Congratulation!!! One more big project in LED Lighting.

Congratulation!!!E-Top won one more important project for LED lighting in luxury hotel.

Thanks our clients, thanks E-Top team.


E-Top announced it can provide dedicated LED lights for the clean room.

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited announced it can provide dedicated LED lights for the clean room.

Sub-headline: In face of the establishment of clean rooms, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited decided to launch a series of LED lighting products specifically for the using of clean room.

China, 7th December, 2017: The term clean room is derived from the European medicine in the 1860s when its meaning was confined to treatment rooms that were capable of controlling the infection rate of the wounds after spray-disinfection, and to the sterilizing treatment rooms such as operating theaters. Today, clean rooms are no longer a very strange term, and we can easily find a variety of clean rooms such as the dust-free plants, the hospital operating rooms, hospital offices, hospital corridors, pharmaceutical companies and some others. There are some differences between the lights in these clean rooms and our daily LED indoor lighting. The LED lighting used in these places should not only meet the needs of lighting, but also meet the needs of cleanliness.

For example, an ordinary LED panel light is an energy-saving lighting used in the ceiling assembly, and it only has the difference in quality except the energy-saving and decorative effects. The LED clean panel lights have great requirements in the luminous brightness, the installation, surface treatment and so on. The LED clean panel light needs to have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, dust-proof and rust-free. And it must also have easy to clean with the surface which is not easy to accumulate dust.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a LED lighting manufacturer with rich experience. Faced with the needs of users for the clean room LED lighting, the company's research center in Hong Kong has developed a series of lights that can be applied specifically to the clean room after a large range of inspecting and testing. Compared to the common LED lamps, the greatest feature of the lights is anti-corrosion. And it is made of ceiling-mounted lights with a good sealing to prevent the invasion of bacteria and dust. This kind of lights is undoubtedly a good choice for many hospital users and manufacturers.


The LED panel lights in the clean room

Headline: The LED panel lights in the clean room.


Sub-headline: The employees of E-Top (HK) Technology Limited always try their best to manufacture and produce quality-assured LED lights.

China, 4th December, 2017: The panel light is a kind of advanced indoor lighting. The design of the lighting is beautiful and concise. Not only can it make a good lighting effect, but also can bring us a good feel. Therefore, the light often is used in bedrooms, factories and other places where need lighting. Ordinary panel lights cannot meet the energy-saving requirements. From the perspective of green lighting design, the LED panel lights are superior in environmental protection, power consumption, luminous efficiency, lighting brightness and other aspects. So, more and more modern users are interested in the LED panel lights.

The clean room is undoubtedly established with the development of the country and the need of people for cleanliness. The hospital operating room or the biopharmaceutical factories are always required to be designed as the clean room. The light used in the clean room not only is required to have high brightness, but also is required to be clean and simple with no extra decoration. The LED panel light with its own excellent performance gradually loved by the clean room designer.

As the demand for LED panel lights continues to be active, more and more lighting manufacturers have invested their capital into the manufacture of LED panel lights. However, the LED panel light appears to be just a simple light fixture, but its high market positioning determines the quality of the customer's need is extremely demanding. In addition, it is difficult to achieve the aims for the average company without a complete development team, the sufficient development experience and the follow-up management capabilities for the supply chain facing the problem that the product itself involves materials, thermal, optical, structural, hardware, Electronics and other fields. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a well-known domestic manufacturer of LED lights. The company has specialized in manufacturing LED lights for more than 10 years. Outstanding R & D team, hard work of manufacturing workers and the reliable quality assurance products are the reasons for the company's famous.


Let your wall can change color. LED wall washer struck!

Headline: Let your wall can change color. LED wall washer struck!


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited constantly enriched their own LED outdoor lighting team and introduced new LED wall washer products to you.

China, 3th December, 2017: Before the 1970s, if you heard the wall color can change, you would have thought it was a fairy tale, because only in the story we can hear of the magic wall, which happened to be able to change color with the master’s mood. Now, we can always find the colored wall outdoors, and all of these should be attributed to a magical LED outdoor lighting – the LED wall washer. Since 2013, LED wall washer has been widely used in various places, such as the wall lighting of corporate buildings, government buildings, historic buildings and entertainment venues. The range is also wide, from indoor to outdoor, from the local lighting to the overall lighting. These all mean that there is an improvement and development of the light level. LED wall washer has now invested a lot into the lighting project. In the next few years, LED wall washer will be developed into an indispensable part of the lighting project.

LED wall washer, as the name implies, it allows the lights to be washed through the wall like water and it is mainly used for architectural lighting purposes, as well as used to outline the contours of large buildings. As LED wall washer has energy saving, high luminous efficiency, color rich, long life and other characteristics, the other wall washer was gradually replaced by LED wall washer in 2013.

The R & D institutions of E-Top (HK) Technology Limited have long been committed to developing the colored light, and they produce the LED wall washer that is suitable for our commercial lighting needs, and can meet the energy requirements of the lights. The production of this light has been rigorously examined and tested. So it has a high quality and is not prone to failure. In addition, the LED wall washers manufactured by the company not only meet the monochromatic lighting requirements, but also have colorful lights that can easily make your dream that have a colorful wall to come true. 


The latest LED outdoor lighting solutions

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited introduces you one of the latest LED outdoor lighting solutions with using the LED flood lights to create a better living environment.


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is the leading manufacturer of LED outdoor lighting products in China. Its LED flood lights are welcomed by many buyers because of its good color rendering and high cost performance.

China, 29th November, 2017: You can find the glow of LED lights easily in modern electronics. Sometimes, it is twinkling in the front panel of your computer, or pointing your optical mouse at the bottom of your right hand. It is a light in the new flashlight in the dark and they can form the TV wall in the central square. The LED lights we see in our lives tend to be colorful, but initially the LED lights were not colorful. It was not until 1962 that Nick Holonyak Jr., a 34-year-old general researcher at General Electric Company in the United States, invented LED that can emit red visible light. In 1972, M. George Craford, a student at Tronac, invented the first orange-yellow LED with 10 times bright than previous red LED. To the 1970s, LED has appeared red, orange, yellow, green and other colors. Today, LED has formed many types and specifications. Having colorful light experience is no longer a human dream.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has been committed to research and manufacture colorful LED outdoor lighting. The company is customer-oriented and provides customers with high-quality LED lighting. They continue to send a survey team to collect opinions of customers, and then improve their own LED lighting products. Among the many LED outdoor lighting products made by the company (including LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED garden lights, LED ground lights and LED strips), the LED flood lights can definitely be called a proud product. From the early days of the company, LED flood lights were an important product of the company and helped the company win a lot of loyal customers. For instance, there is a LED flood light with the Item No. is ET-FL30W-R2. The Wattage of it is 30W, and the lumen is 2700Lm. It has 20 square meters reflection space. If you want a gentle outdoor space, the LED flood light will be a good choice.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has produced LED flood lights and other LED outdoor lighting has more than 10 years. The company has a broad customer base and the LED lights produced by the company deserve more customers to discover and have a try. 


