An increasingly desirable tube - LED T5 tube

Headline: An increasingly desirable tube-LED T5 tube.

Sub-headline: When people use LED tubes, they rarely pay attention to their models. Today, we will learn about LED T5 tubes.

China, 11th April, 2018: With the increasing demand for environmental protection, fluorescent lamps are gradually disappearing. The principle of the fluorescent lamp is to activate the mercury vapor in the tube by high pressure to make the phosphor on the lamp wall emit visible light. Fluorescent tubes generally include brackets, electronic ballasts, lamp bodies, plugs and other components. Although fluorescent tubes are brighter, more energy-efficient, and have a longer life than incandescent lamps, fluorescent tubes also have deficiencies such as brittleness, heavy pollution, and stroboscopic flashlights. Therefore, they are gradually being replaced by new light sources such as LED tubes. LED tubes gradually become the mainstream.

People's daily life cannot be separated from the use of LED tubes. Whether it is factories, shops, classrooms or bedroom rooms, people are often keen to install simple LED tubes. Therefore LED tube is a good partner for our life. However, most users do not understand the type of LED tube they use.

The types of tubes commonly used are T5 and T8 tubes. The main difference is that the diameter is different and the power is also different between them. The diameter of the LED T5 tube is 16mm, and the diameter of the T8 tube is 25.4mm. The common length of the LED tubes is 0.3m, 0.6m, 0.9m and 1.2m. There is a lamp holder integrated tube because of the advantages of LED light source in addition to the former kind of split lamp. Among them, the energy-saving of T5 LED tube is up to 80%, the life is more than 10 times than the ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free. There is no need to replace the lamp, ballast, starter problems. And with the development of technology, the T5 tube can replace the fluorescent lamp of the T8. Especially, the illumination, lifespan, and stability are far beyond the LED T8 tube, so it has been widely used.

As an outstanding LED manufacturer and distributor in China, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is committed to producing high quality LED T5 tubes and continuously upgrades the design and specifications of the lamps, hoping to create an advanced LED lighting platform.


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited teaches you to choose high quality LED lighting tub...

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited teaches you to choose high quality LED lighting tube.

Sub-headline: Our daily life cannot be separated from the LED lighting tube. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will give you some advises to choose high quality LED lighting tubes.

China, 9th April, 2018: In our daily life, we often like to use LED lighting tubes as an important lighting tool in our home. Not only is this tube cheap and easy to install, but because of its high brightness. It can meet the lighting needs of the average family. However, we must select high quality tube to avoid the occurrence of other situations, so knowing some tips for selecting LED lighting tube is very important to us.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a professional manufacturer of LED lights. Unlike general companies, the company is committed to enabling more people to use high-quality LED lamps. Therefore, the company often gives advice to help users buy LED lamps. The company has a wealth of production experience and a large user base, so that they are often able to give users a good experience.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited believes that safety, LED light source, power supply, and heat dissipation are the four major factors that distinguish the quality of an LED lighting tube. First, safety is the most basic requirement for an LED tube. However, production safety has often been ignored by most LED manufacturers. What they most seriously pay attention is how to save costs and maximize profits instead of taking into account the interests of customers. This is why many LED lighting manufacturers continue to close down. Secondly, the LED tube with traditional plug-in can conduct heat through the pins, but due to the poor ability of conduction, the heat of the LED chips will accumulate a lot, which greatly shortens the life of the LED lamp beads. Again, the main requirements of LED drive power are high power factor (PF) and high conversion efficiency. The tube with PF = 0.9 or more has exceeded the standards of the world's power grid standards, which can reduce the pollution of the power grid. Finally, the length of LED life is decided by if the heat, so the ability of heat emitting is also an important indicator.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited insists on making high-quality LED tubes. Therefore, you can select the lamp that meets all the judgment criteria in the company.


Let us learn about the 5050 LED strip.

Headline: Let us learn about the 5050 LED strip.


Sub-headline: We need use the LED strips in our daily life, but do you know what the 5050 LED Strip is? Why is there such a name?

China, 4th April, 2018: In our daily life, we often need to use a large number of LED light strips. LED light strips are not only suitable for use as lighting fixtures in more irregular spaces, but also have a variety of colors to meet our creative needs. But did you find out that the LED strips we purchased often have different marks, such as 3528 LED strips, 5050 LED strips, and 5730 LED strips... what do they mean?

In fact, the difference between them is the internal lamp chip size. The 5050 led strip indicates that the lamp bead chip has a length of 5.0 mm and a width of 5.0 mm. Similarly, the 3528 led strip indicates that the length of the lamp bead is 3.5 mm and the width is 2.8 mm. Specifically, we can compare 5050 LED strips with 3528 LED strips. 5050 LED strip has 3 led chips, and 3528 light band has only one led chip, so the corresponding, 5050 LED strip with the luminous intensity is stronger than the 3528 LED strip. The use of the 5050 LED strip is 0.18 W, the drive current intensity is 60 mA, and the power consumption of the 3528 LED strip is 0.06 W, and the drive current intensity is 20 mA. 5050 LED strip adopts 3 lamp beads, and its spectral brightness is higher than that of 3528 LED strips. The lumen of 5050 LED strip is 15LM or 18LM, and 3528 LED strip has a single lamp lumen value of 7LM. In general, the 5050 LED strip is based on the 3528 strip. In terms of performance, the 5050 LED strip has better performance than the 3528 LED strip and the brightness of it is higher. But the complex production will inevitably lead to higher performance. The price of 5050 light strips on the market is generally higher than the price of 3528 light strips.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has a good team and has its own R&D center in Hong Kong. For more than ten years, the company has been engaged in the production and research of LED lamps. The company suggested to the users that they should choose whether to use 5050 LED light strips according to the specific circumstances. In general, it is better to choose to use a relatively high brightness 5050 light strip when the light strips decorated on the ceiling. In the bathroom, a 3528 LED strip can also serve as a very decorative function.



E-Top (HK) Technology Limited reveals RGB LED strips for you.

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited reveals RGB LED strips for you.

Sub-headline: We often see LED strips that emit multiple colors of light, but do you know the difference in their work? E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will tell you something about the RGB LED strips.

China, 2nd April, 2018: We often need to use pigments to mix color in the painting process. We generally have two ways to get the color we need. One is to buy the color directly, and the other is to mix the three primary colors to create the color we want. Similarly, there are two ways in which needs to produce a light of a certain color. One is to mix red, green, and blue, and the other is to directly generate the desired color. RGB is actually a combination of red, green, and blue English words. RGB LED lights emit light by mixing the three colors.

