory in Malaysia to make chips for LED lights, making it a potential target for chipmakers such as Sanan.
If Sanan were to pursue a bid for Osram, which has a market capitalisation of 6 billion euros ($6.7 billion), it would be the biggest German company yet to be bought by a buyer from China, which is striving to become a leading nation in technology within a few years.
Such moves have provoked disquiet in some quarters in Germany, prompting close government scrutiny from Berlin.
"Our company has had preliminary contact with Osram," Sanan said in a statement posted on the Shanghai stock exchange.
"To date, we have not had any negotiations regarding transaction details such as the scope or the price. Neither have we signed any binding documents."
Osram shares had risen 2.8 percent in early trading, but fell after Sanan's statement that it had only had one face-to-face meeting with the German company regarding a potential acquisition or cooperation deal.
The stock was trading 0.2 percent lower at 1234 GMT.
"Osram's attraction presumably is the LED IP (intellectual property) cross-licensing to which it (Sanan) will only gain access upon acquiring a majority stake," Barclays capital goods analysts wrote in a note.
"These IP rights will allow Sanan to sell its chips legally outside of China, something which it has not been able to do thus far."
A potential Osram suitor could buy Siemens' 17.5 percent holding in Osram as a precursor to making a takeover bid for the whole company. Siemens was not in agreement with Osram's strategy switch to invest heavily in LED chips.
A person close to both companies told Reuters that Siemens had been close to selling its stake to a Chinese buyer before Osram announced its new LED-focused strategy in November - a move that caused a 30 percent share price collapse.
Siemens would therefore be very careful about offering its stake to a Chinese bidder and would more likely wait for a public offer to shareholders, a source told Reuters on Friday.
Both Osram and Siemens declined to comment.
In the 4.5 billion-euro takeover of German industrial robot maker Kuka by Chinese household appliance maker Midea earlier this year, Berlin initially sought a deal to limit Midea's stake to 49 percent.
It had wanted to curb the Chinese company's influence on what it viewed as a national champion in a key industry, but eventually allowed the takeover to go through after major German shareholders in Kuka sold their stakes to Midea.
The case of Kuka brought the issue of Chinese takeovers of German companies to the forefront of political attention - although it was just the latest, and largest, in a string of such deals this year.
"The Kuka deal has changed one thing - that's the awareness," said Thilo Ketterer, head of consulting and auditing firm Roedl & Partner's China desk.
Roedl & Partner advised China's Skyworth when it bought German television maker Metz last year, and Ketterer said the firm was pitching for other deals where German automotive, environmental and medical firms were seeking foreign investors.
"They are looking for Chinese investors bringing not only money - that's not so important - but the Chinese have one key advantage: They have a clear strategic view from the government and a huge domestic market behind them," he said.
The German economy ministry said it had taken note of media reports of a Chinese takeover bid for Osram, but said it was a company issue on which it could not comment.
A ministry spokesman added that Germany was an open economy that welcomed investment by foreign companies but said the government wanted to ensure that competition with other countries was on a level playing field.
($1 = 0.8928 euros)

(Reporting by Shanghai Newsroom, Paul Carrel in Berlin and Georgina Prodhan in Frankfurt, Jens Hack in Munich; Writing by Georgina Prodhan; Editing by Ludwig Burger and Alexander Smith)


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New Hotel Pendant Lamp

E-Top is working with Palama LED Company in Spain for one new hotel pendant lamp.

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Patent agreement for LED Lighting products in hotels

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited and Shenzhen Huichao Trading Co.,Ltd have signed a Chinese patent sourcing agreement for LED Lighting products in hotels. Under the terms of this agreement, each party would receive a license to all the LED lamps. Both parties also urge the industry to appreciate the efforts in innovation.

The product range includes LED Down Lights, LED Reading Lamp, LED Spotlights, LED Mirror Lamp, LED Bulbs, LED Pendant Lamps etc.