Thanksgiving Wishes - E-Top Partners


Thanksgiving Dinner - E-Top Family


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited decrypts LED ceiling lights for you.

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited decrypts LED ceiling lights for you.

Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a well-known LED ceiling lights manufacturer. The company has capable of producing different types of high-quality LED ceiling lights. Now, the company will reveal the secrets of the LED ceiling lights for your purchase.

China, 26th November, 2017: Whenever you walk in a mall with attractive counters or find a car in an auto show that attracts you most, are you attracted by the small bulb - LED ceiling lights that create the beautiful light environments? The lights are widely used in shopping malls, hotels, counters and other places relying on its excellent color. Even a lot of lighting enthusiasts spend a high price to buy LED ceiling lights and install them at home in order to create a beautiful and dreamlike living environment. LED ceiling lights are born with the ability to change the environment of an ordinary place and make a dazzling feel. And the lights are very rich in color including blue, red and yellow, etc., which make you can choose your favorite color.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited annually produces and sales different types of LED ceiling lights. If you live in hotels such as Hilton, you will find the LED ceiling lights provided by the company with shining and providing a bright environment for the travelers. In addition, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has rich experience in production. The LED ceiling lights made by the company have very high quality. And the company is devoted to researching new and more innovative products, which in recent years have gradually upgraded the LED ceiling light heat sinks, chips, power supplies and lenses and create a large number of new LED ceiling lights for market.

For example, the LED ceiling light which the item number is ET-TH03C-W01-P produced by the company has good sales. The wattage of it is 3w and the lumen of it is 360Lm with the LED chip is Epistar. The most important is the weight of it is 140g which means that the LED ceiling light is very small and light, and can be installed in any detail you can imagine, such as your dresser ceiling around. Most surprising is that if you choose the company's lights, you can still enjoy up to 2 years shelf life.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited produce high-quality LED ceiling lights, and its headquarters in Hong Kong has been committed to producing the latest LED lighting. If you are interested in the lights, you can visit the website: www.etoptechltd.com.


Create a simple and modern green decoration program

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited recommend the new LED panel lights and LED down lights to you to create a simple and modern green decoration program.


Sub-headline: Many users face difficulties in choosing green lights. According to their operating experience, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited recommends the latest and easiest home improvement solutions to you with the LED panel lights and LED down lights.

China, 22th November, 2017: With the continuous enrichment of our social life, people can see and think more and more things deeply. To some extent, the phenomena improved the complexity of our thinking, and caused our aesthetic fatigue. For example, although the gorgeous flowers in the park look very good, people feel dizzy and even vomit for a long time looking. The reason is that people have limited receiving capacity for overly complicated things. When looking at complicated designs, people always want to pursue simplicity and cleanliness.

One of the key features of minimalist design is the large number of applications for geometry, solid color blocks (including pure black, white). LED panel lights came into being based on the people's pursuit of simple requirements. The simple and elegant design of this light, without losing the aesthetic feeling, can let the user experience a feeling of relaxation. It is easy to install, which greatly facilitates people's lives. More and more modestly decorated rooms now use the LED panel lights. However, although a single panel light can ensure the brightness of the room, it lacks the sense of design and fashion, and often requires the combination of LED down lights to better create an artistic living environment. LED down light is a light embedded into the ceiling which can play a condenser effect.

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for interior decoration, LED panel lights and LED down lights like small partners are frequently used by people. The combination of these two kinds of lights really realizes the user's requirements for wide-area exposure and small-area focused prominence, so it is deeply loved by people. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is an excellent LED panel lights and LED down lights manufacturer and seller. The company has an excellent production team and many years customer experience. They know what kind of design can meet customers' demand and they provide users with a good installation services. The company's LED panel lights and LED down lights is not only safe, quality guaranteed, but also fashionable. 


How to distinguish inferior LED tubes?

Headline: How to distinguish inferior LED tubes? E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will give you a solution.


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is the leading company in China that can provide high-quality LED tubes for domestic and foreign users. The LED tubes made by the company always can bring users high-quality experience.

China, 19th November, 2017:The World Environment Day is June 5 each year. It reflects the people's awareness and attitude toward environmental issues and expresses the longing and pursuit of mankind for a better environment. The theme of 2017 World Environment Day is everyone involved and creates a green home. It is no longer a simple slogan to protect the environment, curb global warming and save resources. It has been the responsibility of every citizen to participate in the cause of environmental protection. Traditional incandescent lights have the advantages of low price and soft lighting. But the energy consumption of them is high and they are not easy to recover after damage. So they are the lighting products bad for our environmental protection. LED lights are eco-friendly and consume less energy during using with them widely installing in today's factories, shops, classrooms and offices.

Most people think that there is no difference as long as the appearance of LED lights is the same. In fact, superior and inferior LED tubes have different in many ways. Inferior LED tubes have poor quality materials with a poor performance. They often exaggerate propaganda and marked standard parameters apocryphally. Specifically, the appearance of the inferior LED tubes always imitate the products of other brands. They use inferior light beads, power supply, heat sink and the design of them is unreasonable. The product can not reach the industry manufacturing standards completely.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a leader in Chinese LED lighting manufacturers with very rich manufacture and sale experience of LED tubes. The LED tubes provides by the company is not only have a exquisite appearance, but also are high quality. The products of the company are fully in line with the global industrial standards and specifications likes CE, ROHS, and EMC. For example, LED T8 tubes sold by the Company have a long service life and consume less than one-third the power of traditional fluorescent lights. But their brightness is consistent with the traditional fluorescent lights. In general, the normal life of the LED T8 is more than 30,000 hours without replacement. At present, nearly 80% of China's users choose the LED T8.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a industry-leading LED tube manufacturers in China. The company sales various specifications of LED tubes and its accessories both in the way of online and offline. To learn more about LED tubes, you can visit the official website:www.etoptechltd.com.


A wide range of various LED tubes for the individual and institutional users from...

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited produces and offers a wide range of various LED tubes for the individual and institutional users.


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a professional manufacturer of LED lights with combining design, manufacture and sales together. The company is always commitment to provide high-quality LED tubes for users around the world.