For example, the white LED light strips. In fact, both the white LED and the RGB LED share the same goal. They both want to achieve the effect of white light, but only one is directly presented in white light, and the other is made up of three colors of red, green and blue. The RGB LED strips are collectively integrated with three primary colors. In addition, there are also blue LED with yellow phosphors, and UV LED with RGB phosphors. In application, RGB LED is obviously more diverse than white LED, and the RGB LED strips are always using in some special places such as car lights, traffic signs, and window displays. When a certain band of light is needed, the color mixing of RGB can be arbitrary. In comparison, white LED lights are more disadvantaged. However, the problem of RGB attenuation and the effect of ultraviolet light on the human body are all more difficult to solve in the short term. In addition, the white color obtained by mixing with RGB is not high.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has more than ten years’ experience in the production of LED lights and has a very deep understanding in RGB LED strips. In order to meet the needs of users, the companies often recommend that users use RGB LED strips in places where there are multiple requirements, and use ordinary LED strips in places where only white light is needed. The company provides customers with high-quality products with the purpose of offering good customer service.


Do you know the history of LED lights usage in China?

Headline: Do you know the history of LED lights usage in China?

Sub-headline: We always do not know what time the LED lights have become an essential part of our lives. Do you understand the history of the use of LED lights in our country?

China, 21st March, 2018: Now, our users use LED lights for nearly 60 years. LED lights have become an important part of interior decoration. Specifically, China's LED industry began from the 1960s, and began to develop in the 1980s when they form an industry. And in the 90's, there has a considerable scale in producing LED lights in China. In recent years, there is a rapid development of the China's high-brightness LED industry. And the industry has been followed closely the pace of development of the world's LED industry especially in recent years with the national emphasis on energy saving, the 863 optoelectronics project investment, the R & D efforts from universities, research institutions and the effort of local governments and enterprises. All of these made the development of LED has a certain size, and formed a LED industry chain.

Now, LED lights in our country continues to expand the market, and the types of LED lights continuously increase with the people's needs improve. From the earliest LED bulbs, LED tubes, and then to the LED panel lights, LED lights strip and LED downlights and other lamps, the shape and function of LED lights have undergone tremendous changes. In addition to lighting, the features of LED lights become more and more. LED lights have become an important part of modern home decor. For us, LED lights with beautiful shape have changed our lives, providing us with a more beautiful living environment.

With the extensive use of LED lights, our country has formed a relatively complete LED lights market. A large number of LED manufacturers provide users with a variety of LED lights. However, among many manufacturers, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is undoubtedly a very good choice. The company was founded in Hong Kong at 2002 and has been producing and selling more than 10 years to date. The company has many branches across the country and therefore has a broad customer base. All along, the company is committed to providing users throughout the country high-quality LED lamps.


LED Flood Light


a wide variety of LED panel lights with you

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will find a wide variety of LED panel lights with you.

Sub-headline: We often see monotonous LED panel lights on the ceiling, and now you will see a variety of LED panel lights.

China, 19th March, 2018: In many shopping malls or factories, we can always find a lot of LED panel lights. LED panel lights have a lot of advantages such as energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared, no UV, no electromagnetic interference, no thermal effects, no radiation, no stroboscopic phenomenon and so on. LED panel lights ensure the LED high efficiency, low light failure and long life with LCD backlight technology and efficient LED chips. In addition, the light emitted by the LED panel light is not dazzling, which is the best choice for ordinary decoration.

LED panel light is also suitable for installation in the user's room. However, many users think the shape of LED panel light is dull, because they are only the rectangular shape, which is not suitable for use in the decoration. In fact, LED panel light has the advantages of simplicity and generous with a great choice of space. In general, from the shape point, LED panel lights include circular flat panel light, square flat panel light, rectangular flat panel light, circular flat panel light and shaped flat panel light (such as leaves, diamonds). Different shapes for different occasions. In hospitals or factories and other places, the rectangular plate lights are more convenient. However, in the room decoration, the ring and the opposite sex of flat-panel light is more user-friendly. In addition, from the installation point, LED panel lights can be divided into flat and integrated LED ceiling lights. The installation of flat LED panel lights is simple, just need to be placed on the dragon skeleton. But the installation of integrated ceiling mounted panel lights is more complex, and they need to be deducted from the bottom of the ceiling.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is specialized in producing LED lights. In order to ensure the production quality of LED panel lights, the company's professionals repeat the strict inspection every day. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited firmly believes that only sweat and hard work can create high-quality lighting to get the user's trust. 


Smaller and more energy-efficient, do you like LED T5 tubes?

Headline: Smaller and more energy-efficient, do you like LED T5 tubes?

Sub-headline: We have always been accustomed to using LED T8 tubes, but now you have a better choice.

China, 14th March, 2018: Before the advent of LED T8 tubes, people used to using traditional lamps and lanterns, but the traditional lamps and lanterns pollute the environment and wasting resources seriously. With the advent of LED T8 tubes, the traditional lamps and lanterns are gradually being abandoned by people. But now, LED T8 tubes have a very strong opponent, although the smaller diameter, but the brightness is very high, this is the LED T5 tubes.

LED T5 tubes and LED T8 tubes have the difference in the different diameters with the diameter of T5 tubes is even smaller. In general, because of the smaller diameter, LED T5 tubes are more portable and energy saving with more easy to install. However, the smaller diameter tubes have lower brightness before technology does not meet the requirements. If the user uses LED T5 tubes, the brightness of it may not be enough.

Today, with the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of lighting manufacturing technology, brightness of LED T5 tubes is high already and it is the same as T8 tubes, which means that people can choose T5 tubes as their own home main lighting tool. LED T5 tubes come with constant current source, so they do not need ballast and starter. LED T5 tubes cannot put the constant current source because the tube is small. So people have to install the constant current source in the bracket. Now, when manufacturers produce LED T5 tubes, they always configure the stent equipped with a constant current source. LED T5 tubes have a fix installing direction. The tube is not bright if you install in the opposite direction. This is the biggest flaw in the installation of LED T5 tubes. In addition, LED T5 tubes although are more energy-efficient, but relatively speaking, they have higher prices which can increase the user's purchase cost.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is committed to creating the most perfect lighting trading platform. Its research and development center in Hong Kong has an excellent research team, and they strive to achieve the user's lighting needs. Now, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is trying to find ways to make up for defects of LED T5 tubes, and through the effective use of materials, they strive to reduce the production costs.