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High Power LED Down Light

Option A with 3 years warranty
Item No. Wattage Power Supply Input Ra LED Brand Lumen Stock Temp.
ET-DL-A-30 30W SANKEN made in Japan 90-240V 60/60HZ >80 EPISTAR 110-120lm/w -40 to 70
ET-DL-A-40 40W SANKEN made in Japan 90-240V 60/60HZ >80 EPISTAR 110-120lm/w -40 to 70
ET-DL-A-50 50W SANKEN made in Japan 90-240V 60/60HZ >80 EPISTAR 110-120lm/w -40 to 70
ET-DL-A-60 60W SANKEN made in Japan 90-240V 60/60HZ >80 EPISTAR 110-120lm/w -40 to 70
Option B with 3 years warranty
Item No. Wattage Power Supply Input Ra LED Brand Lumen Stock Temp.
ET-DL-B-30 30W SANKEN made in Japan 90-240V 60/60HZ >80 EPISTAR 110-120lm/w -40 to 70
ET-DL-B-40 40W SANKEN made in Japan 90-240V 60/60HZ >80 EPISTAR 110-120lm/w -40 to 70
ET-DL-B-50 50W SANKEN made in Japan 90-240V 60/60HZ >80 EPISTAR 110-120lm/w -40 to 70
ET-DL-B-60 60W SANKEN made in Japan 90-240V 60/60HZ >80 EPISTAR 110-120lm/w -40 to 70

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Congratulation! One another big co-operation


At 1st Feb. 2016, E-Top in China has made the agreement with Ilu-Sion / Palma LED in Spain. E-Top will take charge in all the operation for them in China including inquiries / sampling / orders / payment / inspection etc.

We believe this co-operation will initiated a new epoch in win-win business.



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FW: One of world’s smallest LED fixture shines with Osram LEDs

One of world’s smallest LED fixture shines with Osram LEDs

20 watt Pica Cube ideal for even brighter stage lighting
Black Tank, a product development and engineering design company, has fabricated one of the world’s smallest 20 watt LED fixture using Osram Opto Semiconductors LEDs. Distributed exclusively by Rosco Laboratories, the Pica Cube was designed using the flexible light of Osram Ostar Stage MultiLEDs in conjunction with Black Tank’s patented thermal management system to create even brighter stage lighting.
Rosco Laboratories Pica Cube for applications where a high quality of light combined with a low profile and high output is required. Picture: Black Tank
The Pica Cube is an ultra-compact LED fixture that is only 2.5 inches squared with a completely self-contained design. It has all the necessary electronics for operation and control built directly into the housing, without the need for external controllers typically required for fixture operation. This enables the fixture to be used independently by plugging it into the wall and operating it via DMX512 or by its onboard control. Users can also use a distribution system capable of driving and controlling up to four Pica Cubes, enabling power and data to be transmitted down common CAT5 cables, allowing a clean and simple installation.
With benefits including an extremely small size vs. lumen output, efficiency and long product life span, the Pica Cube was designed to apply to several different illumination markets including entertainment, retail, architectural and museum. This product is especially suited for use in applications where a fixture with amazing quality of light combined with a low profile and high output is required.
“By integrating Osram’s LED lighting technology, we were able to design a unique LED fixture that produces bright, controllable light in a compact form factor,” said Robert Kodadek, President of Black Tank. “We worked closely with Osram to select the optimal LEDs for use in this fixture. High quality, tightly binned LEDs, along with the integration of our thermal management solution, creates an incredibly small and versatile solution.”
The Osram Ostar Stage family of LEDs are equipped with four high-current chips based on the latest thin-film and UX:3 chip technologies. They provide an extremely narrow beam and high luminance, making the LEDs the perfect choice for all kinds of moveable lighting arrangements. In addition, the LEDs have a flat glass cover with an anti-reflective coating, giving the LED a much flatter profile. It is only 1.23 mm high, one quarter of the usual height, allowing for more compact spotlight design.
“The special feature of this product is its tunable white light color,” said Andrew Lin, Product Marketing Manager at Osram Opto Semiconductors. “Colors can be mixed perfectly at the component level and also produced with appropriate control.”
“The technology used in the development of the Pica Cube offers great advantages for our customers looking for a unique combination of powerful output, high quality of light and a small footprint- with simple set up and convenient controls “ said Jack Burwick, Product Manager for LED Systems at Rosco Laboratories. “We’re pleased to add the Pica Cube into our catalogue of products serving the entertainment and architecture markets.”

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top LED Strips LED Bulbs LED Tubes LED Flood lights LED Street Light