China, 15th November, 2017: Most manufacturers have an intimate knowledge of the LED fluorescent lights that is often installed in large factories, production workshop, workbench, office, underground parking, hospital, school classroom and other occasion. The characteristics of LED tubes are durable, simple and beautiful. It is easy to install and suitable for the large area lighting. In 2017, the Power Planning and Design Institute predicts the total energy consumption in China will be about 4.4 billion tons of standard coal. The huge figure means that our country has a big energy consumption, and the pressing matter of the moment for our enterprises is to shoulder their own social responsibilities to save energy consumption by using the LED lights instead of the traditional lamps.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a well-known LED manufacturer in China with a  enterprise faith to manufacture and provide a variety of high-quality LED lights for users, including the LED tubes. The company's headquarters is located in Hong Kong and it has its own branch offices around the world, such as in the UK, India, Spain and other countries. In the ten years of business, the company has created a high quality team made up with outstanding engineers, designers and other brilliant workers.

In the Sheraton, W Hotel, Hiton and other companies, you can see the LED lighting provided by E-Top (HK) Technology Limited, especially the new LED T5. This is a LED tube with 5/8 inch diameter. The LED T5 is more small and thin compared with the LED T8 or other size of LED tubes in appearance. What’s more, the tubes made by the company can save up to 80% or more in power. And its life expectancy can be  10 times more than ordinary lamps. The LED T5 is almost maintenance-free because there is no need to frequently change the tubes, ballast, starter when you use the LED tube.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a manufacturing company with extensive manufacturing experience about the LED tubes. Its R & D center is located in Hong Kong with committed to introducing a wide range of new and portable LED tube products and providing users with excellent service.


The Release Of A Wide Array Of Led Module Lights For The Hospitality Industry Usi...

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Announces The Release Of A Wide Array Of Led Module Lights For The Hospitality Industry Using


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a Hong Kong based enterprise that was established in 2002 with the sole objective of manufacturing a comprehensive range of high quality LED lights primarily for the hospitality industry. 

For Immediate Press Release

8th November 8, 2017, Hong Kong, China: The hospitality industry which incorporates several segments as being a part of the service sector of an economy as well as integrates numerous fields of the tourism industry, transformed and progressed rapidly in the past few decades. Since people all over the world are travelling a lot more nowadays than ever before, the hospitality industry is experiencing a boom and the trend is expected to persist for as long as one can foresee. Consequently, there is an ever-present demand for a diversified range of processed and semi-processed items as well as raw materials required by hotels, lodgings, and restaurants, including modernized lighting and related fixtures. LED lights in all its variety including LED modules are fast becoming the standardized mode of illumination in almost every commercial or industrial segment as well as the domestic sector.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a leading Chinese company engaged in manufacturing a near unlimited assortment of LED lights including but not limited to bulbs, candle lights, ceiling lights, down lamps, flood lights, panel lights, LED strips, floodlights, and spotlights. The manufacturing concern, headquartered in Hong Kong, has facilities in Shantou (China), Kota (Rajasthan, India), Zhongshan City (China), Sussex (UK), and Mallorca (Spain). Since the establishment of the company, the organization has devoted itself to producing different types of LED lights for the hospitality industry. The company started foraging the global markets for LEDs with the setting up of the foreign trade group in 2006 and soon bagged contracts for supplying to Sheraton Hotels, Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Shell, and so on. All its LED bulbs, tubes, decorative lamps, and panel lights have an aluminum profile and are of excellent luminosity.

LED power supply also referred to as a LED driver is indispensable for providing the electricity to the bulb, needed for performing at its peak, quite similar to ballast that supplies power to a fluorescent lamp or a transformer for low-wattage bulb. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited also specializes in the production of LED drivers or strips of different varieties and models. The LED strip SMD3528 functions as a driver for almost all kinds of LED lighting, strip lights, LED display, and so on. The LED power supplies are manufactured conforming to global industrial standards and specifications like CE, RoHS, and EMC. The products are designed in a meticulous manner which accord them total protection against short circuitry and overload damage. At the same time, the output voltage stays stabilized throughout the period of operation. The longevity of the LED drivers is extended, thanks to the inbuilt EMI filter and being 100% load tested, they operate with extraordinary efficiency without getting overheated. To be specific, these power supply units have an active lifespan of at least 20,000 hours.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has acquired a high degree of specialization in fabricating a near endless range of LED lights and fixtures. For more details about the company and its products, please visit their website.


E-Top Introduces Green Lighting Solutions With Latest Range of LED Wall Ligh

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Introduces Green Lighting Solutions With Latest Range of LED Wall Lights


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a company based in China with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company was established in the year 2008 and for the past nine years, they have been holding their position as one of the leaders in manufacturing LED lighting solutions.

Press Release

Hong Kong, November 8, 2017: The world is changing fast and the change is not only confined to the lifestyle of the common man, but also the overall thinking and perception of the same. Technological advancements and innovation levels are in record high due to the rise in demand for solutions to some serious issues that endanger the survival of the human race.

One of the most pressing concerns for the modern man is global warming, a direct result of the burning of fossil fuels that went unchecked for centuries. Industrialists and industries are changing their overall approach for conducting their business operations with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint. One of the most drastic change that the market went through recently is the decline in demand for traditional lighting fixtures and the rise in the need for LED wall lights.

By adopting such green lighting solutions for their establishments and homes, people around the world are reducing their carbon footprint and contributing for a greener earth. Manufacturing LED wall lights, and related accessories is not an easy task. Companies associated with the production of such products need to revamp their plants. Advanced robotics/automation, precision engineered designs, advanced research and development team for conceptualizing, testing and innovating new and old products are some of the hurdles that need to be overcome by traditional manufacturers around the world. China is one of the leaders in the LED light manufacturing sector and E-Top (HK) Technology Limited can be represented as a great example. The company is known around the world for their quality assured LED light fittings and accessories.

The LED wall lamps from the company are known to deliver enhanced luminosity, long operational life and great values for money. They conduct their business operations through their online portal and have their services spread throughout the world. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a reputed organization and has an excellent rapport with their clients around the world. The company is considered to be one of the best customer-centric organizations in all of China. The manufacturing unit of the company is equipped with state of the art equipment and advanced robotics. The research and development wing of the company is manned by an experienced technician, engineers and electronic designers who are responsible for the conceptualization and development of new and existing products.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a LED light manufacturing and designing firm based in China. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and conducts their business operations through their intricately designed web store. For further details, feel free to approach the company or visit their official website mentioned above. 


Four levels you need to know about the hotel lighting

Headline: Four levels you need to know about the hotel lighting.

Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a good hotel lighting suppliers. The company has been committed to meeting the needs of hotel lighting users and creating a large number of high-quality hotel lighting products.

China, 12th November, 2017: Hotel lighting system is a special lighting system compared to household lighting system. The biggest particularity is that the hotel lighting system is to provide services to many travelers, which means that the hotel's lighting can not be over-personalized because the system have to meet the needs of most travelers. Hotel lighting should not only help guests relax, but also help to create a vibrant atmosphere. Only recognize the service-oriented light features of the hotel lighting, can the hotel users make the right choice.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a outstanding domestic hotel lighting suppliers. There are a lot of hotels with different size which are the company’s service objects. According to the characteristics of different hotels, the company can produce and design different lighting products.

The company works together with hotel owners in older to create a perfect hotel and to win rich returns for the hotel lighting users . E-Top (HK) Technology Limited proposed that there are four levels of hotel lighting according to their own service experience:

a. The overall environmental lighting

The overall environment lighting is the main light source of a space. It’s aim to providing sufficient brightness when guests and staff move around. In general, the illumination should be between 100-200lx.

b. Work lighting

Work lighting is used in specific areas. It can provide more concentrated lighting effects. Typically , the work lighting is used as a supplemental lighting for overall environment lighting in some office spaces, such as conference rooms and certain specific desktops.

c. Focus lighting

To increase the emphasis for a scene, we need a more focused lightingwhich can help increase the depth of field and can better emphasizes the shape, texture and colors of the displayed items.

d. Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting has two main purposes: to enrich the lighting level of the hotel environment and to enhance the sense of design. Decorative lights Commonly used are: chachandeliers, wall lamps, chandeliers, lamps and floor lamps.

If you want to know more about hotel lighting design, the company's website can provide you with www.etoptechltd.com.


Improve and perfect your household lighting system with the lighting products

Headline: Improve and perfect your household lighting system with the lighting products made by E-Top (HK) Technology Limited.


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited, as a representative of household lighting suppliers, provides users with a wide range of colorful lighting, which can help to upgrade your household lighting system.

China, 8th November, 2017: As an important part of indoor architectural space, the significant of lighting design is being recognized by more and more consumers. Decorating living space With the interaction of light and shadow is regarded as one great way to make your home look fresh. Therefore, a more advanced and modern household lighting system can help users easily create fantastic lighting, and creating a colorful living environment.

As we all know, lighting design is an important part of household decoration. However, different living spaces such as living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom have different demands on the design of lighting because of the function and the space difference. For example, the living room is often designed with complex lighting system to meet different needs. At the same time, the living room is often equipped with spotlights and other decorative lamps to adapt some special purposes. Another example, you can choose some lights with simple shape, bright color and high brightness for the restaurant.

Users must carefully considerate how to choose the Household lighting products. Not only can the lights meet the demand of users’ daily life, but also can take into account the beauty of light. They have the responsibility to give the users a beautiful visual enjoyment.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is committed to the design and manufacture of excellent household lighting products, in older to help the users to solve the problems encountered in choosing household lighting products. The company advises users to consider the following layout principles when choosing lighting products.

Firstly, Simple principle. Too complicated shape and colors are not suitable for the design of simple rooms. Secondly, Convenience principle. Most people have experienced the awkwardness of replacing a ceiling light bulb. When choosing a lamp, you have to consider the convenience of replacing the lights. Thirdly, Energy-saving principle. Energy-saving light bulbs will not emit too much heat and can have a long life. LED bulbs is a good choice for you.

Based on these principles, users can choose household lighting products more rationally. If you want to learn more about household lighting details, please visit the company's Website:



Do you feel worried about choosing appropriate LED strips for your guestroom?

Headline: Do you feel worried about choosing appropriate LED strips for your guestroom? E-Top (HK) Technology Limited will provide you with the best advice and service.


Sub-headline: LED strips are gradually becoming a more popular way of decoration and they will make your guestroom become a more colorful and stylish art world.

China, 5th November, 2017: LED strips is sweeping the country with the advantages of plasticity and portability. Whether you are an attractive online star who want to get more fans, a hotel manager with the purpose of profit, or a resident for the sake of fashion, you need LED strips to decorate your guestroom.

The LED strips are often installed in the ceiling, the TV wall, the background wall and in a variety of letters and patterns accordance with the needs of users. The guestroom decorated by LED strips are more beautiful and creative, and can form a very unique style of decoration. The LED strips has a lot of users, and in recent years they are welcomed by the younger generation because the LED strips can inspire their creativity and inspiration.

Many users want to know what kind of standard can be used to selected the LED strips for their guestroom. Although LED strips is easy to carry and install, but there still have some precautions in the selection. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has given two recommendations to help users to pick high-quality LED strips.

Firstly, in terms of category. The LED strips type widely used currently is 3528 and 5050 strips (3528 refers to the LED light source size, its length is 32mm and width is 28 mm, 5050 refers to the LED light source length and width are 50 mm).The difference between the two is the size, and there are three LED chips in the 5050 light beads compared that there are 1 LED chip in 3528. So for the same light beads, 5050 LED strips has 3 times power than the 3528 LED strips.Of course, the price is also 3 times. However, LED strips are mainly used to light up the lamp and the decorative characteristic plays an important role. So the company recommend the 3528 LED strips with 60 lights per meter to you with taking into account the power consumption, price and other factors.

Secondly, in terms of quality. The LED strips are generally working at 220v voltage. That means LED strips need to be wrapped by a thick layer of flame retardant glue, and the material of the wire and the circuit boards are generally copper. LED lamp beads determine the light life, so do not use the cheap LED strips in your guestroom

If you want to learn more about the installation requirements of LED strips, please visit the company's website:www.etoptechltd.com.


Show your design talent by using the LED strips

Headline: Show your design talent by using the LED strips manufactured by E-Top (HK) Technology Limited.


Sub-headline: Now, as a good LED strips suppliers, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited provides various LED strips for the domestic and foreign users, which can let you control the lights as you want and show your design talent.

China, 1th November, 2017: The LED lights with the advantages of energy saving and environmentally-friendly are well received by the people all over the world. However, the attendant problem is that people have more strict requirements for the lighting style. Especially with the continuous development of online media, the users’ requirements about the quality and style of the LED lights are significantly improved, so that they can successfully attract people’s attention and to create a illusion environment.

Faced with this situation, the E-Top (HK) Technology Limited, as the representative of the many manufacturers of LED lighting, introduced the new LED lights. LED strips are assembled by the LED in the ribbon FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board. They are named LED strips just because the shape of them is like a belt. The lights are popular in a variety of decorative industries because of the features of long life (generally normal life is 80000 to 100,000 hours), energy efficient and green.