Ordinary but great! Let us to see the LED T8 tubes.

Headline: Ordinary but great! Let us to see the LED T8 tubes.

Sub-headline: LED T8 tubes is the hero of our lives which can be seen everywhere. Let us discover the secrets of this tube.

China, 12th March, 2018: Before the LED T8 tubes are used in a wide range, people often use the traditional tubes. The traditional fluorescent tube, also called fluorescent lamp, has a filament at each end of the tube. The tube is filled with a trace of argon and a thin mercury vapor. Phosphor is coated on the inner wall of the tube. The gas between the two filaments emits ultraviolet when it conducts electricity, so that the phosphor emits visible light. The traditional fluorescent tube can meet the requirements of daily life lighting, but with the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic requirements and environmental protection requirements, the traditional fluorescent tube has been eliminated by the times. Instead, we are currently using the LED T8 tubes.

LED T8 tubes adopt CREE and AOD super bright LED white light as light source, and the shell of it is acrylic / aluminum alloy (customer defined). The housing of the tube was made by PC pipe production, which can bear high temperature up to 135 degrees. LED T8 tubes comes with constant current source, do not need ballast, starter. General T8 tubes are large enough because of the big tube space, so the constant current source can be installed inside the tube. Therefore, in the installation, you can directly install the T8 tubes with removing the ballast and starter in the original bracket.

LED T8 tubes do not use mercury, and they do not contain lead. The traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, so that the mercury vapor lamp will be volatile into the atmosphere if the lights are broke, which will pollute the environment. LED tubes can protect the environment which is recognized as one of the green light. In addition, LED T8 tubes can improve resource utilization efficiency as a cold light source. Therefore, more and more people like to install LED T8 tubes.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is engaged in the production of LED tubes for several years, with excellent production team and rich experience in production. The company strictly manages the quality of lights, so the lights do not have any security risk.


Approaching LED lights strip with E-Top (HK) Technology Limited.

Headline: Approaching LED lights strip with E-Top (HK) Technology Limited.

Sub-headline: LED lights strip played a huge role in decorative rooms, shopping malls and high buildings. In the modern society, it is essential.

China, 7th March, 2018: Whenever night comes, colored LED lights strip will begin to play a role, and it makes the city colorful. Many users also purchased a large number of LED lights strip using as a house decoration tool to creating a festive atmosphere. But with many types of LED lights strip, how to choose? Many users become troubled, but now, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will lead people to understand the LED lights strip.

Under normal circumstances, our common LED lights strip is divided into two kinds. One is flex LED strip, one is LED light bar. The two LED lights strip has a very clear distinction. Flex LED strip can be bent and folded. The biggest advantage of this is that users can use it decorate in irregular space, or give full play to their own decorative ability. Another kind of light strip is the LED light bar, which cannot be bent arbitrarily. However, this kind of light strip is easy to install and cannot be easily damaged. In addition, LED lights strip can also be divided into high-pressure lights strip and low-pressure lights strip. High-pressure lights strip is easy installation, without the need for step-down, but because of the voltage, there are some security risks, so it is not suitable for the places to install where people move more. Compared with high-pressure light strip, low-pressure light strip is more stable, and the danger coefficient is small. It is more suitable for installing in the room. However, low-voltage lights need to buck. Its installation is more complicated.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited as a professional manufacturer has been focused on the production of a variety of LED lights. The company's lights are loved by different customers with a good quality. Welcome you to choose good LED lighting products made by the company.


LED Strips Of Industrial Specifications for Different Applications

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Releases LED Strips Of Industrial Specifications for Different Applications

Sub-headline: The different industrial grade LED strip models introduced by the company are LED Strips 5050, LED Strips 3528 and LED Strips 2835.

Hong Kong, March 6, 2018 – LED strips have a variety of applications in the lighting industry. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited brings high quality LED strips of industrial specifications and industrial grade that can be used in many applications. These LED strips are 100% load tested and offer a guarantee of long-lasting use in different applications.

According to the company spokesperson, their new LED Strips 5050 come with a remarkable lifespan of over 20,000 hours. With 9.6W wattage and 12V DC voltage, the LED strip is meant for different types of applications. The body of the strip is made of the PCB material and it has 60LEDs per meter to create enough light and brightness, used in any application. The spokesperson reveals that the LED strip comes with the IP20 rating and is also CE, RoHS and EMC approved. Thus, the product is suitable to be used in international class applications across different geographies.

The LED Strips 3528 are another remarkable product that many industries are appreciating now. The LED strip features short circuit and overload protection and is highly efficient to consume low energy. With 3.6W wattage, the LED strip emits an eye-soothing white color light. Its body is also in white color and is made of PCB. There are copper pads spaced between every 3 LEDs and it has 60LEDs per meter in the strip. The LED strip starts almost instantly and spreads light all round to cover a significant area. 

The company also has introduced the LED Strips 2835, which can be used as a driver for all types of LED lights and LED displays. Its built-in EMI filter makes it highly efficient and keeps its temperature lower. With 18W/m wattage, the LED strip is IP20 rated and also certified by CE and RoHS. Featuring more than 15000 on/off cycles, the LED strip has been designed for a long-lasting use with a stable performance. However, it may not be suitable for extreme conditions.

One can learn more about these LED strips and their specifications by visiting the website http://www.etoptechltd.com/.


LED Panel Downlights with A High Light Transmission Rate

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Introduces LED Panel Downlights with A High Light Transmission Rate

Sub-headline: Compared to traditional LED Panel Lights E-Top (HK) Technology Limited’s LED Panel Downlights are available in elegant and contemporary designs and have a higher light transmission rate for lighting an area.

Hong Kong, March 6, 2018 – With their expertise in developing a custom range of LED lights, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited endeavors to overcome global LED light challenges. The company focuses on a variety of LED lighting designs that can create an award-winning experience for clients around the world. Maintaining their professional global service, they have now introduced the LED Panel Downlight, which has many outstanding features.

The company’s LED Panel Downlights are ultra-slim 8W LED panel lights in square shape. Available in an elegant and contemporary design, it comes with a robust exterior shell that cannot be damaged easily. With a higher transmission rate, the downlight can evenly spread light all around to light up a significantly large area. It does not release infrared radiation and neither has it any lead and mercury content. It is easy to install and doesn’t attract flies. This environment-friendly LED light also comes with the dimmable option in many models.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited specializes in LED Panels and they have a range of LED panel models and designs for different clients. They have 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W, 150W LED panel models to choose from. These LED panel lights emit white and warm light to light up an area. Suitable for gardens, driveways, parking lots, sport grounds and other applications, these lights have their outer shell, made from the premium quality aluminum alloy, with a waterproof and airtight construction to ensure durability. Fitted with high power LED chips, these LED lights have built-in constant current driver and built-in power supply.