LED strips has a very obvious advantage in using. Specifically, the LED strips are soft, and can be cut and extended as you want. The light bulb and the road is completely covered in the flexible plastic, so the LED strips have a waterproof function and the use of them is safe. The most important thing is that the lights are easy to make graphics, text and other shapes; Now, the LED strips have been widely used in decoration of the building, bridges, pathways, gardens, courtyards, strata, lodging, furniture, buses, lakes, underwater, posters, logo, etc. 

Every day we can see a lot of places where LED strips are used. For example, street supermarkets often install this kind of light, so that they can attract more customers attention at night. LED strips can also be used in the Modern decoration to create a fantastic indoor environment. The E-Top (HK) Technology Limited offer users exquisite LED strips according to the needs of them. LED strips will meet your needs to pursue freedom and help you show the design talent. If you would like to know more about LED strips, please visit the company's website:www.etoptechltd.com.


installed the LED reading lights in your guestroom

Headline: Has your hotel not installed the LED reading lights? They are available in the E-Top (HK) Technology Limited.


Sub-headline: As a well-known hotel lighting supplier, the E-Top (HK) Technology Limited began to create the special LED reading lights according to the requirements of many hotel customers. Does the visitors still complain that the lights are dazzling and they can not work and read? The E-Top (HK) Technology Limited can help hotel customers to solve this problem.

China, 28th October, 2017: People need special lights when they are reading and working. With the increasing number of shortsighted people, how to improve the light quality for people when they are working and reading, and how to reduce the degree of human eye’s fatigue, is gradually become a problem. Although the traditional incandescent lights have a good color rendering, and they can completely restore the original color of the object, their life is short and they waste  much energy. In our country, the government has ban the use of incandescent lights in 2016.

LED lights , in theory, can completely eliminate the strobe due to the different light principle. What’s more, the lights have a high luminous efficiency and also have the potential to pursue higher luminous efficiency. The advantages of them are small size, no flicker, no UV and the high luminous efficiency. The color rendering of the LED lights which use of high-quality chip (OSRAM, Nichia, CREE) can be more than 80 or even 95, so the life of these lights is very long.

Based on the above, LED reading lights are more and more popular for majority of white-collar workers. Hotel is a place where the office workers love to stay when they are traveling or working. The work and living habits of these workers have determined that they have a high demand for the hotel's LED reading lights. The result is that the hotel Installed reading lights often able to attract more attention of office workers. With the increasing popularity of LED reading lights, the demand of the lights has increased significantly.

The E-Top (HK) Technology Limited manufactures and produces many types of LED reading lights. The company’s products are high-quality with no radiation, and they are "green" light source. The lights does not require hot start time, and are suitable for moving fast objects. The focus of this LED reading lights is its soft lighting, simple structure and uncomplicated operation. This kind of lightcan create a beautiful working environment for the travelers. If you would like to know more details, please visit the company’s website:www.etoptechltd.com.


The colorful LED wall lights to decorate your guestroom

Headline: Buy the colorful LED wall lights in E-Top (HK) Technology Limited to decorate your guestroom.


Sub-headline: Nowadays, the E-Top (HK) Technology Limited supply a variety of high-quality wall lights to domestic and foreign hotel users. There is a fact that the E-Top (HK) Technology Limited can make your hotel room more colorful.

China, 25th October, 2017: Researchers from the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus (UTSC) have found that human emotions, both positive and negative, can change a lot in bright or dim light. Other evidence suggests that in sunny day, people are more optimistic about the stock market, and more helpful. But when the weather is bad in a long time, people will be anxious. The phenomenon means that, gloomy can lead to seasonal affective disorder. As an important place for visitors, hotel users are really the fans of various lights. The hotel users is accustomed to using different lighting to create a comfortable and safe environment for travelers, so that visitors can feel at home, and can get freely rest or get a better enjoyment when they stay in the hotel.

Therefore, the hotel's lighting quality and style requirements are getting higher and higher from the special ceiling lights, down lights, to the exquisite hotel wall lights. In order to make the room’s light soft, and show warm colors, the hotel users often choose the wall lights instead of the indoor central dome lights. LED wall lights can not only help the hotel to create a comfortable, artistic environment, but also can help hotel users to save resources and electricity costs. So all the time, the hotel users find the wall lights that can make them satisfied.

The E-Top (HK) Technology Limited can fabricate various styles LED wall lights for the hotel users (note that: there is a big difference with the traditional wall lights), including mirror front lights, bedside lights and others. The company can also design excellent wall lights based on the hotel interior decoration style for the hotel users. For example, you can install a single-headed wall lights if the room is small, and use the double-headed wall lights with a large room. The E-Top (HK) Technology Limited often stand in the perspective of hotel users to thinking about the manufacture and design of wall lights. If you are interested in buying some LED wall lights from the company, you can log in the company's official website for inquiries:www.etoptechltd.com.


A simple and modern decoration style

Headline: You are easy to have a simple and modern decoration style by selecting the delicate LED penal light in E-Top (HK) Technology Limited.


Sub-headline: Choosing delicate LED panel light in E-Top (HK) Technology Limited, then you can get a simple and modern decoration style easily.

China, 17th October, 2017: As a safe and efficient energy-saving lighting system, LED lights make people's daily life more convenient, and these lights create a bright, comfortable and environmental-friendly daily living environment for the users. However, people often feel difficult in the purchase of LED lamp because of the wide variety of it. People do not know which kind of LED lamps can exactly meet the needs of them.

As a important member of LED lights, the LED panel light has three prominent features. First, the light angle. The Luminous mode of the LED panel light is depended on the Side light source. The LED panel light can make a very uniform flat light effect when the light passes through the high light transmittance light guide plate. This mechanism makes light more bright, soft, comfortable and not dazzling. In addition, the ultra-bright patch LED light source with a Large luminous angle can saving more than 70% energy than the ordinary fluorescent.

Secondly, heat dissipation. Both the luminous mode and the good cooling structure design of the LED panel lights make them can derive heat rapidly. As the result, the shell temperature of the light rise <20 degrees, which effectively extend the life of the whole lamp and make the average life of light ≥ 50,000 hours.

Finally, the convenience of lamp’s installation . LED panel light is Ultra-thin and easy to install. It can be embedded in the ceiling to replace the same specifications decoration and can easily integrated with the ceiling. In other way, the LED penal light can also stick to the ceiling or hang on the ceiling. The way to install is flexible and various. The LED panel light is widely used in the interior, including modern decoration style restaurants, hotels and apartments. What makes it so popular is the convenience and beauty features of it.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is able to customize the appropriate LED panel light for users according to their needs, which can illuminate every night for you , and  bring you peace and comfort. If you want to learn more details about the LED panel lights, please visit the company’s website:www.etoptechltd.com.


Upgrade Your Indoor LED Lighting System

Headline: Welcome to Upgrade Your Indoor LED Lighting System in E-Top (HK) Technology Limited.


Sub-headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited can provide consumers with high quality indoor lighting products, whether you are business company or personal users, as long as you want to create a bright and comfortable indoor environment, welcome to inquiry E-Top (HK) Technology Limited.

China, 13th October 2017: Faced with the growing pressure of resources shortage,  the energy conservation and emission reduction problem is not only becoming an important evaluation index of local governments performance, but also is the responsibility of every city residents.

LED bulbs are the light-emitting diodes made of semiconductor materials. It can directly convert electrical energy into light, and it has a high electron-optical conversion efficiency. Generally, we are used to calling them “energy-saving lamps”. Now, our country provides the family power supply is 220v AC, but the LED lamp operating voltage is very low. We usually need to buck in a rectifier, so that can we use it normally. For example, a 4-watt LED lamp is equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent lamp, so the use of LED lights is essential to achieve the sustainability of our environment.

Now, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is an important indoor LED lighting supplier. The company can provide people across the world with various types and styles of indoor lighting system according to the user’s demand. LED lighting is a great choice which can combine bright with energy-saving.

Using the LED lighting can help reduce the power of our country Consumption and avoid wasting our natural resources with giving your a bright and comfort indoor environment. For example, LED Light Bulbs, which is a High luminance LED that can bright enough to illuminate the entire indoor environment, is an excellent choice for us to replace our ordinary incandescent lamp.The bulbs is brighter than the average, so it is able to avoid vertigo and myopia when youin the room and reading the book. What makes us surprised is that, the LED bulbs is only 5w. The LED Chips of it is EPISTAR, and the size of the bulb is 60×100mm,it’s weight is 85g. It is a bulb with light, cheap, credible and other features, and can build a more energy efficient indoor lighting system for you. You can get more information about the energy-saving bulb by visiting the company’s website :www.etoptechltd.com.


E-Top Announces to Provide High-quality LED Indoor Lighting Products for hotel

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Announces to Provide High-quality LED Indoor Lighting Products for the Hotel Users.

Sub-headline:As a excellent hotel lighting supplier, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is able to provide high quality and various LED lighting products for the hotel users, which can make the hotel becomes a more comfortable and warm haven.

China, 11th October, 2017: As a solid-state semiconductor light-emitting diode which can converting electrical energy into visible light, LED lighting has obvious advantages over traditional lighting (such as incandescent lamps) in terms of energy consumption, life length, environmental protection, style, color and so on.

These features make it becomes a trend to replace the traditional lighting system with LED lighting equipment for the hotel chain, because the LED lighting system can reduce the cost of business and improve their profits. Specifically, LED lighting facilitate to enhance the beauty of the lamp, and they can emit the colorful light which increase the diversity of your color choice. So, there is no doubt that you will possess a magnificent and gorgeous hotel decoration. 

What the hotel lighting want to convey to guests is the feeling of cordial, warm, safe, elegant, private ... ... It is important for hotel to create an ideal light environment and an artistic world. A hotel lighting system is wanted to achieve an comfort, artistic, uniformity, safety design effect. In a word, the hotel lighting system is a combination of technology and art, so it must be tailored according to local conditions. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a global LED lights manufacturer and they can provide high-quality LED lighting facilities for all kinds of hotel to upgrade their lighting system whether they are Large, medium or small. The hotel users also can achieve their goals to make the visitors relax and feel at home .

Compared to other LED lighting suppliers, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has a great advantage in the aspect of LED lighting type, quality and customer service. First of all, in the type of lamps, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a excellent LED manufacturer. It means that you can see various types of LED lamps in the company, such as LED ceiling light, LED strips and so on. In terms of quality, the company's LED lights has a good reputation and sales, and there also has a excellent team can provide after-sales services for the LED lighting users. In the customer service, youare easy to buy the LED products from the company, or even can get the products designed specifically for you.If you want to learn more about the LED products, please visit the company’s website:www.etoptechltd.com


E-Top Extends Their Professional Solutions For Commercial LED Lighting Systems

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Extends Their Professional Solutions For Commercial LED Lighting Systems & Accessories


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a Chinese firm that is associated with the fabrication and distribution of innovative, advanced and eco-friendly LED light fittings. The company operates internationally and caters to their clients with impressive services and quality assured products.

Press release

Hong Kong, October 11, 2017: The global market scenario is undergoing a rapid transformation with every passing hour. Both traditional segments of the market, as well as the new sectors, are turning saturated due to their unique demands and innovation specific needs. It is the aftereffect of global warming and environmental depletion. Industries and industrialists are changing their approach to conducting their operations. They are turning towards greener lighting solutions for their establishments.

LED tubes have spread like wildfire in the global market due to the reduced power consumption of these products and subsequent low carbon footprint. LED light fittings and accessories are also known for their enhanced lumen value. On the long run, these products are cost-effective due to their long operational life. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a Chinese firm that fabricates and distributes quality assured LED light fittings. The company is popular for their innovative product ideas and customer-centric operations.

The firm was established in 2000 and since then they have been serving the interests of their global clients with commitment and diligence. In the initial days, they started off by offering their LED T5 tubes, lighting strips, etc. to the small scale and big industrial groups established within China. Within a few years, the company faced massive promotions via word of mouth from their satisfied customers and later on expanded their operations to the global market.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited also fabricates Nano Plastic LED tubes and is one of the most successful products available in the company’s portfolio. The LED down lights manufactured by the company redefined the way commercial establishments light up their buildings. These light fittings can also be used for domestic lighting solutions and are popular among homemakers and tech-savvy individuals alike. The company makes the use of state of the art manufacturing equipment in their production line with most of it being autonomous.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited makes sure that the rapport with their global clientele remains the same for time immemorial. For that particular reason, they employed a team of expert individuals belonging to the technical and designing field. The research and development wing of the company makes sure that all of their products are free from manufacturer’s fault. They also tirelessly work for coming up with innovative product ideas that would ensure the future of the company.


E-Top  Announces To Supply 100% Load Tested LED Strips For Different Applications...