According to the company spokesperson, they have high quality LED Panel Lights in the round shape that looks very attractive with their sleek design. These round panel lights are suitable for conference halls, hotels, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, showrooms and other applications. These are environment-friendly LED lights with no mercury and lead content in them. With a strong exterior shell and a functional design, it can easily be installed in different places for creating a beautiful lighting effect. 

To know more about these LED lighting panels, one can visit the website http://www.etoptechltd.com/.


About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a global solution provider of LED lighting products. It is a modern enterprise, which is engaged in the development and sales and service of LED Lights. Also, E-Top is one of the professional suppliers of LED Lights for leading hotels, such as Sheraton, W Hotel, Westin, Hyatt, Fairmont, Hilton etc.



E-Top (HK) Technology Limited recommends a new member of LED downlights to you.

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited recommends a new member of LED downlights to you.

Sub-headline: We often use downlights to decorate our rooms in daily life, but have you ever used the latest LED panel downlights?

China, 5th March, 2018: With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, LED lamps almost completely replaced the traditional lamps and are becoming the lamps market leader. Among the many lamps and lanterns, LED downlight has been loved by people. LED downlights are often used as auxiliary lights to help illuminate our room. In modern decorative activities, people will install LED downlight in the room. LED downlight is very convenient for transportation and installation, and can be installed on the ceiling, which will not undermine the beauty of the room, at the same time, they can create a good lighting atmosphere. Most importantly, LED downlights are low spotlight downlights that can soften the light on the surface of an object, so they are good helpers for home-use lighting fixtures.

However, the panel of LED downlights is equally important. Under normal circumstances, LED downlights have mirror or matte two kinds of reflector. Moreover, LED downlight has many advantages, but people are not satisfied with the bulky appearance of downlight. In the traditional design, the LED downlight has a bigger base, so it does not look good enough. Many families want to use downlights as the primary lighting tool, but they are not satisfied with the decorative effect of such lights. But now, this requirement has been achieved. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited provides our clients with a wide range of LED downlights, including the LED panel downlights. The lights combine the advantages of flat-panel and downlights to optimize the appearance. Therefore, the LED panel downlights can not only be easily installed as the main lighting tool, but also have soft lighting and long life.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is currently China's leading manufacturer of LED lamps, and the company always takes customer satisfaction as its purpose of serving. They strive to develop and research new lights to lead the trend of the lighting products. If you like LED panel downlights, please consult the company.


Wall Lights & Wall Lamps for Residential, Commercial & Other Applications

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Releases Bedside Reading Wall Lights & Wall Lamps for Residential, Commercial & Other Applications

Sub-headline: With sleek designs and adjustable angles, there is a wide range of LED Wall Lights that are suitable for hotels, restaurants, residential complexes and other applications.

Kowloon, Hong Kong, February 13, 2018 -- E-Top is a leading manufacturer of LED lights with a variety of products in their portfolio. They have now announced different wall light models with various designs that can be installed in many places, like homes, hotels and offices.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have Wall Lights in sleek and stylish designs that add to the aesthetic value of a space. Besides available in different designs, these LED lights come with different adjustable angles, offering the ease and flexibility for beautifying any place with ample light. The spokesperson reveals that they have designed these LED lights for easy installation and thus can easily be installed at different heights and different levels. The body of the light is made of aluminum material and is suitable for outdoor applications with a long lasting performance.

The company focuses on international class products, and they have Wall Lamps, with CE and EMC certifications and A++ class energy efficiency. These are modern lights, designed for all types of applications with numerous design choices. The spokesperson maintains that they supply all LED products after load testing and ensure the best quality. With their stable performance, these LED lights for walls are appropriate for different types of lighting requirements of any built space. E-Top is the global LED lights manufacturer that supplies 100% tested products for clients from different areas. They supply LED lights to many reputed clients and can meet their specific lighting requirements with a variety of LED lights.

With their new LED Wall Lights, E-Top aims at providing complete lighting solutions for different clients around the world. These reading wall light models could meet different clients various design demands, and people can choose LED lights as per their unique lighting needs. With a variety of lighting options, E-Top (HK) Technology now supplies LED light models with different luminous intensities. One can check the details of different LED light models of the company by visiting their website www.etoptechltd.com


LED Modules & LED Strips with Different Industrial Applications & Different Stand...

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Announces To Supply LED Modules & LED Strips with Different Industrial Applications & Different Standards

Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited offers LED modules, LED strips and accessories that are suitable for various industrial applications.

Kowloon, Hong Kong, February 13, 2018 – LED modules have a variety of applications, and Hong Kong based E-Top Technology has a variety of LED modules that can be used in numerous applications. These LED modules are of very high quality and are made of ABS and PCB materials that ensure the durability and stability of the LED lights.

The company has an impressive LED Module portfolio with different wattage and voltage that industries can choose for their different applications. Available in RGB colors, these LED lights have very high color rendering indices. With IP67 rating, these LED modules are light in weight, but durable. According to the company spokesperson, these LED modules are compliant with the CE, EMC and RoHS certifications. With minimum two years warranty, industries can choose these LED modules for stable and reliable performance.

The spokesperson reveals that they supply LED strips with the Aluminum Profile, suitable for many industrial applications. With different specifications and standards, these LED strips can be used for LED lightings and LED displays. Designed with overload protection and short circuit protection, industries can rest assured of a stable and long-lasting performance. With their built in EMI factor, these LED strips feature high efficiency and very low temperature. The 100% load tested strips with IP20 protection rating are designed for outstanding output when used in any application. These LED strips are CE, RoHS and EMC certified and are approved to be used in industrial applications across various geographies.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has come up with the best quality LED Power Supply that features A+ class and above energy efficiency. Available in different dimensions, these LED strips are suitable for normal working conditions as well as extreme conditions. The spokesperson reveals that these LED strips have copper pads with spacing every three LEDs for good strength and durability. With thousands of on and off cycles, industries can find these LED strips ideal and reliable for their indoor and outdoor applications. To know more about the LED strips and accessories the company manufactures and supplies, one can visit the website www.etoptechltd.com


Expose the secret of excellent LED lighting suppliers

Headline: Expose the secret of excellent LED lighting suppliers

Sub-headline: As an excellent supplier of LED lamps, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will tell you some stories about the LED lighting suppliers.