Headline: E-Top (HK) Technology Announces To Supply 100% Load Tested LED Strips For Different Applications


Sub-headline: All LED Strips come with short circuit protection, overload protection and 100% load tested to offer a stable output voltage.


Kowloon, Hong Kong, August 8, 2017 – There are a variety of applications where LED strip lights can be used. Hong Kong based E-Top (HK) Technology has a wide range of LED Strips in their portfolio with different industrial specifications and robust technological capabilities to be used in different applications. All these LED lights are 100% load tested and which ensure a stable performance.

According to the company spokesperson, they offer an extensive range of LED strip and accessories for different industrial applications. Clients can choose strips of varied lengths with LEDs at different spacing. The spokesperson reveals that these strips are highly efficient and they can also supply strips fitted with LEDs that can be used in extreme conditions. Based on the requirements, a client can procure LED fitted copper strips from the company and can use them in different applications and in different conditions, whether indoor or outdoor. 

The company also offers RGB LED Strips, available with all types of industrial applications and standards. The strip can be used in all types of LED lights and LED displays. With the IP 20 protection rating, the strip ensures short circuit protection and overload protection. The LED strip is CE, RoHS and EMC approved and also 100% load tested to offer a stable output voltage. The spokesperson reveals that the strip is suitable for operating in the normal working conditions between the temperature range of -20° and +45°, and that it may not work properly in extreme conditions.

E-Top (HK) Technology can also supply 3528 LED Strips that emit white light. Each strip contains 120 LEDs to produce ample light with high efficiency and low temperature. The spokesperson maintains that with a lifespan of over 20,000 hours, the LED strip is a suitable option for being used in a range of applications. The strip body is made of the PCB material, which is durable and also offers a flexibility to be used in a variety of lighting options. With copper pads at suitable intervals, the strip gets the desired longevity for a long-lasting performance.

One can learn more about these LED fitted strips by visiting the website www.etoptechltd.com


Ingenious Range Of LED Lighting Fixtures & Led Strips For Global Clients


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a Chinese firm that is associated with the fabrication, designing and supplying of standard quality LED lighting fixtures and LED strips.

Press Release

China, 10 September 2017: In the recent times, there has been a steady rise in the demand for LED lighting solutions and LED Strips among the commercial and domestic markets. This is due to the fact that LED lighting solutions are durable, reliable and environmentally friendly. They provide the user with enhanced luminosity all the while keeping the consumption of power to a minimum. This reduces power consumption by the consumer which further brings down the recurring power bill. It also aids in the reduction of carbon footprint in the environment by consuming less energy.

Quality ensured and reliable LED lighting fixtures can only be manufactured by entities that are capable of meeting all the required standards for doing so. China has been leading the LED manufacturing scene for quite some time. This has been possible for the country to do so due to manufacturers like E-Top (HK) Technology Limited. All of the products that come out of the company including the RGB LED strips, are manufactured by exercising the maximum control over quality that meets the standards of CE and RoHS certification.

The company sells their products to their national and international clients via their online store. Products like the 3528 LED strips are high in demand. All of the lighting fixtures available from the company are highly efficient and provides maximum lumen value per dollar spent. The web store is equipped with advanced features like filters and size charts that allow the customer to select the product according to their requirements. Clients are provided with options to either buy individual goods or order products in bulk.

The Company believes in the deliverance of quality assured products to their customers. They heavily invested in the formation of their research and development team. The team comprises of highly skilled and trained individuals that are responsible for the inception of new and innovative ideas and improvements in all of their existing products. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited believes in fair trade and this belief made them incorporate a comparison tool in their web store. The comparison tool allows the prospective buyer make comparisons between their products and the products available from other manufacturers.

The manufacturing unit of the company comprises of state of the art machinery and advanced robotics that ensures optimum quality control and efficiency regarding monthly output. Customers can also avail the flexible return policy provided by the company in case they receive damaged goods.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited:

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a company based in China that manufactures and supplies designer LED lighting fixtures and LED accessories to their clients both in the overseas and within China. For further business queries and questions related to product specifications, feel free to contact the company by visiting their official website mentioned above.  


Designs And Produces Advanced Led Tubes And Fittings For Use In Domestic And Indu...

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Designs And Produces Advanced Led Tubes And Fittings For Use In Domestic And Industrial Market


E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a Chinese firm that fabricates and supplies innovative LED lighting solutions to their national and international customers in the domestic and industrial market. All of their products are manufactured under strict quality control that ensures the longevity of the goods.

Press Release

China, September 10, 2017: The rise in global temperature coupled with the drastic changes in global climate finally altered the mindset and attitude of the world population. They are now careful enough to keep a watchful eye on their overall consumption of energy and subsequent carbon footprint leftover from the same. In the recent times, people are more concerned about finding alternate lighting sources, electronic consumer goods and related items that consume less energy all the while performing to their optimum limits. The invention of LED or Light Emitting Diodes took the world of lighting by storm. These alternate sources of light fittings are in high demand due to their energy efficiency and enhanced lumen value.

China leads the way in the LED light fitting manufacturing sector which is possible due to an array of hi-tech manufacturers that lines the industrial zone of Huayu, China. E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is one of those manufacturers who integrated state of the art machinery and advanced robotics in their manufacturing units located in China. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong with various other branch offices scattered all around the globe including India. They design, fabricate and supply a broad range of LED light fittings, bulbs, and LED tubes. The manufacturing units of the firm situated in China are known for their strict control over quality and perfection.

The company heavily invested in hiring highly skilled and experienced individuals with the sole purpose of forming a team for in-house Research and Development operations. This is the wing which is responsible for the inception of innovative ideas for new products and also for troubleshooting issues related to existing products. Their LED T5 tubes are the best seller among the range of goods they offer to their customers worldwide. This has been made possible by the company due to their emphasis on customer satisfaction and measures to ensure strict control over quality. A team of highly skilled and trained professionals is hired by the firm that inspects every product before packaging. It ensures that the clients are getting what they have paid for without damage and manufacturing defects.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited came into the headlines in the year 2015 when they teamed up with the KOMPASS group as a lifetime member. It was only the beginning. They soon achieved another milestone when they got permission to set up shop in the UK market. Their customer pool consists of shopping centers, retail outlets of big brands, big hotel brands like Hyatt, J W Marriot, etc. These big players joined hands with the company for all their Nano Plastic LED Tubes fittings, LED ceiling fittings, and other lighting accessories.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a Chinese firm that is associated with the manufacturing and designing of LED light fittings and accessories. They supply their advanced and innovative range of products to their clients both within China and the overseas. Prospective customers can visit the official website put together by the company for trade inquiries and product specifications.