China, 22nd February, 2017: LED lighting becomes the darling of many manufacturers from being developed as the most promising innovative energy-saving lights. A large number of companies invest in this area, and become a supplier of LED lights. With the increasing demand for LED lights, LED lighting suppliers are also increasing. These competing companies make their effort to launch their new products to be able to get huge profits in the market.

However, a good LED lighting suppliers need to have many conditions: First, the company must have its own R & D center and production team. This is the important dynamic factor to support the normal development of enterprises. R & D center and production team produce a variety of products to meet customer needs, so they are the core of the company. Second, they must have a rich customer base and service experience. The production methods and conditions of LED lights are relatively fixed. That means innovative inventions can be studied by other companies for some time. Therefore, while these companies ostensibly manufacture lights and lanterns, customer service still occupies an important place in the competition. Enterprises that can gain the favor of customers will have long-term profitability. Finally, corporate culture and beliefs are particularly important. Business can be long-term business as long as they have a good reputation. Only produce excellent quality LED lighting products, this enterprise can get the trust of customers.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 2002, it has been 16 years until now. It is a excellent LED lighting supplier in china. The company sets up branches in India, the United Kingdom and various provinces and cities in China. The company meets the needs of different customer groups by producing LED lamps with diverse styles and excellent quality. The company has a large number of long-term customers such as Sheraton, W Hotel, Hiton, Hyatt, Fairmont, Raffles etc. and it is welcomed and trusted by customers. If you have any questions about LED lamps, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will be very happy to be able to answer your questions.


New LED nano plastic T8 tube

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited announced the launch of the new LED nano plastic T8 tube.

Sub-headline: With the advent of innovative materials, many suppliers have introduced the new LED nano plastic T8 tube. Now, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will take you to understand this tube.

China, 19th February, 2017: LED T8 tube is also called T8 LED fluorescent lamp, which is one of a common type light in LED lighting products. Its appearance is tubular with diameter of one eighth of an inch, which is one inch, about 25.4 mm, so it is similar to ordinary fluorescent tubes. LED T8 tube cannot be directly connected to electricity with a low voltage DC power supply, so it needs to bring a power supply to step-down rectifier. Then you can connect to mains. LED T8 tube use the latest fourth-generation light source, so it is the future direction of the development of LED lighting.

LED T8 tube is brighter than T5 tube. As of 2013, nearly 80% of China's fluorescent light is T8. The tube is installed in many places such as supermarkets, hospitals, factories, assembly line, office space, schools. This tube is widely used in our country, which greatly facilitates people's daily life. However, the traditional glass tube heat dissipation is poor, and poor durability of the glass T8 tube limits the further spread and use of the tubes.

Now, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited launches a new nano-plastic T8 tube to customers, which greatly promoted the LED tubes innovation and market penetration. "Nano-plastic" refers to the substrate for the polymer. Through the nano-particles is dispersed in the plastic resin, it can effectively improve the plastic heat resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance and other properties. "Nano-plastic" enables ordinary plastics to have the same rigidity and heat resistance as ceramic materials while retaining the toughness, impact resistance and workability of the plastic itself. Therefore, the using of nano-plastic improves the quality of the LED tube, and making the tube more durable and environmentally friendly.

However, "nano-plastic" is a high-tech new material with good development prospects. Due to the lack of understanding of this new material in China, there is no complete quality assurance system and tight production management. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has long been engaged in research and production of the LED lighting series with rich experience in production. The company is worthy of your trust as a outstanding partners.


The secret of LED tubes

Headline: The secret of LED tubes.

Sub-headline: LED tubes are the hero of energy-saving and emission reduction. Now, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will uncover the secrets of LED tubes.

China, 15th February, 2017: LED tube is also commonly known as LED light tube, LED fluorescent tube and LED fluorescent lamp. Its light source is the LED light source. The traditional fluorescent tube, also called fluorescent lamp, has a filament at each end of the tube. The tube is filled with a trace of argon and a thin mercury vapor. There is some phosphor on the inner wall of the tube. The gas between the two filaments emits ultraviolet when it conducts electricity, so that the tube emits visible light. As a result of containing heavy metal pollutants "mercury", scrapped fluorescent tubes have a serious pollution on the environment. The LED tube with light-emitting diode as a light source has higher luminous efficiency. The tube is more energy saving, has longer life, and is more environmentally friendly. There is no doubt that the LED tube becomes the best tube to replace the fluorescent tube products in current stage. LED tube and the traditional fluorescent in appearance and size are the same. There are T5 tube, T8 tube, T10 tube and the length of tubes are 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m or 2.4m.

The installation of LED tube is very simple. Firstly, you should use LED tube replace the original fluorescent lamp and then remove 220V AC power directly to the ends of the LED tube. These features of the tube give great convenience for people to install and use and these tubes are very easy to transport for suppliers. So the LED tubes are currently one of the most widely used LED lights. According to the needs of users, you can add such a lamp shade and then use. In that way, you can prevent damage to the tube and avoid complex cleaning.

As a professional LED tube supplier, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is engaged in the production of LED tubes. Its research and development center which located in Hong Kong has not stopped research and strived to introduce new LED tubes that meet different customer needs. As the darling of home users, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will try their best to do the design and sales of the LED tubes to ensure the quality of each tube. 


Focused on providing a variety of hotel professional LED lighting services

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited focused on providing a variety of hotel professional LED lighting services.

Sub-headline: As a well-known LED hotel lighting supplier, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited makes effort to provide the best LED lighting products for hotel users.

China, 12th February, 2017: In order to win the favor of the vast number of consumers, a large number of hotel operators choose to work on the hotel's lighting decoration, in order to be able to create a brilliant lighting environment, attracting a large number of consumers to the hotel dining and accommodation. As a good hotel lighting suppliers, an enterprise not only needs a huge product line, the most important thing is the need for a sound customer service system. To meet the needs of hotel users, the LED lighting company has to provide the lights which have a long life and are beautiful.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited focused on the research and development, production and sales of LED lighting. The company dedicated to complete the LED outdoor lighting project with providing high quality products and key products include LED wall washer, LED flood light, LED light source, LED ceiling lamp, LED landscape lamp, LED decorative light and LED lighting. E-Top was founded in Hong Kong at 2002. The foreign trade team was set up at 2006. The company's lighting products are mainly divided into LED indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. These LED lights are widely used in commercial, office, home, hotel, landscape and other places. "Safety, stability, forward-looking, fashion," is the product design principle. The company always dedicated to development, production, sales and service of LED lighting. So the products sell well in Europe, North America, Japan and other countries and regions throughout the country.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is one professional hotel supplier, and provide LED lights for Sheraton, W Hotel, Hiton, Hyatt, Fairmont, Raffles etc. And the company's products have always got the user's support and trust. There has been no quality-induced safety accident. If you want to create a luxurious and perfect hotel, welcome to use the company's LED lights.


Do you understand the LED flood light?

Headline: Do you understand the LED flood light?

Sub-headline: Have you seen the LED flood light installed in the hotel exterior walls, squares, gardens? E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will take you to understand LED flood light.。

China, 8th February, 2017: LED flood light illuminate objects in all directions evenly from a specific point. It is more like light bulbs and candles. LED flood light can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the camera's scope or inside the object. It is common to use many different colored LED flood light in the scene over long distances. These LED flood lights can cast and blend shadows in the model. Due to the large LED flood light range, the flood light irradiation effect is very easy to predict, and it is mainly used for architectural lighting purposes, as well as commercial space lighting.

LED flood lights are widely used in hotels, plazas, gardens and indoors to create a fantastic lighting environment for these places. LED flood lights can emit a variety of colors of light. In small engineering applications, LED flood lights can be used without controller to achieve dynamic effects such as gradual change, transition, color flicker, random flicker and gradual alternation, and also can achieve the effect of chasing and scanning under the control of DMX. Therefore, the main function of LED flood lights is decorative. In a word, the light is suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior lighting designers.

LED floodlights are mainly used to do architectural lighting, as well as commercial space lighting, so the decorative ingredient of it is heavier. Its appearance is round and square. However, in order to ensure good heat dissipation, its appearance has some differences with the traditional cast light.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a domestic experienced LED flood light supplier. The company aims to provide users with high-quality lighting products, and has got trust from consumers. These lamps not only have diverse colors, but also comply with CE, ROHS, CCC and other environmental certification standards. If you are interested in LED flood lights, you can log in the company's website for a detailed understanding.


An excellent LED bulbs supplier

Headline: An excellent LED bulbs supplierE-Top (HK) Technology Limited.


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited specializes in the production of LED bulbs for many years. The company produces many beautiful and high-quality LED light bulbs.

China, 5th February, 2017: The original light bulb was a source of light that glowed and shone through electrical energy, and invented by Henry Goebbels (Edison actually found the right material and invented a practical incandescent light. But the bulb appeared as early as 1854). "Lighting appliances" is appearing with the continuous development of human civilization. The most common feature of a light bulb is lighting. With the development of society, the use of bulbs also plays different changes. The bulbs initially may be to facilitate the production of life, but there have been significant changes in the use of light bulbs. But in the production of light bulbs, the most revolutionary is undoubtedly the emergence of LED bulbs.

LED bulbs have health, energy-saving, artistic and humane characteristics. As a semiconductor lighting, the cold light source of LED light bulbs will not cause environmental pollution. Compared with incandescent, fluorescent lights, the conversion efficiency of LED bulbs is high. In other words, its energy-saving efficiency can reach 90%. At the same brightness, the power consumption of LED bulbs is only 1/10 of ordinary incandescent, and 1/2 of fluorescent tube. Therefore, the traditional light source is almost completely replaced by LED bulbs.

Facing of the huge LED bulb market, more and more enterprises give up the original product to invest in LED products. There are currently a large number of LED bulb suppliers on the market. However, there is a big difference between different suppliers. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has a significant advantage over companies that produce LED bulbs and other products at the same time. First, the company specializes in the production of LED lights and has wealth production experience. Second, the company has a stable customer base and can get good feedback from users. Finally, the company has a high sense of responsibility and is used to provide good after-sales service. If you are worried by choosing the right suppliers, you can try to communicate with the company.


LED strips, let you fall in love with your room.

Headline: LED strips, let you fall in love with your room.


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is specializing in the production of the LED strips with different specifications. As an excellent LED strips supplier of domestic LED lights, the company can meet your diversified decorative needs.

China, 1st February, 2017: LED lights (such as LED bulbs, LED panel lights and LED down lights) are usually hard and cannot be bent or folded at will. As people have higher and higher decorate requirements, a new type of LED lamps - LED strips were created. Differentiated from the material, LED strips are divided into two categories, one is hard rigid light bar, and the second is a soft light strip with flexible materials.

LED hard light strip use PCB hard board to assembly circuit board. And depending on the different need, LED hard light strip use different components to assembly. The advantages of LED rigid light bar are relatively easy to fix, and convenient to processing and installation. The disadvantage of the strip is not free to bend, so it is not suitable for irregular places. Hard light strips have a fixed shape and pattern, so it can provide large convenience for the installation and using, but cannot meet the diverse and creative needs of young people. Flexible LED strip use FPC to assembly circuit boards. The LED strip is only a coin thickness, so it does not take up space. The most important is it can be arbitrarily cut and extended without affecting the light. The material of FPC is soft, it can be bent, folded, winding, and free movement in the three-dimensional space and stretching without breaking. So it is suitable for irregular places and small space for use, and suitable for any combination in various designs.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a good LED strips supplier with trying their best to produce high quality lighting products. With excellent R & D team, rich production experience and a huge sales team, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited's LED strips have been highly recognized by users. In the country, their products have a high reputation. If you want to buy LED strips, please consult the company.


The tips of choosing LED panel lights

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited tells you the tips of choosing LED panel lights.

Sub-headline: As one of the well-known LED panel lights suppliers, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is specializing in the design and production of the LED panel lights.

China, 29th January, 2017: LED panel light as a light wizard, is installed in many people's room. This light is easy to install with simple appearance. It is the essential lighting products for the modern home decoration. LED panel light not only can save space for users, but also can avoid the trouble of cleaning. In addition, as the best-selling LED lighting products, LED panel lights has a very significant energy-saving effect, and can save a lot of resources for our country. Now, it has been respected by many businesses and individuals.

However, the choosing of LED panel light is not as simple as cleaning for it. If you choose a poor quality LED panel lights, consumers will face tremendous losses, and may even lead to a serious fire, endangering the safety of life. As a leading LED panel lights supplier in China, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited can deeply understand the needs of customers. The company has rich experience in the production of LED panel lights. Now, the company will provide you some purchasing tips.