A reliable Hotel Lighting / Guestroom Lighting Supplier

Our company, as a reliable LED lighting supplier/ hotel lighting supplier/ guestroom lamp supplier, will discuss the advantages of using LED tubes and the importance of selecting lights in guestrooms.

There are many benefits of using LED tubes in hotels. With the equal level of illuminance, the ordinary energy-efficient lamps have slower response and consumer up to 60 percent more than LED lamps. In addition, they have less working hours, only about 5000 to 8000 hour. It is not proper to switch them on very frequently, otherwise they will become less endurable and theirlevel of brightness will become lower obviously. The two ends of the tube will become dark and lighting flashes will occur, which has adverse impact on using them in dining halls, lobbies and guestrooms. Ballast resistors which are necessary for fluorescent lamps containelectromagnetic radiation, producing 100 times of changes of between the bright and the dark. It is easy for customers to fray their nerves and not beneficial to make them feel enjoyable. For rating hotels, it is not conducive to building a good image and reputation, achieving saving energy and passing the evaluation on green hotels.

Here are some tips of selecting LED lights in guestrooms. The guestroom is the most essential part of a rating hotel because guests spend most of their time in guestrooms. So they require the lights in the room to have attractive appearance and long life span. Guests do not like to see the broken lights which need to be maintained. There are mainly several zones in the guestrooms that need to install LED tubes: bedside, televisions, rest areas, bar counter, wardrobes, restrooms, dressing tables and so forth. Different categorizes of LED tubes should be install in different areas in guestrooms, such as A@HC LED ceiling lamps, A@JA LED spotlights and A@YA LED downlights.

To know more about the LED lighting in hotels, please feel free to contact E-Top (HK) Technology Limited at www.etoptechltd.com, a well-known LED lighting supplier/ hotel lighting supplier/ guestroom lamp supplier. We are always at your services when you have questions or intend to purchase high-quality LED lights.


Providing many high-quality LED lights to hotels - Guestroom Lights

As one of the eminent LED lighting suppliers in China, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited has been providing many high-quality LED lights to hotels, in particular, guestroom lamps. The reasons why customers are expected to choose LED lights are as follows.

It seems inevitable to use LED lights in hotels lighting. LED is the third revolutionary lighting source, regarded as high-tech, green and efficient. Nowadays it is highly advocated to support and use LED light. Therefore, it becomes a trend many hotels chase.

The excellent performance is the primary reason that many hotels opt for LED lights. They are able to display bright colors.Rating hotels need lights beneficial to display dishes and amplify to beautiful environment of the hotels. The ordinary spot lights and filament lamps have luminous decay obviously after working for a time period, failing to show the dishes and having a negative impact on diners’ appetite. This is one of the considerations as new hotels are built or hotels are being refurbished.

In addition, their life spans do not decease as you frequently switch them on and off. Besides its long working hours, ranging from 30,000 to 50,000, they are also supported by constant current. As a result, there are no frequent flash of the light. It does not have adverse impact on its life span. However, energy-saving tubes use alternative current, which makes them produce temporary high voltage. And frequently turning them on and off brings about destructive influence on their working hours. For guestroom systems with room card controlling power, using LED is helpful to reduce the cost of maintenance and renewal.

The information above is provided by E-Top Technology (HK) Limited, one of the popular LED lighting suppliers in China, especially supplying hotel lighting and guestroom lamps.


E-Top (HK) provides products or services as LED lighting supplier

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited, providing products or services as LED lighting supplier, particularly targets hotels as one of our primary customers. Sowe are at the service to offer high-quality LED lights as a trustworthy Guestroom Lamp supplier. With the advancement of LED technology and the popularity of leading low-carbon lifestyle and business mode, LED has been the one of the most sought-after lighting products for which traders would like to opt because it can be extremely environment-friendly.

Since many hotels carried out a compulsory measure that guests could not use the electricity unless they inserted their room cards, it has been got a satisfactory result of saving energy. However, the frequently improper switching on and off makes an adverse impact on lamps and other appliances, greatly shorten lamps’ working hours. On averaged, their life span can be decreased 20 percent. Compared with the system without compulsory control, the new-typed system is conducive to saving electricity cost, but not too much. In fact, if we consider the cost of maintenance and renewal, the total expenditure will not be economical. As a result, in order to save electricity in a more practical way, we need to employ high-tech lighting products, in addition to customers’ good habit of using electricity.

LED lighting products are the high-tech helping us to do more positive to the environment. Compared with the traditional lights, LED lighting have numerous merits. The traditional fluorescent lamps contain harmfulmercury which does great damage to the environment. So from the perspective of protecting environment, the fluorescent lamp is not the best choice. With the equal level of brightness, they consume more than 60 percent of electricity than LED lights.

To sum up, due to the requirement of protecting environment by saving energy and the excellent performance of LED lights, an increasing amount of hotels will consider LED lighting. Our company, one of the reliable hotel lighting suppliers and guestroom lamp suppliers, are always at your service.


Hotel lamps have gained more and more popularity in LED field

Nowadays, the LED products, such as LED Bed Lamps, LED Wall lamps and LED SCONCES, have gained more and more popularity in hotels due to their excellent performance in saving energy and long working hours. Here we will give some tips about selecting LED Lamps in hotels.

Hotels are advised to choose LED Lamps near the bed according to the size of the guest room in the hotel, the layout of the furniture and personal taste. Many hotels opt for LED Wall Lamps and LED Bed Lamps. The size and the number of the lamps can be determined by the size, style, material and personal like of the bed table. You can place only one LED lamp or symmetrically two lamps. The LED Wall Lamps should be placed based on the size of the bed. Normally there should be one LED Wall Lamp on the wall above each side of a large bed. It is suggested to install a double-head LED Wall Lamp above the middle of the bedside. LED Bed Lamps with flexible handle are very suitable for reading.

Normally what we should focus on about LED lamps in hotels are warmness and gentleness. As a result, when selecting the style of the LED lamps, we should note whether or not the lampshade is able to make the light look warmly gentle. The LED lamps with lampshades made of translucent materials such as frosted glass, parchment, PVC or silk cloth, are able to create a warmly comfortable atmosphere, making people feel clam and peaceful.

LED Lamps in hotels such as LED Bed Lamps, LED Wall Lamps and LED SCONCES have small size, low electricity consumption and long working hours. Also their looks are very exquisite and elegant, which make contribution to the beauty of the guest rooms in the hotel. If we can choose some appropriate LED lamps according to the characteristics of the room and the materials of the lampshade by following the tips mentioned above, it will be helpful for the reasonable layout and decoration of the hotel rooms.