Firstly, look at the chip. Chip is the core of LED light-emitting components. Different brands, different types of light beads have different in luminous efficiency and color rendering index. So in the purchase, we should pay attention to the chip quality. Good chip not only has long service life, high luminous efficiency, but also has color rendering index and more extensive occasion. Secondly, look at flux. Luminous flux refers to the brightness of lights. Different environments, different areas need different brightness. In the same level, depending on the environment, the number of LED lights used is different. You can consult E-Top (HK) Technology Limited's customer service staff when buying LED panel lights according to your own space. Thirdly, look at color rendering index. Look at the color index is to see the reality color of the object in the light. The value is generally 0--100, and now LED color rendering standards are more than 75 above. The company is recommended to choose more than 80 better.

In short, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will try their best to provide you with excellent quality LED panel lights. If you have any questions, you can consult the company.


LED ceiling lights and LED down lights?

Headline: Do you know the difference between LED ceiling lights and LED down lights?

Sub-headline: Many people think that LED down lights and ceiling lights are similar, and they cannot tell the difference. Now, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will reveal the difference between them.

China, 21st January, 2017: The wide range LED lighting often makes it difficult for people to distinguish they should choose which types. Among the LED lights used for accent lighting, many users are distressed by the difference between the LED down lights and the LED ceiling lights. In fact, these two lights have a very significant difference.

LED down lights is based on the traditional improvement of the development of down light products with the application of new LED lighting source. Compared with the traditional lamps, the design of LED down lights is more beautiful and lightweight. LED ceiling lights is widely used in the field of commercial lighting, but rarely used for indoor lighting. Although the working principle of these two lights is similar, the difference between the two lights is very obvious. In effect, LED down lights are directional lighting tools. Its light is more concentrated, and can cause a more intense light and dark contrast, so as to highlight the illuminated object. In addition, the lighting of LED down lights is soft and uniform, which will not cause people's dizziness. So it is ideal for making a quiet environment. However, LED ceiling lights are more diverse in color, and the light source is concentrated and very bright. Compared to LED down lights, the lighting range of the LED ceiling lights is more narrow, and is suitable for lighting the key parts, such as car shows, jewelry, high-end clothing, professional windows, counters and so on. However, the similarity between the two is high. For example, LED down lights and LED ceiling lights are used in places where accent lighting is important, and both of the two lights can be installed in ceilings or walls to prevent damage to the aesthetics of the interior environment.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited manufactures various types of LED lights over years. In particular, the LED ceiling lights and LED down lights made by the company have good quality, color diversity, and they are welcomed by the users. In addition, the company can provide different specifications according to the needs of users about the LED down lights and ceiling lights. The company always can make customer satisfaction.


E-Top decorate your rooms

Sub-headline: Facing the various LED lighting products, many customers can not choose the right one. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will tell you how to choose lights and use them together.


China, 17th January, 2017: With the increasing popularity of LED lights, there are more and more types of LED lights on the market, and people have big difficulties in choosing them. In a variety of LED lighting products, LED panel lights, LED down lights and LED ceiling lights are the darling of the lighting market. Whether it is commercial decoration or interior decoration, people need to use these three lights and mix them together to create the ideal living environment.

The most prominent feature of the LED panel lights is simple and easy to install. The lights often are installed in factories, indoors, hotels and other places. LED panel lights are mainly used for a wide range of lighting. In other words, if you can only illuminate a room with one type of lights, or just want a simple decoration, you just need to buy LED panel lights to achieve this goal. On this basis, in order to make the light more gorgeous, people are accustomed to choose to use LED down lights and LED ceiling lights. The biggest feature of these two lights is they are often installed in places that require local lighting. These two kinds of lights can illuminate the local things, making the environment more beautiful. Among them, the lighting of LED down lights is gentler, not glares, and is more suitable for creating a soft lighting environment. The lighting of LED ceiling lights is more narrow, but more bright, and it is suitable for jewelry counter or item display. 

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is specialized in LED lighting manufacturing. The company produces a full range of LED lights with diverse styles. It has users come from the hotel, manufacturing and other industries. Its R & D center located in Hong Kong, and they can continue to launch new LED lighting products according to user needs. The company recommends that the users should pay attention to using the LED panel lights, LED down lights and the LED ceiling lights together, so that will help to create a better living environment.


A decorator - LED lights strips

Headline: A decorator - LED lights strips


Sub-headline: In various types of LED lights, the LED lights strips are the most creative one. You can use LED lights strips to create any of your favorite lighting conditions.

China, 14th January, 2017: With the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, LED lights are becoming more and more popular. However, in addition to the feature of environmental protection, decorative is also a new advantage of the LED lights. LED strips are high-end flexible decorative lights, which is characterized by low power consumption, long life, and high brightness, maintenance-free and so on. Particularly, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, building outline sketches and billboards and other production. According to different needs of the product, the voltage of it is 12V, 24V, etc., and the length of it is 30CM, 60CM, 90CM, 120CM and so on. It can also be customized according to the demand of users and different specifications of the lights.

Because of the creativity of the LED lights strips, more and more young people like to use this lamp to create a better living environment. From the hotel's lighting design to the bedroom lighting design, the LED lights strips have a large range of using. In addition, LED strip lights are narrow, so they are very conducive to hide in the ceiling or the gap in the wall, which will not to affect the interior decoration style.

The picture shows an ordinary LED strips. The light is bare board, while adding a U-groove and transparent cover for protection. This LED bar light is a typical hard bar light - cannot bend, so it is more suitable for decoration in the counter or key lighting parts. In addition, this strip uses a constant current IC without any drive, and it can give customer a great convenience.

Although the LED strips have a simple structure, but some LED strips still has a serious security risk. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is China's famous manufacturer of LED lights. LED lights produced by the company are beautiful and high quality. They always are subject to the user's favorite. If you are concerned that you cannot choose a reliable LED lights supplier, you can consult the company.


A leading supplier of LED lights in China

Headline: The E-Top (HK) Technology Limited, a leading supplier of LED lights in China.


Sub-headline: Facing the dazzling array of LED lighting products, many customers can not choose their own LED suppliers. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will provide them with some advices.

China, 10th January, 2017: With the continuous improvement of the quality of our life, people have more stringent environmental pollution-free lighting requirements. Because of the features of energy-saving, environmental protection and diversification, LED lights have been widely popularized in our country and succeeded in replacing the traditional lights. At the same time, a large number of manufacturers have also poured into the LED lighting market, and they want to get more benefits from this market. The LED lights produced by these manufacturers vary greatly. So, people have difficulty to choose a supplier.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a company that has been operating for more than 10 years. From its inception, the company is committed to the development and manufacture of LED lights. Not only does it have its own R & D center in Hong Kong but, most importantly, it has its own branch offices throughout the world. The company set the LED lighting manufacturing, research and sales as one, with very complete system architecture. The company produces a wide range of LED lamps and lanterns. In addition to the ordinary LED panel lights, the company also produces LED strip lights, down lights, ceiling lights, wall washer lights, and many LED lighting accessories. In general, as long as you need LED lighting and related products, this company can provide them to you.

Quality, cost and service are generally used to judge an LED supplier's standard. From the quality point of view, the company has a very rich production experience to ensure that every LED light has an excellent quality. From the cost point of view, the company provides users with products below the market price with their own excellent management system. From the service point of view, the company's existing customers are very satisfied. The company has a warranty commitment for almost every LED lights that have been sold.


How much do you know about the LED bulbs?

Headline: How much do you know about the LED bulbs?


Sub-headline: There are more and more users of LED bulbs, but what is important is people are less aware of the LED bulbs. The expert enterprise - E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will reveal the classification of LED bulbs for you.

China, 31st December, 2017: Light bulbs are the core of all lighting parts of the LED lights. So, we must know the structure of LED bulbs as the first step to understand the different LED lights. Before the advent of LED bulbs, the common light bulbs are mainly incandescent, fluorescent and gas discharge lamps. However, with the use of light-emitting diodes, LED bulbs that are based on the light-emitting diodes get more and more popular.

LED bulbs are various. In accordance with the shape, the LED bulbs can be divided into spherical, light cup-shaped and pointed shape. The spherical bulbs are single-sided light with the plastic shell or aluminum shell. Most users like it currently. Cup-shaped bulbs have the older style with more disadvantages, so it has been eliminated. Pointed-shaped bulbs are also single-sided lighting, but there is a candle-shaped bulbs included that are very fun and are welcomed by retro-style users. In addition, LED bulbs can also be classified according to the color. LED's luminous color and luminous efficiency are related to the materials and manufacturing processes of LED lights. At present, the color including red, green and blue are widely used.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a leading manufacturer of LED lights in China. Its LED bulbs are not only varied in styles, but also rich in color to meet the needs of various users. The company pointed out that the style and color of LED bulbs is not the focus of choosing for people in the daily life. The specifications of LED bulbs for the user are also very important. The common specifications of LED bulbs we can see in our life are E27 and E14. E27 LED bulbs have a diameter of 27mm, while the E14 LED bulbs have a diameter of 14mm. These two bulbs are basically similar in other conditions besides the diameter. Therefore, the E27 LED bulbs are more suitable for replacing traditional bulbs, and the E14 LED bulbs are more suitable as an integral part of other LED luminaires. Users can choose the right bulbs according to their needs.


High Quality LED bulbs

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will tell you how to choose the high- quality LED bulbs.


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has very rich experience in the production of LED bulbs. If you want to know how to choose the right LED bulbs, please look for the company for consultation.

China, 27th December, 2017: In response to the national call for energy-saving and emission reduction, and to improving the quality of home lighting, more and more people have used LED bulbs to replace traditional incandescent bulbs. In the case of the same illumination, the power of LED bulbs is 10 times than the ordinary lamps. If you use the LED lighting, the energy savings is considerable. The LED luminous efficiency is 150lm / W, while the ordinary bulb (incandescent) luminous efficiency is 12 ~ 24lm / W. That is, under the same luminous intensity, the power of LED bulbs is 1/10 to 1/8 of the ordinary light bulbs.

Therefore, the LED bulbs market is active. Many suppliers provide customers with a variety of LED bulbs. The emergence of this phenomenon makes the market is full of the LED bulbs with a growing difference in the quality. How to choose the LED bulbs for consumers? E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a proud manufacturer of LED lights in China. Its LED lights comply with CE, ROHS, CCC and other environmental certification standards, so customers are willing to buy the company's LED lighting products.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited with their lots of operating experiences, tell customers how to properly choose the LED bulbs. First of all, before buying a light bulb, you should understand which place you will use the bulb in, indoor or outdoor? How much brightness is needed? This all can save the purchase cost. Second, you should choose the finished products made by the 1W or 0.5W power SMD LED chip beads. Finally, the LED bulbs must use aluminum heat sink shell. You should not use the plastic case. LED lamp is afraid of the temperature most. It is difficult to ensure the life of LED lights if there is no good cooling condition. If you can do the above three points, you can easily choose a good LED bulb.


Ready to provide clients with beautiful and diverse LED wall lamps

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is ready to provide clients with beautiful and diverse LED wall lamps.


Sub-headline: LED wall lights have become increasingly darling of the decoration users. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited, as an excellent manufacturer of the wall lamps, can offer customers a variety of good wall lamp products.

China, 20th December, 2017: Since a long time ago, people tried to burn torches on the wall of houses to make lighting. Nowadays, with the progress of lighting technology and LED lamp technology, people are more and more interested in using LED wall lamps in their own home. The biggest feature of this lamp is it can combine the design and lighting together to create a warm and comfortable living environment for people. LED wall lamp often has a changing shape and diverse decoration. This lamp is also very easy to use and it can be installed anywhere on the wall as long as you have the lighting needs. No matter what the lighting range and the intensity of light are, you can always find the ideal answer in the LED wall lamp team. Therefore, the LED wall light is younger and is more convenient to adapt to the current development of our society.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a well-known LED wall lamp manufacturer, with excellent investigation and design team. Many customers such as Hilton, Hyatt, Fairmont, Raffles and other hotels like the LED wall lamps produced and manufactured by the company. The company is able to combine the practicality with the aesthetics of a wall lamp and devise a wall lamp that allows more users to enjoy it.

In addition, the company's wall lamp products are very diverse. For example, there is a currently popular wall lamp products welcomed by home users, and it is a good choice for the current home decoration. This lamp is a very flexible bedside LED wall lamp. This lamp has a very modern style of decoration, and the decoration can give more room for people to play. You can install this lamp in any corner of the house. Of course, this kind of lamp is often installed by people on the bed so that you can read the information on your cell phone and the newspapers. This LED wall lamp can be bent into a variety of angles. It is very free and random. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited considers this lamp is suitable for residential lighting, hotels, restaurants, resorts, residential lighting and similar environment.